The Future of Tech is Happening Now

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017


CES – Consumer Electronics Show – also known as the most important tech innovation convention in the world, is happening this weekend. CES is held yearly in Las Vegas, and is the site where the newest and shiniest tech innovations (in everything from headphones to drones) are unveiled to the world – ready or not! We’ll feature a special roundup of CES 2017’s “Best Of” next week, but for now we’re keeping our eyes glued on Vegas, and suggest you do the same! 

What This Means For Real Estate Marketing
Smart agents know the future (and present) is digital, and that technology has everything to do with real estate. Keeping up with tech innovations is crucial to not only being successful in how you market properties better than the next guy or gal, but also how you position yourself as an innovator. Real estate is changing fast, and being fluent in digital will make you more impressive than ever.

CES Convension in Shanghai China

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