Do your Current QR Codes deliver a Mobile Open House Experience from your signs and ads?

Thursday, October 20th, 2011


These days, QR codes are becoming increasingly popular, especially in Real Estate! Every day companies like Starbucks, IHOP, Macys and Pepsi put the genius of the QR code to work in order to engage their customers and promote their products.  In case you don’t know what QR codes are – a simple definition is that they are like a bar-code, but a 2D barcode. They can be scanned with a smart phone using freely available Reader Apps from the App. Store for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, or by visiting on your phone.

Since popularity of QR codes in Real Estate has surged – we’ve been seeing incorrect QR usage everywhere! We thought now would be a good time to lay out a few tips on how to use QR codes – the right way and the wrong way.


The Right Way

1. Print Marketing Campaigns – If you advertise using fliers, signs, direct mail or magazine ads, using QR codes here is practically mandatory.  The ConnectCode will link to a mobile-friendly page specifically created to match the listing. This is the simple system that ConnectCode offers.

2. Real Estate Professionals – If you are not yet using QR codes, you are losing business.  You can use QR codes on property listing posters you leave in public places (The ConnectCode will lead to a mobile friendly version of each online property listing, including pictures, address, contact form, Facebook and Twitter sharing tools and map); on your business cards (your clients will scan and your contact info can automatically be added to their phone’s address book!); on your property’s For Sale sign (talk about instant lead generation!).   Real Estate is winning with QR codes BIG TIME.

3.Give ‘em Instructions! – A lot of people are still confused when they see the funny looking QR code.  For now, until QR codes are literally everywhere, you should include a small instruction (one line only please) telling the user what to do.  How about, “Scan this code on your smartphone using a Free QR Code Reader App! Visit for free downloads” ?


The Wrong Way

1. QR Codes on Websites– This is a BIG NO NO! The point of the QR Code is to get people to scan them and lead them to a special, mobile-optimized website. What use is there for taking someone already looking at your website on their computer, to the same website on their ‘phone?  

 2. Going Home-Your QR Code should NOT take people to the home page of your website. Why?  Marketing is about targeted, specific campaigns. A good QR code mobi page is designed to match the specific property, and leads to a mobile friendly page with detailed information.  If you print a QR code on a flyer for a house you are selling, the scanned code should lead to the listing of that property, not your home page. Common Sense!

3. Size Matters-To ensure your code scans correctly, it needs to be minimum 1″x1″.  Why? You can’t adjust a phone’s lens – it’s set to auto focus.  Also, your code can’t be too big- If you are using a QR code on a large size banner that will be placed near people, size it accordingly- it needs to easily fit in the frame of your mobile phone camera. Your professional sign maker will guide you.

4. Auto Generated QR – if you are just being “pushed” canned information from an MLS or a corporate system, there is a good chance that you are simply (a) recreating a flat flyer and (b) not in control of the information, multimedia, property calendar, listing display etc., on the MOBILE web. ConnectCode has thought through all the tricks of the trade and delivers a compact, easy to use, trackable, flexible system.

Why use ConnectCode instead of what’s already available for free?

With ConnectCode, and our 

• No more linking to slow, cumbersome web pages – quickly create mobile optimized listings
• Flexibility to augment your existing marketing plan
• Display a Mobile Open House “experience” including YouTube videos, virtual tours, image galleries instead of a “flat flyer”
• No more worrying about empty tubes or wet flyer boxes, the ConnectCode is a green solution and never “runs out”
• Cut printing and distribution costs, not to mention save time!
• Re-assign the codes when a property sells – just log in and change the details – use the same yard signs and riders to display a new property
• Add an Open House or Auction Calendar on the fly
• Measure the success of each code with tracking stats
• Generate an automatic Google map link
• Let viewers save each ConnectCode as a mini App. to their phone
• Viewers can share your office or your listings virally on THEIR social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and 300+ more sites.
• List your inventory in multiple currencies
• The tracking information is not shared with a corporate office or MLS

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