Need to carry 200 movies in your pocket?

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

New player allows you to watch films, record TV shows, Net surf and more

Gillian Shaw

Bluetooth MBW-150 Bluetooth watches, Sony Ericsson

Coors Light Cold Certified Can

1. Gen 5 Portable Media Players, Archos, $170 to $500

In case you feel the need to carry 200 full-length moves in your pocket, you’ll be looking for the 160 GB version of these new Archos PMPs scheduled to hit the market this September. For movie viewers with a more modest budget the new players start with a two GB version good for two movies. The new generation 5 WiFi line also lets you download movies, TV shows and music from any wireless hotspot using the Archos content portal. Record TV shows, stream and watch videos from your PC – all this and surf the web on its high-resolution 4.3-inch touch screen.

2. Bluetooth MBW-150 Bluetooth watches, Sony Ericsson

For the true geek-at-heart, why operate your mobile phone from your phone – let your watch do the walking. Compatible with a number of Sony Ericsson phones including the new W580 Walkman phone, these watches come in three flavours – the MusicEdition, the ExecutiveEdition and the ClassicEdition. When a call or text message comes in, the watch vibrates on your wrist and you can reject or mute the call by touching a button. Great for meetings when you don’t want the boss to know your date is calling about plans for dinner. Or use it as a remote control for your music phone when it’s not in your pocket. Prices aren’t available yet for these watches, which are coming out in the fourth quarter of this year.

3. Coors Light Cold Certified Can

An indispensable innovation for those long hot days of summer, the beer can that tells you when your beer is the perfect temperature to drink. The Coors Light Mountain icon turns from white to ice blue, your clue that the beer has been chilled to four degrees Celsius or less. Comes in 355-ml and 473 ml-cans.

4. KEF Universal Wireless System, $700 for two receivers and a transmitter

Home theatre surround sound is great until you start tripping over all the wires that are strung out like a minefield in the TV room. KEF has come up with a wireless system that can transform an existing system into a wireless one. It works with any standard speaker system. If you want to completely redo your surround sound, the company also has a wireless kit that is tailor-made for its KHT5005.2 speakers system, which includes the HTB2 subwoofer. That speaker system is $2,500, with the add-on kit another $700.

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