How many times do you go up against your best competitor for a listing?

Thursday, October 20th, 2011


Let’s frame this discussion with a hypothetical situation.  You are competing for a listing in your market.  The property will sell for around $400,000.  The commission for selling this listing is 3%, therefore a potential commission of $12,000.  You estimate that like most homes in your area, it will take 6 months to sell the house.            

The owners of the property are interviewing you and your best competitor.  Both of you have comparable experience, represent national brands and have highly professional websites and marketing materials.              

So how will you differentiate yourself to win this listing.  Personality? A better presentation? What’s the cost if you don’t get this listing?             

Now let’s assume that your prospective seller is familiar with smart phones; social networks; viral marketing, and is reasonably objective in the selection process.                         

Now let’s also assume that you interject into your presentation:                         

The ability to turn your signs and other marketing materials into a multi-media presentation.  

The capability to convey infinite marketing messages & strategies into your signs and marketing materials.                            

The ability to connect on a much broader basis with those home-buyers utilizing smart phones/mobile web in their home search.                         

You demonstrate that you’re tech savvy

Purposeful and Well Thought Out Marketing:

The forethought and expertise to show your understanding of their home; its key selling points and your ability to weave that into multiple marketing messages, conveyed from your signs & marketing pieces.    

Is it possible, that the above capabilities might influence a winning listing decision?  Is so, what is your risk/cost?

Our QR codes are free, and the hosting cost for the mobile listing page is just $1 or less per month (over a 6 month listing period that would be $6).

In this example the potential commission was $12,000.  The cost was $6.  Pretty simple math.

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