McKinnon 2102 West 48th Avenue 40 homes in a 4-storey building by Cressey

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

FOCAL POINT: Each room has one piece that acts as a conversation starter for anyone who enters

Mary Frances Hill
The Province

McKinnon by Cressey

Where: 2102 W. 48th Avenue, Vancouver

What: 40 homes in a four-storey concrete construction building

Residence sizes and prices: 2 — 3 beds; remaining homes 1,410 — 2,400 sq. ft., $1.699 million

Developer and builder: Cressey Development Group

Sales centre: 3130 Arbutus St (between West 15th and West 16th avenues)

Hours: noon — 5 p.m. daily, except Fridays

At McKinnon, Cressey Development Group’s condo project in Kerrisdale, designer Scott Trepp and his team show a firm belief in the power of personality.

In every room at McKinnon’s display suite, they have placed one piece — a rug, a kitchen island or a dominant material —that acts as an attractive focal point, a conversation starter for every visitor who enters the space.

In the living room, that attention-grabber is a bold multi-coloured area rug that Trepp refers to as “the dramatic kingpin” of the area.

“We chose it for its richness of materials (silk and wool), its dramatic pattern and the injection of colour it provided to the space,” says Trepp, who speaks on behalf of his team of designers at Trepp Design Inc.

“Another element related to this piece that resonated with us was the pattern — it’s modern without being too minimal or abstract.  In fact, it elegantly straddles the gap between traditional and contemporary design.”

Cressey continues the tradition of providing its trademark CresseyKitchen, complete with storage that lines the walls, integrated appliances, a thoughtful layout for movement, a pull-out pantry — and that standout kitchen island.

The island stands out as a multi-functional space-saving attraction. For those who prize organized, clean kitchens, it’s a sight to behold: it includes a microwave oven, storage for dishes and cookware and a large work surface. The design team sees it as “the main anchor within the kitchen both from a functional and compositional standpoint,” Trepp says.

“Functionally, it is a serious performer in that it is a continuous and large work surface uninterrupted by appliances or plumbing, and compositionally, it provides a foundation for the expansive appliance and storage banks that surround it.”

In the master ensuite, the dominant theme is obvious: a uniform grey marble envelops the room with richness, completely covering the floors and walls.

“The colour tone of this particular stone is very soothing without being cold,” Trepp adds. “The polished finish offers another layer of depth and luxury.”

Elsewhere, the suite shows off the ways in which these condos come with the familiar perks of a family home, like a laundry room with side-by-side washer-dryers and a surface for folding. During the McKinnon interior planning process Cressey’s principals were clear about their desire for a dedicated area to reflect the relaxed vibe of the living room. Trepp Design Inc. answered that need with a small lounge space, decorated in soft, light neutrals, placed in a spot that is usually reserved for a patio. These spaces are usually quite underused, so it was perfect for “an intimate, loungey retreat,” Trepp says.

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