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We have attached some market activity reports for your perusal. We update this section every month so come back often.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports monthly on the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market. The REBGV also breaks down the market statistics into regions such as Vancouver West and Vancouver East.
The Market Update Report includes: New listings for detached, attached and apartment properties in Metro Vancouver, residential property sales in Metro Vancouver, the MLS® Home Price Index composite benchmark price for all residential properties in Metro Vancouver, the sales-to-active-listings ratio.

Commercial Real Estate Stats

Monthly Market Update Video by the president of The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. The video presentation covers the listing and selling activity of the month presented. Insight into the market focusing on the sellers and buyers and the demand on homes.

RE/MAX Crest Westside SnapStats compares the real estate market, of detached residences, townhouses and attached residences for the Metro Vancouver area, with that of The Reak Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. This comparison shows how RE/MAX performs on an average per associate REALTOR. The Stats break down the areas to: Westside, Eastside and Downtown.

Click Here for RE/MAX Western Canada Fall Media Kit.

Real Estate Board Simplified Market Statistics

SnapStats Explanation

Les Twarog Team used the SnapStats® Market Info. SnapStats® recalculate, restructure and simplify Board statistics each month with a SINGLE PAGE summary for each city or real estate area with TEN fundamental differences. This means better information in marketing your home.

Monthly News Letter Archives

A monthly news letter from the Les Twarog & Sonja Pedersen team goes out to 3000 people monthly. The news letter covers topics like friendship, integrity, real estate news, the real estate market, tips on buying and selling and upcoming events. Each month Les has his feature listings posted and insights into special buying and selling problems.Click Here For News Letters.

Les Twarog Awards

Les Twarog has been in Real Estate since 1988 and during that time he has honed is skills and nurtured a reputation that is next to none. He has achieved many awards, citations and commendations over the years.Click Here To View Les' Achievements.

News Articles On

Les Twarog posts building news articles on his website for you to keep up with what is new, upcoming and past buildings.Click Here For News Articles.

Les Twarog In The News

Les has an extensive library of real estate related videos on YouTube. Click HereTo View One Or Two.

News Paper Blog Archives

We have been collecting real estate related news articles, technical news articles, real estate legal articles, non-real estate articles, restaurant articles, strata information articles and renovation info articles for the past 15 years. Need an out of print article relating to real estateClick Here To Search. You might get lucky.

View the "Home Buyer's Resource Guide" Magazine Here

Real Estate Information
And Evaluations

On Landcor Data Corporation we find faster, more direct access to property data as well as a broad selection of assorted market information gathered from various sources. Information is power. Here you will find British Columbia residential sales summaries quarterly and the new "Extra" Intracorp magazine. Click Here For Reports.

Market SnapShots

Get Your Free 
Market Area Report

If you are looking for your property area listings and sales, click Here then select"What is my home worth today? Find Out", and get the info within 24 hours. (You will be sent updated listings & Sales every two weeks & you can Unsubscribe at any time.)

Mortgage Information

A comprehensive analysis of the multifamily real estate market in Metropolitan Vancouver?

Fifth Avenue Marketing

The Fifth Dimension is a report on the multifamily residential real estate market in Metro Vancouver.? Metropolitan Vancouver refers to the area from West Vancouver to Aldergrove. The focus of this study is limited to the multifamily market.?

Market Update Sponsors

Shaughnessy Properties, A boutique website showcasing 
Vancouver's most exclusive area that is 5 minutes 
from downtown Vancouver

A new Beta site that provides rentals from different sources via a 
map or list format for all of Canada. Please come back soon,
the site should be functioning by Summer 2015

For those of you that want to use the original Les 
and Sonja Vancouver web site that was launched
in early 2000. This site will eventually be re
branded in the near future but works very well
and has all the original downtown maps

This site was launched in 2010 with 3000 lower mainland
condo strata buildings, we have grown since then – now
we have over 8500 building on line and growing. Come 
and check out BC’s most comprehensive condo web
site or just Google any building address and we will 
show up usually as a first result.

Originally established in 2008 with 50 buildings, now
there are over 400 building on line (as of May 2015).
BC Floor plans has floor plans for most newer building in
downtown Vancouver and they are slowly expanding to the 
suburbs. Please check back often. Please also note that
floor plans are attached to MLS listings for those 400
buildings. Check out their video showing how this is done.

Our Chinese Marketing Partner. provides
innovative ways for us to reach new audiences and
develop new opportunities. Juwai overcomes the barriers
of language, distance, and culture - providing us instant
access to Juwai's exclusive audience of high-net-worth 
Chinese buyers.

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