Condo Book Answers Common Questions
Condo Book Answers Common Questions
Everytliing you ever want to know about the Strata Property Act is readily available - and easily understood - in The Condominium Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to the Strata Property Act.
Author Mike Mangan uses plain language, helpful examples and pin-point references to answer hundreds of questions. These include:
- When is the strata corporation responsible for repairs?
- Can I rent my condo?
- How do age restrictions work?
- Do I own my parking stall?
- Does every owner have to contribute to an expense?
- Who can vote at a general meeting?
- When is a bylaw enforceable?


- When can the strata corporation file a lien against my strata lot?
-What is limited common property?
The book is essential for owners and managers of strata properties, and real estate and legal professionals.
Mangan is a Vancouver lawyer who advises strata corporations and

condominium owners in his law practice, and teaches real estate law as adjunct professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia. He has also developed and delivered several courses for real estate licensees, and has taught over 14,000 relators since 1992. In the spring of 2000, several thousands of strata owners met Mangan when the provincial Superintendent of Real Estate asked him to explain the Strata Property Act to the public in a series of presentations around B.C. The book, which is published by the British Columbia Real Estate Association, is available from the association for $29.95 plus GST and shipping. It hasn't yet been determined whether book stores will carry the book. More information can be obtained from themanual. Web site. Westcoast Homes reporter [email protected]