Versatile toy hauler expands Rving opportunities

Friday, November 30th, 2007


The Keystone Fuzion toy hauler fifth- wheel trailer is a fun, functional and attractive hauling machine.

The kitchen has a three- burner stove, 22inch oven, a microwave and a large fridge

The bedroom area has a full- sized queen bed with a pillow- top mattress.

The Keystone Fuzion toy hauler fifth- wheel trailer,

RVing has always gone hand- in- hand with snowmobiling and off- roading. Having the ability to search out new destinations is a welcome option for those looking for more variety in their terrain while still remaining comfortable.

Toy haulers have been around for years, but they are gaining ground on their garage- less brethren.

Normally, there has to be some compromise in order to make a useful garage in a fifth- wheel unit, and the Keystone Fuzion toy hauler is no exception, but Keystone has managed to skirt many of the typical compromises and create a fun, functional and attractive hauling machine.

Our test model, the Fuzion 362 came with two large slides; one moving the entire centre section out to the driver’s side, while the second expands the bedroom, sliding out the queensized bed, again, out the driver’s side.

The two higher models, the 373 and 393 offer a third slide on the passenger side that creates more room in the kitchen area and allows Keystone to include a peninsula countertop that doubles counter space, while offering a place to pull up bar stools.

The other major addition in the 393 model is a 14- foot garage, two- feet longer than both the 362 and 373 models. While the 12- foot garages can easily accommodate a pair of snowmobiles or ATVs along with plenty of tools, luggage and camping gear, if so inclined the 14- foot garage could actually swallow a small car.

A very nice plus for those taking long road trips, or even weekend race- car drivers looking for an affordable travel solution instead of buying a full size rig.

The garage comes set up and ready to roll with the only thing you need to add being machines and fuel.

The standard package includes full stainless steel checker- plate flooring, overhead cabinets, cleaning station, exhaust vents, a rear wall screen enclosure, 1,200– lb. recessed d- rings for tying down your machines and a 110L fuel station with a 12- volt pump so there’s no fumbling with gerry cans in the trailer.

One of the big compromises with toy haulers has been no access to the garage from inside. The Fuzion offers sliding patio d o o r s t h at wi l l s e a l i n a ny unwanted smells from the garage, but allows quick access without having to go around and enter through the side door.

While the garage itself is tough and rugged, the trailer side is comfortable and accommodating. Above the hitch is the bedroom with a full- sized queen bed featuring a pillow- top mattress thanks to the generous slide. The washroom and shower are both comfortable and spacious, with the nice addition of a skylight above the shower for extra light. Full- length mirrors at the front of the trailer slide open to reveal a large closet next to a dresser large enough to hold clothes for several weeks without a wash.

Down the steps into the living area and right at the entrance to the trailer you will find the brain of the trailer. The control panel houses all of the switches and controls to get this Fuzion into action, including the slides, outdoor security lights, generator controls, fuel gauge and levels as well as the Fuzion’s surprising audio and video system. A DVD player hooked into the 26- inch LCD display sits just above the Pioneer CD/ MP3 deck that feeds four interior or two exterior speakers, as well as a 12- inch powered Rockford Fosgate subwoofer placed proudly on display in the bottom of the panel.

One potential issue is that the subwoofer did not have any sort of protective grille covering the speaker. Being right at the hightraffic area of the entrance it’s likely only a matter of time until the expensive speaker is damaged by an errant foot or piece of camping equipment coming in or out of the trailer.

Solid wood cabinetry with secure locking mechanisms runs throughout the Fuzion, most notably in the fully- loaded kitchen. A three- burner stove, 22inch oven, microwave and large refrigerator are surrounded by storage. While the two higher models come with the aforementioned peninsula, the 362 is no slouch in the counter- space department either, with plenty of space for two people to move about.

Sleeping accommodations appear all over the Fuzion. A step ladder takes you up to a twin bed above the entrance to the garage. Twin bunk beds drop down from the ceiling inside the garage at the flip of a switch.

A full- size couch and loveseat sit side by side facing the kitchen and the couch includes a hide- abed as well.

There’s enough space for six people, or up to 10 if folks double up in the twins.

Outside the Fuzion continues the attractive treatments with a smoothed nose to help airflow and graphic elements across the entire body leading to six stylish aluminum wheels. Power leveling legs drop from the front end to lift the weight off the fifthwheel hitch when unhooking on site while a pair of floodlights help light the front end when working at night.

Keystone has managed to provide many of the wants when it comes to building a toy hauler without neglecting the needs for a successful RV. The compromises for adding the garage space are noticeable, but living space inside the trailer is still quite comfortable for a smaller group.


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