‘Lucky’ numbers for property investors

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Grainne Burns

Door numbers impacting home sales? Could be. Having the number 4, 13 and 8 on front doors could affect the value of a property by up to $35,000, according to real estate agents in the GTA.

Superstitious or not, investors are staying away from numbers that may impact future sales. No.13 always carries a stigma, no matter the location or price, but more investors are stepping away from doors with the No.4.

Most recently, Richmond Hill council voted to drop the No.4 in new addresses as that number means ‘death’ in Cantonese and Mandarin.  Other house owners are applying to change their numbers for a nominal fee. On the other side of the coin, the No.8 symbolizes luck and perfect balance in Chinese.

This may be an inconsequential issue for many investors but any factors that may dictate property values is on the agenda of forthcoming Investor Forum series by Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine. It kicks off this fall in Montreal.

With so many conflicting mainstream media reports on the future of the real estate market, CREW has again corralled experienced and informed speakers to outline what, how, when and where investors should be putting their cash, how to protect their assets and how to plan for the future.

The cities playing host to upcoming conferences include Montreal (September 7), Moncton (September 21), Vancouver (October 5-6), Winnipeg (November 23) and Toronto (March 22-23).

As for the speakers, they include Sunil Tulsiani, founder of Private Investment Club, and Todd Talbot, seasoned investor and co-host of Love it or List It Vancouver.

A number of analysts from CMHC will provide in-depth reports on local economic conditions that affect market values while Mikael Kurkdjian in Montreal will speak about the obstacles and opportunities of investing in a seller’s market.

Greg Taylor from Colliers Canada will speak in Moncton, Julie Broad in Winnipeg and Jason Henneberry in Vancouver.

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