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  "What People Say About Les"  

Hi Les,
I must admit that your website is my go-to site for information about vancouver condo's. As I have yet to purchase my unit, I basically log onto your website whenever I have any spare time.

I am also 100% sure that if you took an even close look at the statistics, you will see that my page views and image views are pretty much the same ones each time. For example, for the last few months I have been interested in Melville, Shaw, L'Hermitage, Fairmont, Shangri-la and Jameson House with a few others mainly focused in Coal Harbour area. Even likely that the floor plan views are many times the same ones. So as I force of habit and whenever I have spare time, I log onto your website to see if any of the above developments have any new listings and many a times go back to see the old listings to see if I should consider them in the future.

Then recently I have thought about renting a place instead of purchasing, as such I look at the floor plans of the respective developments and compare to purchasing a unit to see which ones would better suit my needs especially for furniture placement. Again they are usually in the same developments as the ones I would consider buying.

I do commend you on developing a better user friendly website than any other vancouver condo realtor and much better than
As I mentioned today, I do have a vancouver realtor that a family friend from Toronto had referred me to. If for any reason I am looking for a new realtor, I will definitely look you up next.

Best regards,


My wife and I loved the place. We enjoyed a few lovely meals on the deck with the waves rolling in.
Just awesome!



I highly recommend Les, he has the top web site and system for selling Condos in all of Vancouver. He is very professional and has his own dedicated sales team. I have used Les Twarog for my real estate transactions for the past 25 years. He found me my Condo at Cambridge Gardens and later found a buyer for me and completed the sale.



Les, I wanted to thank you for letting us stay at your place. Your building and condo is beautiful. The view from the balcony is unbelievable, as we always looked forward to spending the evening on it when we got home from being out all day. It truly has all the comforts of being at home, with the convienence of being steps away from the beach and pool. The Internet and Vancouver cable was a great touch, as it made it very easy to stay in touch with everyone back home.

Thanks again
Manny Kooner
March 2012


Hi Les

Thank you for facilitating the sale of our property TH5 – 2668 Ash, especially in this period where nothing seems to be moving, and For Sale listings far outnumber the sales figures. That you accomplished this while getting us the full listing price, and all in the face of seemingly overwhelming challenges, is praiseworthy.

When I I think of the odds against us at the start, it seemed almost insurmountable. My partner, who chooses cards to reflect the events taking place, chose the card "Miracle". I personally believe your incredible marketing system, the way you are set up on your site, and the many links you have to other realtors had a lot to do with it as well.

Best Wishes,
James Shea
[email protected]


Just wanted to pass on how pleased we were with our stay in the condo. We especially enjoyed the spacious deck and spent many hours watching the waves and sipping wine. The condo itself was beautiful, and the kitchen ammenities made cooking their enjoyable. We normally do the all inclusive for these quick trips, but we are so glad we chose to do this instead. I will definately pass on recommendations to anyone I know traveling that way and would like to post a review on trip advisor, with your permission, to include your contact info.


Lori Rautio
August 5, 2011


It was a pleasure working with you on this sale. Great communication - clear, concise, and courteous. You were professional and respectful in your dealings with me. The deal was negotiated truthfully and with full transparency.

Again, it was a pleasure!

Jeff Feaver, B.Comm
One Percent Realty Ltd.
[email protected]


I wanted to thank you for the professional service you provided in our recent search for and purchase of a condominium in downtown Vancouver. This is the second time in a little over a year that you have assisted us in purchasing property, and as was the case last time, your knowledge of the marketplace, attention to detail, prompt handling of all questions and efficient time management, together, made our search and decision process enjoyable and painless. It has been a pleasure working with you again.

Thanks for the excellent work!

Fred H. Fleming
[email protected]
604-626-7545 (Cell)
2604 - 183 Keefer & 1515 Homer


I want to say that I have been using your website for the past few weeks now and amazed at all the information you have on here. Congratulations on a job well done. I have been doing research on real estate for various reasons and your website always comes up as one to check out and the information you give people can be useful for so many things. I just read an article on buying a marina it was great information even if I'm not buying one soon.

Paul Bouchard ([email protected]) - April 10 2011

      was invaluable to me for my apartment search. Being able to check on the size, layout and location in the building, before even arranging to view a place meant that I only saw places that were truly possibilities. Knowing if a place is south facing, has bedrooms that share a wall as opposed to separated, seeing where the actual view will be (as opposed to creative photography of someone hanging off the edge of their balcony), was well worth the the price of this service. Hopefully I won't be moving for a good while, but when I do, I won't hesitate to sign up again to help in my search.

Best regards,
Edward Povazan - April 22 2010


I just wanted to say thank-you to you & your team for an absolutely wonderful experience. Your perseverance and professionalism was what drew me to your company in the first place & I am very pleased with the results. Now we can concentrate on the Georgia project. I'm sure we may have dealings in the future as I recall that you have a sun spot in Mexico...? Again thank-you for your services. Take care & pass on my regards to everyone on your team.

Arthur Wu - April 7 2010


We are so impressed with our new Yaletown property.
Your Team, and we emphasis Team, epitomizes what a successful agency should be. From the initial contact - immediate - even when you are out of the country, to the possession date - all done right!.
We are amazed how you or one of your colleagues come through with any and all of our queries. This is simply not done to this level.
This being the 8th property you have assisted us, we are witnesses to your professionalism and successful team building.

