Canadians want green spaces to be protected says TD poll

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Steve Randall
Canadian Real Estate Wealth

Protecting Canada’s green spaces is a priority for most people but a survey shows that they could be improved.

The poll by TD Bank shows that 95% of Canadians say that access to green spaces will be important for their quality of life in the future but three quarters say local green space could be made better with more picnic areas, natural playgrounds and solar lighting.

Proximity to green space is a key factor in deciding where to live, with 18% ranking it a high priority, behind proximity to close schools and public transport.

“Canadians agree, community green spaces are an integral part of our identity,” said Karen Clarke-Whistler, Chief Environment Officer, TD Bank Group. “As the pace of life around us intensifies, Canadians value outdoor spaces in their communities where they can find common ground.”

Commercial development should not impact green space according to 40% of respondents with 24% saying that housing developments should also not mean cutting back on green space.

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