Fairwinds at Hampton Cove 147 townhomes at 5550 Admiral Way Ladner by Polygon Fairwinds homes Ltd

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Fairwinds at Hampton Cove combines calm seaside theme with fun details and grown-up drama

Mary Frances Hill
The Province

Fairwinds at Hampton Cove

What: 147 townhomes, part of the master-planned community of Hampton Cove

Project address: 5550 Admiral Way, Ladner

Residence sizes and prices: Two- to four-bedroom homes up to 1,500 square feet, from the low $600,000s

Developer: Polygon Fairwinds Homes Ltd.

Sales centre: 5550 Admiral Way, Ladner

Hours: noon — 6 p.m., Sat — Thurs.

Celia Dawson and the designers at Polygon Homes have created a design for the ages in three display homes at Ladner’s Fairwinds at Hampton Cove.

They’ve combined a calm, relaxed seaside theme with fun, youth-inspired details, but added enough grown-up drama to engage every visitor. Enter one of the homes to be greeted by the study, graced in dark wood storage built-ins and muted graphics on upholstered chairs. Polygon’s designers wanted the study’s playful interiors to set the tone for the rest of the display home.

“It is the first room you enter in the home and the fun playful theme sets a positive and high-energy vibe. This sets the mood instantly and makes you want to venture into the rest of the home,” says Dawson, Polygon’s senior vice-president of design.

The Hampton Cove community is not one size fits all with each owner’s home the carbon copy of a neighbour’s. Fairwinds residences are slightly smaller than those in the Charterhouse phase and boast brighter colours on the exterior and more contemporary finishes in bathrooms and kitchens.

The Polygon design team asked Hampton Cove’s earliest buyers what they’d like to see in the design of new homes. They all came back with ideas on how the Fraser River locale could define the esthetic of any new homes in the community.

“The homeowners gravitated to the water and cove theme, given the location of our homes on the water and the close proximity to the yacht club and boat mooring,” Dawson says.

Injecting more energy by way of contrast and splashes of colour into the interiors of the home was essential to attract the desired demographic.

“The young family market dictated this direction,” Dawson adds. “It was an easy direction to go in: Smaller, affordable homes and more contemporary and clean lined to attract a younger market.”

The sunny, bright seaside look is just as appropriate for this market. One ensuite bathroom is perfectly sleek, with clean white marble floors and walls, all light neutrals contrasted with dark wood cabinetry — until Polygon adds a splash of bold, bright colour with artwork and accessories.

The designers still manage to leave some room for grown-up drama. Dark floors in the kitchen and study paired with light cabinetry in one kitchen create a stunning reverse effect.

“Dark floors seem dramatic and tend to ground a room nicely. The contrast of lightness above again adds to the drama of a room,” says Dawson.

“The reverse works well in a room. Contrast in general adds drama and creates a design with a strong sense of style and voice.”

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