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Thursday, June 30th, 2005


Quality restaurant equipment at substantial savings

When it comes to food equipment, Jerry Wowchuk knows his stuff.

After years in the service and repair end of the food equipment business, Jerry turned his attentions to auction­eering.

He and his wife Charlene figured the Lower Mainland was ready for an auc­tion house specializing in quality new and used food equipment .

Jerry attended the renowned Repperts School of Auctioneering in Auburn, Indi­ana and became an Auctioneer and Certified Appraiser before starting Kwik Services.

Everybody loves a bargain, especial­ly in the restaurant business where staying afloat is not an easy thing.

Serious amateur chefs also appreci­ate the durability of professional equip­ment, as well as the money saved of course.

Jerry figures savings at Kwik are somewhere between yo and 6o per cent and much more in some cases.

The selection is ever-changing but a recent auction featured the complete contents of a Quiznos Sub shop includ­ing an almost new walk-in freezer/cool‑

er combo and a sandwich/pizza con­veyor oven.Other items included: pani­ni grills, new 20 and 30 quart Uniworld mixers, coffee machines, sausage stuffers, four and six burner ranges and convection ovens, soft serve yogurt machines, restaurant chairs and booths, new countertop broilers and griddles, cash registers, cookware etc., etc. In other words everything you need to set up a restaurant – except the staff – and the capital.

“The key to this business is to main­tain a lot of inventory and offer sev­eral items in each category,” says Jer­ry. Consequently he spends a lot of time buying.

Helping companies liquidate is a huge part of Kwik’s business.

“We strive to find new ways to get customers the most money for their surplus equipment,” says Jerry. Integrity before profits is the com­pany motto.

The biggest job Kwik has been involved with so far was liquidating 96 Boston Market Stores within 30 days. For information on upcoming auctions visit

Able Auctions sells every imaginable consumer item

“Before buying anything at retail prices consumers really should check out our auctions first,” says Able Auc­tions owner Jeremy Dodd. “Chances are we will have what you’re looking for.”

For 25 years Able Auctions has been saving consumers money – some-times substantial amounts.

Because there are no reserve bids (except on some autos), savings for some lucky bidders can be up to 95 per cent.

The company conducts 15 to 20 auctions per month featuring every-thing from autos to notebook com­puters to building supplies.

Able also specializes in police recov­ered items. “We probably sell more bicycles than any retailer in B.C,” Dodd says.

There are three permanent Lower Mainland locations, as well as two on the Island, one in Calgary and one in the Okanagan beginning this summer.

Able Auctions’ Vancouver location is the only Auction facility in the Province dedicated to the sale of office furniture.

The 25,000 sq. ft. building boasts a fully carpeted showroom, with two secure vaults for electronics and valu­ables. In a typical month, this loca­tion will sell: more than 400 brand

new computer systems, more than 500 monitors, more than ~ooo office chairs, more than 250 desks, more than 250 file cabinets, more than too photocopiers and countless other office related items. This one facili­ty sells more office furniture and equipment monthly than all other auction houses in the Province sell combined annually.

All office auctions from this loca­tion are broadcast live over the internet with typical participants bidding from Vancouver to San Francisco and recently as far east as Kentucky.

Much of the merchandise offered at Able Auctions is new, or in the case of vehicles, well-maintained. “I don’t think people fully realize the quality of the products that we sell,” says Dodd.

With decades of combined experi­ence in the auction industry, the knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you with both buying and selling at the auction.

Able works on behalf of most local hospitals, municipalities, the GVRD and several charities.

The company is a major supporter of charities including the Cystic Fibro­sis Golf Tournament and the CKNW Orphan’s Fund.

For information on upcoming auc­tions visit

From A to Z for work or pleasure, Able Auctions has been in the business of saving consumers mon­ey for 25 years. The company conducts 15 to 20 auctions per month featuring everything from autos to notebook computers to building supplies. With decades of combined experience in the auction industry, the knowledgable staff is eager to assist you with both buying and selling at the auction.

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