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BCC Documents  
    REALTOR Code of Ethics  
    Buy Sell Agreement (Generic) - PDF Tabable  
    Commercial Contract of Purchase & Sale - PDF Tabable  
    Commercial Contract of Purchase & Sale - Vers. 2 - PDF Tabable  
    Commercial Contract of Purchase & Sale - Word Format  
    Commercial Contract of Purchase & Sale - Word Ver. 2  
    Commercial Lease Agreement - PDF Tabable  
    Commercial Sublease Agreement - Tabable Document  
    Commission Agreement - PDF Tabable  
    Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention Agreement - PDF Tabable  
Forms & Information Sheets  
    2011 Income Tax Checklist  
    A Reminder RE: I.C. & I. Calculations  
    Anson Real Estate Assignment of Contract - Not Tabable  
    Application for Personalized Number Plates  
    Assignment GST & PPT taxes - Questions & Answers  
    Authority for buyer's lawyer to do regulatory search  
    Authorized Home Warranty Insuranace Companies  
    AWM Alliance Realty - Form B  
    BC Condos Credit Card Billing Form  
    BC Court System Judgement Databse  
    Bill Of Sale - Tabable Doc  
    Business Listing - Info Needed by Realtor to Process a Business Listing - Doc  
    Business Offer - Info needed before writing a contract  
    Buyers' insurance policy protects homeowners from price drops  
    Buying & Selling Canadian Ppty - info for Non-Residents  
    Buying An Assignment Explanation  
    Checklist and Est. Sheet for Renovating Ppty - Tabable Doc  
    CIBC Wire Transfer Pre Document  
    City Hall & BC Liquor Licensing Branch Permission Form  
    City Of Vancouver Application to View Building Plans  
    Claim Form for Physio Therapy for Re.Max Extended Benefits  
    Clearance Certif. & selling a Ppty by Non Residents of Canada - Doc  
    Collapse Release  
    Commercial Business Listing Info Needed  
    Commercial Lease Agreement - PDF Tabable  
    Commission Agreement  
    Commission rates Charged By RE/MAX Crest Realty - Doc.  
    Confidentiality Agreement  
    Contract Collapse / Deposit release form - PDF Tabable  
    Contract of Purchase and Sales For Business Assets (no header)  
    Contract of Purchase and Sales For Business Assets (with header)  
    Credit Card Authorization Form  
    Credit Card Billing Form  
    Credit Card Billing Form For 6717000.com  
    Credit Check Authority Form - PDF Tabable  
    Credit investigation consent form  
    Deposit Releace - Collapse of Deal  
    Disclosure of Interest in Trade Form  
    Dominion Lending Mortage Application  
    Dorset Realty request For Info  
    Feasibility Study to Build a Condo Building  
    Feds tried to hide leaky condo crisis  
    Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (Fintrac)  
    Fintrac Mandatory Form  
    Form B - can be out dated within just one day - doc  
    Glossary of Common Real Estate Terms - Doc  
    Home Buying - Step-by-step (CMHC) - Link  
    Home Care made simple (software manuals) - doc  
    Hotel Industry 2013 outlook  
    How to Request Remote Assistance  
    HST/PTT/GST - Buying a new home info & calculator  
    ICBC Custom Licence Plate Application  
    Independent Contractor Agreement - Tabable Document  
    Individual Bldg Info Sheet Incl. Utlty Contact # - PDF Tabable  
    Information that we need to put in the Contract of Purchase and Sale for Business Assets  
    Joint Venture Development Agreement Sample  
    Key Authorization  
    Key Control Information Sheet - PDF Tabable  
    Land Title Options - title & name searches 24/7 incl mtg fraud protection  
    Letter of Authority for Seller to Agent - PDF Tabable  
    Letter of Intent to Purchase Shares  
    Living Will Agreement - Tabable Document  
    Mortgage Application (CIBC) - Link  
    MyStrataCorp Document Services  
    MyStrataCorps Document Service  
    National Home Warranty Application  
    New Home Information  
    New Listing Information Sheet - PDF Tabable  
    Once a buyer has signed a contract - info on what to do next - doc  
    Open House Feedback Form  
    Open House Seller/Realtor Instructions to put away their valuables  
    Owner Builder authorization, sub-trade occupancy information  
    Owner Builder Permission to Sell application  
    Partnership Agreement - Tabable Document  
    Personal Plates Registration  
    Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement - Telus  
    Pre-Authorized Payment Form - PDF Tabable  
    Prelisting Package For Agents  
    Promissory Note  
    Purchase of Shares  
    RE/MAX International Referral Form - PDF Tabable  
    RE/MAX Key Waiver  
    Referral Agreemint  
    Remote Control - Authorization For For Landlord To Sign - PDF Tabable  
    Remote Desktop for Windows XP Computers - accessing another computer by invitation  
    Rent-to-purchase agreements - doc  
    Request For Consent To Assignment of Lease  
    Request for disclosure notice  
    Request To Vendor Re: Termination of Tenancy  
    Sales Transaction Record Sheet- doc  
    Sample Letter of Authority - PDF Tabable  
    Strata data battle - doc  
    Strata Document Reading Service  
    Strata Document Screening Service  
    The BC first-time new home buyers' bonus  
    Tips To Working With Your REALTOR  
    Torrens System that is used to register titles in BC  
    Trust Release/Collapsed C.P.S. Form - PDF Tabable  
    Unlicensed Assistant Agreement  
    Unlicensed Assistant Form  
    Utilities Information  
    Vancouver 2012 Realty Stats  
    Vancouver Market Share for 2013  
    Web Site Design in the Philippines - $10.hr  
International Real Estate Services  
    Exclusive International Marketing Agreement  
    Exclusive Intrnational Marketing Co-Brokerage Agreement  
    I.R.E.S. Disclaimer  
    International Real Estate Specialist Referral And Professional Servics Fee Agreement  
    Non-Exclusive Agreement To Advertise and / or Promote  
    Procurement fee and professional services fee agreement  
    Sample of Forms With Instructions  
Mortgage Applications & Credit Applications  
    CIBC Mortgage Information & Applications - Link 31/12/1969  
    Mortgage Calculator - Link 31/12/1969  
    Royal Bank Mortgage Application - Link 31/12/1969  
    Strata councils can impose peculiar rules - News Article 31/12/1969  
    TD Canada Trust Credit Application - Link 31/12/1969  
    TD Canada Trust Mortgage Application - Link 31/12/1969  
    Tenant Verification Service - tenant screening for landlords - Link 31/12/1969  
Property Management Document Forms  
    Strataco Management Ltd. - Credit Card Authorization  
Re/Max Forms  
    Claim For Health Care Benefits  
    DNC List Compliance Form - Re/Max Crest  
    Key Waiver  
    RE/MAX Referral Form  
    Unlicensed Assistant Form  
Rental & Lease Applications and Forms  
    Res. Tenancy Agree. With Rental App. & Form K - 6 Pages - PDF Tabable  
    BC Hydro Electric and Gas hook-up Application - PDF Tabable  
    Biggest Commercial Property Managers  
    Can the strata stop rentals?  
