Where are you most likely to reach more prospects?

Thursday, October 20th, 2011


Ask yourself this simple question….which is greater….the number of prospects that view my website ……or the number of prospects that see my signs, print media and marketing materials?

Granted, you might argue that a viewer to your web site is a more likely prospect because they are looking for something, but isn’t someone that stops to read your sign, or better yet scans your sign, flyer, print ad. or bus shelter also seeking the same kind of information?

Next question. Why does someone focus on a particular property… is it price, neighborhood, schools, tax incentives, re-modeled kitchen, landscaping, low interest rates? There are clearly a lot of reasons, or ‘hot buttons” that trigger interest.

One might conclude that for each of these reasons there is way to elicit that interest ….and the way to spark that interest may vary as much as the reasons do….So why market these “many reasons” with a fixed message…..and miss out on activating a response to those other “hot buttons”?

Let’s take a closer look at how to do this.   

Start by carefully analyzing your listing.

• Are there features of the property that would appeal to a target audience such as first time home buyers; retirees; second home buyers…large families etc?

• What message highlighting these features would resonate with your targeted prospect?

• Where will you have the most likelihood of coming into contact with your targeted prospects?

Considering the above, which media format would have the most impact for delivering your message to the target audience…..video, photos, a pdf narrative, etc?

Using your ConnectCode, take your message to your target audience in the format that will give you the most impact……in the places that are most likely to come into contact with your prospects.

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