Donna Stein and Ron Drane
Content Clients - September 2009


I would like to take this opportunity to tell you and please pass on to the entire team that you have all displayed utmost professionalism and courtesy throughout the selling process - I will highly recommend dealing with Les & Sonia - and their team.

Thank you
Richard & Morzena Sharman - Aug 2009


Hi Les
let me start by saying your web site is amazing. This is what the internet does best. All the information in one spot.

Thanks, Daryl


Your site is the best. I wasn't familiar with my options for Vancouver and I'm currently working and situated in Tripoli, Libya. Not only did I manage to review ALL my options, but I've narrowed the search to three buildings and expect to close shortly. Giving the buyer access to this extensive information pool saves time and has given me a great sense of security that I'm making well informed decisions. It was a very easy decision to give you my business.

Regards, Oliver

  Les ; it was a pleasure meeting with you last week. The best part of our business is meeting successful business people like yourself who have built their business through hard work & superior customer service. Your website combines both superior service with the best real estate website in Vancouver serving your present & prospective clients

Dean Kutschera Area Manager
Business Banking Pacific Region
TEL. 604 538-2258
FAX 604 538-2296
Email [email protected]

  I just wanted to congratulate you on your extremely useful website.
The information you have complied and made available via the internet is very useful to us in our practice. For example, we often need to determine which property management company is associated with a strata property. It is quite common for us to find that this important information is either missing or incorrect when we receive instructions from vendors and other real estate firms.
This information is on your site for a large number of buildings, and in every instance we have found it to be accurate and up to date.

Ron Usher - Partner
Bell Alliance, Lawyers & Notaries Public
Suite 610, 1385 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6H 3V9

  LOVE your website by the way
My husband and I are both Canadians and want to move to Vancouver in the next 5 or so years - and when we were up last time �this building really caught my eye - so thought I would keep watch on it via your site�
When we get more serious - I'll be in touch to really expand our search�
Thanks in advance!

Denise Sinkevicius
Realtor® - Coldwell Banker Bain
1200 Westlake Avenue North
Suite #406
Seattle, WA 98109

  I will say this: when I'm buying a place, I want exactly all the kinds of detail that you provide in that PDF that can be downloaded from your site. This is definitely the way to sell real estate! Just wanted to let you know I wish all real estate sales had this amount of detail in their listing, I wouldn't have to see the place!

Michael Kuhlmann
Business Development
Fatport - Wireless Access Points
Vancouver BC V6B 4N5

  I had been enjoying your website - I was sorry to hear of the misuse etc. My husband and I are in the process of buying a downtown apartment. I would like to continue to use the website for maybe one or two months at most and I certainly don't mind paying for that time.

Viola Nick
Vancouver, BC.

  I am sorry a few bad apples ruined it for the rest of us. I think you have been very generous in providing this service all these years for free. In my opinion, the real estate board should buy this site from you and maintain it, because it gives us more information than MLXchange. I don�t mind paying a fee for usage of the website, that way, you will have more control of who can have access. The blatant abuse by some realtors® to try to download all your information to build their own websites is purely despicable.
Thank you Les for providing us with this tool.

Joe A. Chiang
Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Vancouver, BC.

  I love what a great resource your site is, and all the realtors® I work for LOVE it! Cheers!

Vancouver, BC.

  You have the best real estate website around. I\'m a Realtor® in the states, so appreciate it.

Thanks, Tom Hay
Vancouver, BC.

  I really like the look of your new revamped website!
Very polished!

Thanks, Elaine Gee, Verico Mortgages
Vancouver, BC.

  Great site, extremely helpful for those of us in the appraisal business.

Keith L. Pulling, CRA
Vancouver, BC.

  I continue to enjoy viewing your website. It is great.
Keep up the good work.

Dave Rowan - Vancouver, BC
  Your Web site is awesome. I have it bookmarked and check it almost daily. It sets the standard for all realtors®� sites. Best Regards

John Wheeler - Vancouver, BC
  I so much enjoy reading your Vancouver Real Estate Articles and am very grateful that you provide this service.
Thanks very much, keep up the good work

Fred Murman
  I have been a property manager with Rancho Management for 13 l/2 years. I received your e-mail address this evening from a prospective tenant. I cannot begin to tell you how much this site is going to help me with regard to properties that I manage units in.

  Hello Les:
Your web site is spectacular. I am so happy that I found it and it was amazing to get you on the telephone. Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to speak with me and for the kind reception that you greeted me with on the spur of the moment. After two days of surfing and calling, it was a pleasant and welcome surprize.

Catharine Devlin - Toronto, Ont.
  When we selected Les Twarog as our realtor® we were impressed with his "sense of urgency" about the business of listing our West End Penthouse. He set out a thorough plan and conscienciously followed through. The resulting sale proved our selection of him to be correct.
Les and his team were always available, patient with their explanations and used the most current marketing methods. It is often said "We don't pay for work, we pay for results" .

Thank you.
Your Happy Clients,
Donna Stein & Ron Drane
  E-mail Les' Team