Park Boulevard 9887 Whalley Boulevard Surrey 419 homes in a 41-storey tower by Concord Pacific Developments

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Park Boulevard a striking addition to Surrey

Mary Frances Hill
The Province

Park Boulevard


Where: 9887 Whalley Boulevard, Surrey

What: 419 homes in a 41-storey tower

Residence sizes and prices: One-bed from approximately 529 sq. ft.; two-bed from approximately 647 sq. ft., three-bed from approximately1,015 sq. ft. Prices available on request

Developer and builder: Concord Pacific Developments Inc.

Sales centre address: 9908 King George Blvd., Surrey (next to King George SkyTrain Station)
Hours: 11:30 a.m. — 5:30 p.m., daily

Telephone: 604-583-9866

At 41-storeys, the Park Boulevard tower will be a striking addition to Surrey. When the SkyTrain rolls up, steps from the Concord Pacific highrise, its arrival will cue a wave of colourful lights to rise up the side of the building.

Indoors, however, the design team from Liv Interiors also adds some visual drama. In the show home, their use of textures, lighting and moody monochromatic hues create a cocoon of warmth, vintage luxe, and privacy and personality.
“Although the exterior lighting is carefully designed to not affect the residents, we always consider creating spaces that promote calmness in residential interior design, especially in a busy city like Vancouver and the Tri Cities,” says Olivia Lam, the principal of Liv Interiors, which worked with Concord Pacific on the project.  “Home is where you come back to unwind at the end of the day, and it should be personalized to speak to your own interests and personality.”
While the designers hold to a principle of calm, they still manage to lay on the bold visual drama, specifically in the bedroom, where a gold velvet sheen fabric covers a headboard and spans a wall.

 “We created a layer of light behind the headboard…to highlight the silky hand of the opulent velvet wall panels, offering a luxurious visual esthetic,” Lam says.
In a living room, a Tiffany-blue tufted sofa stands out in a bright white room. Both furnishings are arresting pieces of luxury and warmth that appeals to many as ‘vintage luxe.’
“Vintage luxe is making a comeback. Velvet finishes in unique colours can immediately make an impression,” she adds. “Those rich fabrics and uncommon hues that absorb and reflect light and textural elements in finishes are extremely important, in the way they absorb and reflect light.”
In a kitchen, Liv Interiors’ designers covered cabinets in the same grain for a unified look. One simple finish can create drama, Lam says.

 “Wood is a very strong and impressionable element, and using too many different types of grains and colours will result in a chaotic look.”
Light and contrasting dark shades adds more depth, particularly in the study area where strategic lighting adds dimension to wall shelving. Liv Interiors’ team created its own text-based artwork in this room in a bold illuminated casing.
“Much like the ways the designers approach the layering of furniture and textiles, they aim for “dramatic layers of light,” she says. “When you create visual contrast in a room, it pops, it grabs your attention, and it says ‘look at me!’”

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