Coral Baja
Vacation Rental Property
PH603 For Sale

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Building 2 & 3

Building 2 & 3

Entrance & Stores

Building 4

Entrance & Tennis Court

Tennis Court

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Coral Baja

Coral Baja Gym & Grocery Store &
Offices on Top (Seperate Building)


Coral Baja Entry Area

Coral Baja Main Entrance

Front Entrance Looking Out
& Car Rental Kiosk


Coral Baja
Check-in Area


Coral Baja
Tennis Court


Putting Green -
Coral Baja



Coral Baja - Beach

Coral Baja -
Beach & Pool


Coral Baja Building 4

Coral Baja - Outdoor Restaurant

Coral Baja - Front Entrance

Coral Baja -
Building 2& 3


Parking Area

Coral Baja -
Building 2 & 3


Coral Baja - Front Entrance

Coral Baja -
Parking Area


Building 4

Coral Baja - Entrance

Exterior Hallway


Coral Baja Pool Viewed From Balcony

Complex Entrance & Townhouses


Swimming Pool
& Poolside Bar


Pool Side Grassy Area

Hotel Pool at Night

Auxiliary Buildings-
& Liquor Store -
Domino Pizza,
& Bank Machine


Pool Side of Coral Baja

The Arches


The Arches


Lover's Beach

Lover's Beach

Waterfront Restaurant







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    El Zalate - Suite For Rent Next Door
  1. #402 (Tower 4)- Luxurious 1400 sf 2 bed, 2 bath condo near San Jose Del Cabo - KM 29.5 Rental rate $265/nite

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