Vancouver could benefit from slimmer homes

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Jamie Henry

A detached house in Vancouver has sold for $1.35 million despite being just 3.6 metres (12 feet) wide. The Point Grey split level residence was built in the late 1980s on a half-size lot. The four-levels totalling just 945 square feet comprises master bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and den. There’s also a garage and landscaped outdoor space. So should we go back to the future and start building thin homes again to help tackle Vancouver’s affordability issues? CBC spoke to aptly-named realtor Ken Wyder who said that he’s never sold one but has been inside what he describes as “like a dollhouse”. Asked if he thought it could be an answer to affordability Mr Wyder said not; the thin houses may be narrow but they take up more space than a typical duplex or triplex he said; noting that extra space is taken up by the properties being detached.

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