Grandview-Woodland: Neighbourhood numbers

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Andrew Fleming
Van. Courier

$2.95 is the longstanding cost of the popular all-day breakfast special at Bon’s Off Broadway restaurant. Photograph by: Dan Toulgoet , Vancouver Courier.

1.5: In kilometres, the distance between Grandview Highway and Venables Street, the stretch widely considered as “The Drive” despite the street continuing for several more blocks in both direction.

2: Number of unaffiliated vegetarian restaurants with nearly identical French names. The original Café Du Soleil set up shop in 1992 while the larger Café Deux Soleils down the street opened its doors a few years later.

10: Percentage of residents who are of aboriginal descent, according to the 2011 census, eight per cent higher than the city-wide average.

4: Number of nationalities represented in the name of the WISE Hall. Homesick U.K. residents first started the social club in 1957 and the acronym was chosen represent its predominantly Welsh, Irish, Scottish and English membership.

40: In degrees Celsius, the typical temperature inside a class at Bikram Yoga Commercial Drive.

2.95: Longstanding cost of the popular all-day breakfast special at Bon’s Off Broadway restaurant.

125: Number of buildings listed on the city’s heritage register. Roughly a quarter of all homes in Grandview-Woodland were built before 1946.

66: Percentage of residents who rent their homes, 14 per cent higher than the citywide average, according to the 2011 census.

1: Number of bike polo courts. The Grandview Park playing area, completed in 2011 at a cost of $90,000, is said to be the first public court in the world designed specifically for bike polo.

385: Total number of seats available between the Vancouver East Cultural Centre’s two theatres. The Cultch’s Historical Theatre has a maximum capacity of 285 (although most shows have 195 seats) and the new Vancity Culture Lab can handle up to 100 audience members.

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