Zonelite home insulation info
Zonelite is a type of insulation that is similar looking to kitty litter and which can contain anywhere from 0 to 10% asbestos.
Inspectors have been aware of the propduct issues since 2002 and know to look for it.
It is not used anymore and can cost in the range of $3700.00 to $8700.00 to remove.
It is always good to enquire when listing a property as to how much the current owner knows about the type of insulation they have in their home. Asbestos is a banned product in insulation and when discovered there are very specific requirements for its removal per City of Vancouver by laws. That is why the costs can be rather high for removal. Other areas would have a similar by law.
Being forwarned of the issues with this product should they have it would certainly prepare them for the fact that the buyer is going to be advised about it from their inspector.