Google Drive Shutting Down?!? Here’s the real story

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Darci LaRocque

Watch Darcy’s explanation video Here

That is the incorrect rumour out there! Do not panic. Google is just changing things up a bit and renaming some apps. You have until March 12, 2018 to install BACKUP AND SYNC but it doesn’t mean Drive is gone. They have renamed the app and did some updates to it in the background that don’t really impact us. Lots of websites are claiming Google Drive is shutting down. It is not!

They have created 2 new ways of accessing files:

  1. Backup and Sync.Google Drive – the icon changed and it is easier to access Google photos now but really the same program. Download it now here.
  2. File Stream.Here is a great article on File Stream but honestly I don’t think anyone would need File Stream unless you have a large team who needs Team Shares, if your team computers dn’t have much hard drive space and you want to access everything from the cloud.  For example, you want to look at a PDF, you click on it and then it downloads the file and once you finish it goes back up to the cloud.

So what’s the difference between the two? Click here and yes, please do share with people who have the wrong info to clear everything up.
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Darci LaRocque

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