Telus drops unpopular fees as wireless competition grows

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Gillian Shaw

Telus Corp. is dropping its controversial system access and carrier 911 fees for its wireless customers, the company announced Tuesday.

It’s a move that appears aimed at making Telus‘ wireless offerings more competitive as it rolls out its new 3G+ network Nov. 5 and takes on Rogers’ dominance in the iPhone market with the addition of Apple’s popular smartphone to its lineup. The company is also adding voicemail as a standard feature on all its plans.

While the changes will only save a few dollars a month on wireless phone bills, the added fees have irritated wireless customers and dropping them is seen as a plus in marketing wireless services. The access and carrier 911 fees add $7.70 to the average Telus wireless bill, and voicemail is $7 as a stand-alone feature and not part of a bundle of services.

The company also announced that it is launching “clear and simple” pricing for both new business and consumer wireless rate plans. Existing Telus customers will have a choice of keeping their old plans or switching to one of the new ones.

Telus has declined to reveal plan pricing details for the Nov. 5 launch of its new network and the iPhone, saying it is closely guarded competitive information.

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