    Client Agreement - Lease Audit Report - doc  
    Commercial Lease Agreement - PDF Tabable  
    Commercial Sublease Agreement - Tabable Document  
    Furniture & Accessory List For Furnished Suite - doc  
    Lease Audit Questionaire - doc  
    Link to Form J Rental Disclosure  
    MyStrataCorp Document Services  
    Notice To Enter Suite Form - PDF Tabable  
    Offer To Lease  
    Read Form K before Signing it  
    Real Estate Property Rentals - Rental Agents - Link  
    Rent hits $1,000 range in city's better areas  
    Rental Termination Notice (Res. Ten. Office) - PDF Tabable  
    Request To Terminate Tenancy  
    Residential Fixed Tenancy Agreement - PDF Tabable  
    Residential Tenancy Agreement (Res. Ten. Office)  
    Residential Tenancy Info For BC Renters  
    Residential Tenancy Office Web Site - Link  
    Residential Tenancy PDF Agreement for TRG Realty  
    RTB-30-10 Day Notice For Non-Rental Payment  
    RTB-33-1 Month Notcie Of Temination For Cause  
    Sample Rental Scam  
    Tenant Verification Services For Landlords Screening Tenants - Link  
Rental News articles & information  
    Metro Vancouver vacancy rates dip below 1 per cent 26/06/2008  
    Rents rise in tight market 11/06/2008  
    Tougher rental rules in effect 11/03/2008  
    Client Agreement- Lease Audit Report 01/01/2008  
    Lease Audit Questionnaire 01/01/2008  
    'Beware E-mail Scam Involving Craigslist Ads' 20/11/2007  
    Vancouver low vacancy rate, 28,000 people moved here in 2005 15/12/2006  
    Affordable housing alternative if government participates can generate $500/mo apartments 26/10/2006  
    Family status trumps bylaw 15/10/2006  
    Tories shelve promise on leaky condos 14/09/2006  
    What's behind our rental crisis 08/09/2006  
    Biggest Commercial Property Managers 27/05/2006  
    Vancouver Leaky Condo Crises Not over yet 10/05/2006  
    Condo managers must be licensed 03/01/2006  
    Canada's priciest rents found on Robson, Bloor 14/11/2005  
    New owners have bought a pet with a no pet policy 02/10/2005  
    Know your rights when buying strata property, ie. pets/rentals 01/10/2005  
    Rent-to-purchase agreements 01/10/2005  
    If you rent, remember you need insurance too 21/08/2005  
    Filed Strata Corporation Documents can be in wrong place 17/07/2005  
    Think you can't afford to buy? Compare it to the cost of renting 09/07/2005  
    Tenant Verification Services 06/06/2005  
    Review rules and bylaws but don't go crazy 05/06/2005  
    Strata data battle 10/05/2005  
    Non Resident Buyers buying a rental Property 25/02/2005  
    Will your buyer be able to rent a strata lot? 14/01/2005  
    Rents increase as apartment vacancy rate falls in Vancouver 22/12/2004  
    Vancouver residential vancancy rates are near 8% 22/12/2004  
    The Evictor - Vancouver Eviction Service News Article 24/10/2004  
    Buy-to-rent investors must watch by laws 10/10/2004  
    Investors beware when buying condos to rent 10/10/2004  
    A comprehensive guide to the Strata Ppty Act 17/07/2004  
    Selling a tenanted property Fact Sheet - Picture 06/06/2004  
    Selling a tenanted residential property in BC 15/04/2004  
    BC Hydro Electric and Gas hook-up Application 11/04/2004  
    E-filing ends panic of mortgage closing day 01/04/2004  
    Home warranties suspended for grow ops 13/02/2004  
    As of January 1, 2004, changes to laws governing BC's rental community 01/01/2004  
    New rental rules will hurt seniors, students and poor, critics charge 19/12/2003  
    Before you buy: what homebuyers need to know about rental units  
    Rental Rates for Vancouver, Condo Maintenance & Vancouver Property Tax Calculations  
    Renting a Home Before you start your search  
    Replacing rentals requirement by City of Vancouver if property is re developed  
    Sample Rental Scam  
    Secure Electronic Digital Signature software developed by a Vancouver Company  
    Strata property act standard bylaws that apply to all condos  
    Vancouver sets maximum initial rents for rent-only buildings  
Strata Document Request Forms  
    Vancouver Condominium Services 08/12/2011