Toshiba launches new line of high-def TVs

Saturday, March 29th, 2008


REGZA XF550U LCD HD TVs, Toshiba

OpticFilm 7300, Plustek Technology

Solio Magnesium Edition (Solio MG), hybrid solar charger, Better Energy Systems

i399 BluePin 2.1 Channel Audio System, iLuv

REGZA XF550U LCD HD TVs, Toshiba, starting at $2,000

Toshiba’s new line of super skinny, 1080p full high-definition LCD televisions is out with the company’s ClearFrame 230Hz frame conversion technology that doubles the standard frame rate to 120 frames per second. That means no blurring of motion when you’re watching a hockey or other high-action sports or movies. The lineup comes in three sizes, starting at the 40-inch model at $2,000, followed by a 46-incher at $2,500 and a 52-inch model at $3,100.

OpticFilm 7300, Plustek Technology, $290

For converting your existing slides into high-quality digital images, Plustek has extended its OpticFilm line of scanners with the OptimFilm7300, the 7500i SE ($400) and the 7500 AI ($590). The new scanners make for improved image quality plus the 7500i model steps it up even more with SilverFast’s Infrared Smart Removal of Defects (iSRD), which removes defects on the surface of the film in the scanned image.

Solio Magnesium Edition (Solio MG), hybrid solar charger, Better Energy Systems, $200

The latest Solio charger pushes up the power with a maximum rating of eight watts, up from the 3.6 watts of the earlier Solo Hybrid 1000. An hour of sunlight provides 20 minutes of talk time on your cell phone or 50 minutes of MP3 music. A fully charged Solio MG is good for more than 20 hours of MP3 music or enough power to charge a typical cell phone more than twice. It stores power for up to one year and the power can come from the sun through its solar panels or from the grid by plugging it in.

i399 BluePin 2.1 Channel Audio System, iLuv, $230

BluePin II technology in an iPod dock gives it a wireless range of 300 feet (90 metres). The new iLUV i399 lets audiophiles listen to music on their Bluetooth headphones or feed music from another stereo Bluetooth device through the i399. You can follow the beat with a rhythm-sensitive blue LED light. An auxiliary line input works for first, second and third generation iPods and other audio devices, and it’s compatible with all the new iPods.

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