Are you in compliance with the Anti-Spam Law?

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Darci LaRocque

There is no one above the law. It may sound and feel so cliché but it is the truth. With information being passed along different medium these days, most noticeably, electronic communication – social media, emails and the likes, it is easy to make a mistake and break the law!

Recent technological advancements in communication may be great but it’s important to ensure you don’t commit any violation. And I’m talking about Canada’s Anti-Spam Lawwhich are similar in the USA.

It prohibits, sending unsolicited Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs) without the recipients consent, identification information about the sender and an unsubscribe link.

So… what does that mean for you? Did your clients consent to being on a “list” and if they don’t want to hear from you anymore (I know, sad but sometimes happens), you must give them an option to unsubscribe or you could be liable and sued.

What I would suggest?

· Get a proper system for your automated emails. No, that isn’t Outlook or Mac Mail! You can try MailChimp or Bombbomb. These services allow you to create a sign-up form where they consent they’re okay receiving future emails from you and also gives the recipients the capability to unsubscribe on every email you send.

· If you’re are communicating with your clients through Drip Campaigns (which you should be!), you may want to consider Realty Juggler or iXact. These are systems that work! And don’t forget about your signature – it matters a lot – makes it easier to bring in more clients if they know how to reach you, right?

Knowledge is power, so you’re welcome! And keep those emails coming if you have any questions. Remember, at any time, you can unsubscribe (No wait, don’t do it! LOL) but do notice the option is there!


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