Fines associated with using cell phones while driving

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017


Effective Sep 12, 2017, BC police will take serious actions against Distracted Driving violations.

Drivers will be fined $368 & deduct 6 points, if they were found doing the following when driving:

Smoking, reading, looking at maps, hand held GPS, applying make-up, watching movies, cleaning faces, adjudting volume, searching for radio channels, maneuvering devices, using audio ear phone, listening to loud music, eating snacks etc. Drivers may only drink water when stopping for a red traffic light.

It is suggedted to place cell phone inside pockets of clothes.  Avoid physical contact with cell phone while driving.  If the cell phone is found not secured in a fixed position, driver will be fined $368 + $175 & deduct 4 points for initial offense.  The fine for repeated offense within 12 months will be $888 & $3,760 for the 5th offense.

A driver will also be fined if the cell phone is found placed at a too low position or it would block the front view of the driver. 

Before issuing a violation ticket, police will consider (1) if the cell phone has been secured in a fixed & safe position, (2) whether the driver has physical contact with or looked at the cell phone, (3) whether the screen of the cell phone would cause distraction to the driver.

✳ Cup holder next to the driver is not considered a safe position for placing cell phone. 

✳ Checking the time on the cell phone is considered illegal, and will be fined.

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