Photo frame is also a movie screen

Saturday, December 13th, 2008


Portable DVD Player/Digital Photo Frame, LG Electronics

Talk Mobile, YUBZ

iPanda, audio system with built in iPod docking station, Speakal

Micro Grip for iPhone, Belkin

1. Portable DVD Player/Digital Photo Frame, LG Electronics, $249

I know digital photo frames are so last year when it comes to Christmas presents — or was it the year before? But I’m making an exception for LG’s latest entry, which I’m putting high on the list as a great gift for a family. At first glance, it’s just another digital photo frame, complete with three-in-one memory card slot and a USB port. Take a closer look and you’ll find the DVD player that turns this into an all-around portable entertainment machine. On the road it will keep kids entertained with movies, or they can plug in a game console. Its battery lasts 3.5 hours on a charge, and it comes with dual headphone jacks, so no fighting in the back seat — although there are speakers if you want to play it for everyone. Also comes with a car charger and A/V outputs to connect to a TV when you arrive wherever you’re going. It even has its own mini remote. All with an eight-inch portable photo frame. Even better, we have seen it for $220 at, a drop from the suggested retail price that helps the Christmas budget.

2. Talk Mobile, YUBZ, $45 US

I’m just waiting for the chance to pick up this receiver when my cellphone rings at a meeting. The retro headset plugs into your mobile phone and comes in yellow, orange, red, black and pink. May need an adaptor to work with your phone. At

3. iPanda, audio system with built in iPod docking station, Speakal, $140 US

Four speakers and a four-inch subwoofer on this eye-catching little system deliver 25 watts of sound. It comes with cradles and standard auxiliary 3.5-mm input jack to connect to most portable and non-portable audio players, gaming consoles, mobile gaming devices, wireless phones, laptops and other devices.

4. Micro Grip for iPhone, Belkin, $25

A solution for the “Oops, the iPhone slipped out of my fingers” problem, which is not covered under the warranty. Gives you a grip on your iPhone, and ismade of durable rubberized material to protect it.

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