Most home owners insured for Earthquakes

Saturday, July 24th, 2004

Michael Sasges


Apropos of nothing but their receipt in The Sun newsroom this week:

The British Columbia Automobile Association sent out a news release in response to three earthquakes in less than a week, its subject: ”the potential value of including earthquake insurance in home insurance policies.”

If you’re already protecting your home-and-belongings investments with earthquake insurance, you’re in good company:

% of BCAA Lower Mainland policyholders who carry earthquake insurance: 65

% of BCAA Vancouver Island policyholders who carry earthquake insurance: 72

% of all (almost 100,000) BCAA policyholders who carry earthquake insurance: Almost 50

Things to know, according to the BCAA:

– ”Most home insurance policies do not automatically include coverage for earthquakes.”

– ”Earthquake insurance is usually offered as a rider or option to most home insurance policies, and is rarely available as a stand-alone policy.”

– ”It’s even more important to purchase earthquake insurance to ensure that fire damage resulting from an earthquake is covered under your policy.”

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The most recent memorable generation-divide dispatch comes from Bloomberg News, in a report on American baby boomers in their peak earning years who are igniting U.S. demand for second homes near beaches, lakes, ski resorts and golf courses.

Selling price last month of Patricia and George Riddiford’s vacation home at a golf-resort property near Las Vegas: $925,000 US

% gain, in two years: 28

Royal LePage Relocation Services reports that one out of every two Canadians experienced some stress during a house move. Organization and planning, however, can keep that stress manageable, it says.

– Start packing early.

– Label each box to indicate into which room it will go, if it should be loaded last so it can be unloaded first, and whether the contents are breakable.

– If using a mover, get all quotes in writing.

– Have a yard sale or donate unwanted items to charity to avoid clutter and unnecessary moving.

– Mail change-of-address forms two to four weeks prior to moving. The cards are available at the local post office. Arrange with the post office to forward mail to your new address.

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In Old Country news (for some of us):

Singapore‘s home prices rose 0.1 per cent in the second quarter from the previous three months, the first gain in seven quarters, Bloomberg News reports, with sales of new homes easing an oversupply.

New home prices in Bangkok may rise as much as 10 per cent in 2005 because of higher costs for some construction materials. “Demand is still strong for construction materials,” Longlom Bunnag, chairman of property consultant Jones Lang LaSalle (Thailand) Ltd. told Bloomberg News. Developers “have to have a margin of safety. So I’m sure everybody is looking to slap on another seven to 10 per cent for that sort of a contingency.”

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