A cosy spot for a lazy Sunday

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Angelina’s is a perfect little neighbourhood spot to while away time with a newspaper

Mia Stainsby

Angela Mitchener talks with a customer at Angelina’s — a cheerful cafe tucked away in a North Vancouver courtyard. Photograph by : Glenn Baglo, Vancouver Sun

‘I wanted a cute little cafe. A place where I call all the shots,” says Angela Mitchener, who, yes indeed, owns a cute little cafe. And calls the shots.

Apropos at this heavenly time of year, it’s called Angelina’s, a stretchy version of her own name. The bright, cheerful place is a perfect little neighbourhood spot for the condo dwellers nearby, but I’m not sure all dwellers would know of the place, tucked away in the courtyard of a new development, insulated from the street and traffic. It’s a cozy spot for a lazy Sunday morning with newspapers or friends.

Mitchener has a breakfast and lunch menu every day and just recently, she started up a limited dinner menu that runs on Friday and Saturday evenings for $25 — a pretty good price.

Breakfasts include in-house baking, french toast, and scrambled eggs with English muffins. Lack of proper ventilation prevents the kitchen from cooking proteins stovetop so eggs are scrambled a la microwave. The vanilla pear ginger muffin is a hit, as is the oatmeal butterscotch cookies and blueberry crumble cake. For lunch, there are selections of panini, quiche, lasagne and soups.

For dinner, dishes have so far included roasted tomato tart, stuffed pork tenderloin, gouda fondu with apples, butternut squash cannelloni, and lemon cheesecake with lemon coulis. And because of the limited stovetop use, most dishes are cooked in the oven.

Mitchener has been in the biz for some 20 years in one form or other, including part owner of Zen Japanese restaurant in West Vancouver.

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210 — 150 West Esplanade. North Vancouver. 604-983-9094. Open seven days a week; set menu dinners on

Friday and Saturday.

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