Canadian tech firm launches first-of-kind AI tool for brokerages

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

A new tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for real estate brokerages

Steve Randall
Mortgage Broker News

A new tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) aims to give real estate brokerage leaders strategic insights to drive profitability.

The Lone Wolf Insights solution is the latest addition to a suite of tools created by the Toronto-based firm, which include back office and accounting, forms, transaction management, and digital signature.

By using AI, the new first-of-kind solution converts brokerage data such as company dollar, gross commission income (GCI), and year-over-year trend, into visualizations that make it easier for leaders to assess performance of individual agents, offices, and the brokerage as a whole.

“I can’t tell you how excited we are to release Insights today,” said Jimmy Kelly, CEO of Lone Wolf. “This is a brand-new solution to Lone Wolf, and one that our customers—and the industry at large—have been demanding. Combining artificial intelligence with the power of human intelligence, Insights gives real estate leaders the kind of information they can take immediate action on and provides them much more direct control over their brokerage’s profitability.”

Time saver The solution removes the need for manual aggregation and analysis of data, saving time and resources, while ensuring accuracy.

“We worked with a wide range of real estate thought leaders, experts, and professionals, and together pinpointed a major blind s­pot in the industry: Identifying agents who need coaching and understanding what to coach them on,” said Katy Pusch, Product Director of Insights at Lone Wolf. “Before Insights, it was incredibly difficult for brokers and strategic leaders to get the real-time information they needed to influence their business. Insights solves this problem, as it summarizes and interprets trends and pipeline for leaders and enables them to focus on strategy, coaching, and execution.”

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