Comparing condo prices in Toronto’s key intersections [Map]

Friday, September 11th, 2015


Condos on Bay Street sell for an average of $40,000 more than units along Yonge. It’s just one of the facts we found by studying real estate along Toronto’s key intersections.

Last year, 58 storeys up from the corner of Bay and Adelaide, a new record was set in the Toronto real estate market. The priciest condo in all of Canada (fittingly located in the Trump International Hotel and Tower) was listed on the market for a staggering $33 million. 

A few blocks north at Yonge and Gerrard, another landmark was achieved.

Aura, which stands at a towering 78 storeys, became the tallest residential condo tower in Canada. A record that could potentially be beat by The One – a proposed 80 storey tower that would rise at Yonge and Bloor as Canada’s second highest structure, behind only the CN Tower of course.

All three intersections have a lot of common. They’re all ideally located in the downtown core, receive among the highest rates of foot traffic in the city, connect directly to subway and serve as anchors for Toronto’s urban development.

Toronto’s growth has long tied to a handful of key intersections, a pattern evident in the city’s past.

That got us thinking and itching to delve deeper into how real estate plays out in Toronto’s bustling intersections. We rounded up a list of the 28 busiest, condo-heavy and historic street corners and studied how real estate activity played out over the last year.

Average prices for all 1 and 2 bedroom condos sold within a 5 minutes walk of the city’s major intersections have been mapped out. To view median prices of units, simply click on the arrows under each pin: View map here.

Top Facts

  • 24 of the 28 intersections covered in this analysis receive the highest daily pedestrian traffic in the city – each with a pedestrian count of at least 17,000
  • Over the last year, condo apartments located within five minutes walking distance of these intersection sold for an average of $537,702 – nearly $150,000 more than the city-wide average during the same period ($398,858)
  • There are an estimated 40% more one bedroom condos versus two bedrooms units around Toronto’s major intersections
  • Condos on Bay Street sold for an average of $40,000 more than units along Yonge

Most expensive intersections:

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