What the Average BC Home Price Will Buy You

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

The BC Real Estate Association says the average BC home price in 2015 will be $626,000. So what exactly does that buy in various regions? Here are five hot listings

Vashti Singh

Last week we reported on the BCREA’s projections that the average home resale price in the province will increase to $626,000 this year. But with averages being so vague, what exactly does that buy you in different cities and regions?

Here are five BC homes that are currently listed at around the BCREA projected figure – see for yourself just what that will get you in Vancouver, Surrey, West Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria. You might be surprised at where the lowest cost-per-square-foot home is located… (Hint – it’s in the most expensive city of all these markets!)

Click through each property for more amazing photos and to see the full listings.

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