Riverview plan is a cover-up for real estate development

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007


Re: B.C. targets homeless with Riverview project, July 27

Just what the Lower Mainland needs. More condos and towers.

What the Lower Mainland really needs is help for the countless mentally ill, dual diagnosis, drug addicted individuals who are wandering our streets and creating fear among citizens.

For the past 20 years, governments have tried to shove massive projects down our throats by calling us NIMBYs if we don’t like the scale and focus of their projects.

When will we have governments that make people their massive project? The Riverview site has been neglected by every government since the original decision to fling sick individuals out onto the streets years ago.

I cannot understand why governments will not revive Riverview and make it a new model for mental health. The site is still owned by the people of British Columbia (not the government).

I keep reading about massive budget surpluses, a booming economy and the wealth being created in B.C. Maybe it’s time that a lot of it be spent on mental health beds, detox beds, treatment centres and supportive, secure housing.

Stop the Band-Aid solutions that are simply a cover-up for real estate development.

Chris Mallalue


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