Sale of New or Used Manufactured Homes

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Real Estate Council of BC

Licensees should take the appropriate steps to determine if the property they are listing is a manufactured home, and, if so, that the manufactured home has a valid CSA sticker as required under section 21 of the Electrical Safety Regulation of the BC Safety Standards Act. Licensees cannot offer for sale a manufactured home that does not have a valid CSA sticker, or in the case of an electrical alteration, a silver label.

21 (1) Subject to subsections (3) and (4), a person must not use electrical equipment in British Columbia, or offer for sale, sell, display or otherwise dispose of electrical equipment for use in British Columbia, unless the electrical equipment displays a label or mark as follows:

  1. a certification mark;
  2. a label or mark of a certification agency that is acceptable to the appropriate provincial safety manager to certify electrical equipment for a specific installation;
  3. an approval mark issued under section 10 of the Act; (silver label)
  4. in the case of used manufactured homes, used factory-built structures and used recreational vehicles, a label supplied by the appropriate provincial safety manager.

Licensees should not confuse CSA stickers with Manufactured Home Registration (MHR) stickers. Typically, both stickers can be found on the electrical panel; however, the CSA sticker can also be found near the front door of the manufactured home, whereas the MHR sticker is generally found on the front left corner of the manufactured home. The MHR number is registered by the manufacturer and its purpose is for identification (it is the equivalent to an automobile being issued a VIN number); it is not an indication that the manufactured home is CSA approved.

Licensees should be aware that, when manufactured homes are sold with land, owners can apply to be exempt under section 21 of the Manufactured Home Act from the registration requirement with the Mobile Home Registry (this does not exempt the mobile home from the requirements under section 21 as noted above for a valid CSA sticker). Reasons for this exemption are provided for in section 5 of the Manufactured Home Regulation as follows:

5 (1) For the purposes of section 21 of the Act, the registrar may exempt a manufactured home from the operation of the Act or any provision of it if

  1. the manufactured home is located on and intended to be attached to land, each lessor-owner or other secured party with a security interest in the manufactured home who registered a financing statement in the personal property registry under the Personal Property Security Act using the registration number assigned under the Act consents to the exemption application and
    1. at least one registered owner of the manufactured home is registered in the land title office as an owner of the fee simple interest in the land, or
    2. at least one registered owner of the manufactured home is registered in the land title office as a tenant pursuant to a lease for a term of not less than 3 years,
  2. the manufactured home is no longer capable of being used for residential accommodation, or
  3. the circumstances are such that the registrar considers it practicable to exempt the home from the operation of some or all of the provisions of the Act for a specified period of time.

When a manufactured home is exempt from registration, it may be difficult for a licensee to ascertain whether the home is actually a manufactured home. Licensees should look at the BC Assessment roll report which, in the legal description, should indicate a MHR number, specifically if the owner used the exempt manufactured home to qualify for a CMHC-insured mortgage of the land and premises. The MHR number is numeric and will not contain any letters.

Licensees are alerted to be aware of “dummy numbers” that are issued by BC Assessment. These numbers do not mean that the manufactured home has been de-registered. In the absence of an MHR number being provided by the Manufactured Home Registry, BC Assessment issues these numbers when they are assessing properties and observe a manufactured home on the land. These “dummy numbers” are indicated by an alphanumeric entry beginning with an A, B or Z, and are a good indication that the manufactured home in question was likely built prior to April 1, 1978 and has remained on the property since that date. As such, the manufactured home has likely never been registered with the Manufactured Home Registry and may not meet CSA standards.

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