HANNspree pocket TV is a chip off the old block

Saturday, March 31st, 2007


HANNspree HANNSfries 10-inch LCD television, no price yet and no date for release.

Not, of course, that you’d want to encourage any children of yours to eat fries with huge dabs of ketchup — or, in fact, put anything in their rooms that would cause them to watch even more television than they do, but, hey, this does look cute. It’s a packet of friesTV set from HANNspree (www.hannspree-usa.com) which is noted for its free form video hardware offerings that brighten up a home, especially if you’re into the pop art of decades ago.

LG Chocolate Flip (LG 8600) wireless phone, $130 with a three-year Telus contract, $330 without a contract.

Stylish and sleek is how Telus describes this latest offering from LG, which comes with television, radio (commercial free from XM Canada) and MP3s, a 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder, downloadable video clips and games. As well, users in British Columbia, Alberta and parts of Ontario can use Telus Navigator, which offers real-time audio and visual turn-by-turn directions to help you get to your destination. Oh, and you can use it to phone people.

Motion Computing LE1700 Core 2 Duo tablet PC, starting at $2,200 US.

Aimed at professionals in fields like health care, field sales and services, government and the hospitality industry, the LE1700 has what it calls WriteTouch display that allows you to both write with a digital pen and with a simple double tap on the screen to switch to using your finger to enter data. And while the WriteTouch system will allow both pen and finger input it won’t respond to anything else touching the screen. Also comes with a biometric fingerprint reader that can operate as a mouse.

Samsung SPH-m610 wireless phone, $150 with a three-year contract from Bell Mobility, $350 without a contract.

The word from the Duchess of Windsor (you do remember her, don’t you?) was that you couldn’t be too slim and apparently both Bell and Samsung have taken this to heart with the SPH-m610, which is less than half an inch thick. Oh, and should you care, once you’ve seen the phone, it will allow you to view movies, listen to stereo MP3 sound, offers TV on the go, ringtones and screen savers, as well as allowing you to phone your friends to let them know that your phone is so thin they’ll squeal with envy.

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