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RE/Max Crest Westside


A boutique website showcasing Vancouver's most exclusive
area that is 5 minutes from downtown Vancouver
A new Beta site that provides rentals from different sources via a
map or list format for all of Canada. Please come back soon,
the site should be functioning by Summer 2015
For those of you that want to use the original Les
and Sonja Vancouver web site that was launched
in early 2000. This site will eventually be re
branded in the near future but works very well
and has all the original downtown maps
This site was launched in 2010 with 3000 lower mainland
condo strata buildings, we have grown since then – now
we have over 8500 building on line and growing. Come
and check out BC’s most comprehensive condo web
site or just Google any building address and we will
show up usually as a first result.
Originally established in 2008 with 50 buildings, now
there are over 400 building on line (as of May 2015).
BC Floor plans has floor plans for most newer building in
downtown Vancouver and they are slowly expanding to the
suburbs. Please check back often. Please also note that
floor plans are attached to MLS listings for those 400
buildings. Check out their video showing how this is done.
Is the rebranded web site. It basically has
the same information as the old site but has
been updated with some unique features. Go check it out.

Les Twarog 604-671-7000 * RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside) * 1428 W 7th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6H 1C1 * [email protected] *