Google Product update

Saturday, February 16th, 2013


This month’s Google Analytics updates include a video introduction to Remarketing, a case study on using content experiments to increase conversions, a blog post outlining the full value of digital and an invitation to get to know Premium. Access Analytics »


See how Remarketing can help your business in two minutes

Remarketing with Google Analytics lets you use Analytics to re-engage with site visitors who show an interest in your products and services. Build lists of visitors using GA dimensions and metrics (location, visit duration, etc)—for example, visitors who spend time viewing specific pages or put items in their shopping cart. Then run remarketing ads on the Google Display Network that your visitors will see as they browse the web. We’ve just created a quick video; see how this feature can help you reach the right users with the most relevant ads. Watch now.


Learn how one brand used Content Experiments to increase conversions 44%

Google Analytics Certified Partner Empirical Path helped its client Kapitall set up Google Analytics’ Event Tracking and Custom Variables to properly determine which actions were resonating with users. The team then designed Content Experiments in Google Analytics to understand which version of a landing page drove the greatest number of sign-ups. The winning version showed a dramatic increase in sign-ups of 44 percent and a 98 percent probability that this version would continue to beat the original. Learn more.


Understand your customers and the full value of digital

In a world where people look first to mobile devices and real-time streams, the digital journey has grown more complex, and it’s become more challenging to gain a clear picture of these interactions. As a marketer or analyst, your success depends on adapting to this new reality. We’re working to provide tools that help you connect the dots, so you can regain visibility into your customers’ preferences and behaviors and take advantage of the full value of digital. Learn more.


Discover Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium provides all the power and ease you expect from Google Analytics plus extras that help you optimize and get the most from its robust capabilities such as 24/7 support and unsampled data. All for one predictable, flat-rate, everything-included annual fee of $150,000. Learn more, check out the fact sheet or contact a Google specialist to get started today.


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