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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

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1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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1 At Foxridge Homes’ Parkview Estates, homebuyers can select from dozens of fi 2019/02/16 The Vancouver Sun
2 Strata rules must be approved by vote #LesTwarog 2019/02/14 The Province
3 Redfin in Vancouver coming soon #LesTwarog 2019/02/13 REP
4 Low commissions and rebates a hit #LesTwarog 2019/02/13 REP
5 Bureaucratic roadblocks hinder housing supply #LesTwarog 2019/02/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
6 Non-individual ownership in Kelowna outstrips that in Vancouver #LesTwarog 2019/02/12 Western Investor
7 Housing market slowdown has slashed B.C. government’s projected income from 2019/02/12 Western Investor
8 More young professionals are coming to the region than are leaving it, accordi 2019/02/11 Western Investor
9 Vancouver housing starts were hold-steady #LesTwarog 2019/02/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
10 The B-20 stress test an element of caution #LesTwarog 2019/02/11 REP
11 Vacancy rate improved by 15% #LesTwarog 2019/02/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
12 Amenities at Surrey’s Centra towers to include shared work spaces. #LesTwarog 2019/02/09 The Vancouver Sun
13 Building permits across Canada up #LesTwarog 2019/02/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
14 Co-working spaces a unique offering at Centra #LesTwarog 2019/02/07 The Province
15 Future residents of Avani Centre will have tower’s developer as neighbour # 2019/02/07 The Province
16 It's all about the deductible #LesTwarog 2019/02/07 The Province
17 University District to take its place in a rapidly emerging Surrey City Centre 2019/02/07 The Province
18 Visual representations of dollar values by which benchmark detached home and c 2019/02/06 Western Investor
19 Metro Vancouver facing office space shortage #LesTwarog 2019/02/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
20 The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions defends B-20 #LesTwarog 2019/02/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
21 Home sales down in the Fraser Valley #LesTwarog 2019/02/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
22 Residential home sales dropped 39% from same month last year #LesTwarog 2019/02/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
23 Underserved self-storage market attracts investors #LesTwarog 2019/02/05 REM
24 City home sales fell nearly 40 per cent in January #LesTwarog 2019/02/05 The Province
25 Housing sales are still extremely slow in the Lower Mainland #LesTwarog 2019/02/04 other
26 Zillow twelve years of real estate experience 2019/02/04 REM
27 Sales of luxury homes in Vancouver dropped by 49 per cent #LesTwarog 2019/02/04 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
28 News Release - Home listings increase while buyers remain in holding pattern # 2019/02/04 other
29 Saga of troubled bitcoin trader takes bizarre turn #LesTwarog 2019/02/03 The Province
30 North Vancouver’s 10 Plums attracting interest from a range of homebuyers #L 2019/02/02 The Vancouver Sun
31 Protect yourself and your clients – know the laws #LesTwarog 2019/01/31 REM
32 Pre-construction condo purchases in trouble #LesTwarog 2019/01/31 other
33 Affordability – not in Vancouver’s dictionary #LesTwarog 2019/01/31 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
34 Vancouver home prices up and down over the years #LesTwarog 2019/01/31 The Globe and Mail
35 Housing now to make municipally-owned properties available for development #LesTwarog 2019/01/31 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
36 Review members’ duties at the start #LesTwarog 2019/01/31 The Province
37 Burnaby’s Akimbo to showcase a striking exterior design #LesTwarog 2019/01/31 The Province
38 Housing investment growth down -0.1% in 2019 #LesTwarog 2019/01/30 Mortgage Broker News
39 Healthy job market and B-20 favours rentals #LesTwarog 2019/01/30 Mortgage Broker News
40 Immigrants to Vancouver buying higher priced homes #LesTwarog 2019/01/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
41 The city's office market has long made headlines for scant office availability 2019/01/29 Western Investor
42 City Market will be part of the development’s 185,000 square feet of retail 2019/01/28 Western Investor
43 Homebuyers to gain real-time pre-qualification insight in minutes 2019/01/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
44 14-storey Arts District in Winnipeg to provide 119 units #LesTwarog 2019/01/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
45 CREA: Overall home sales in 2018 fell by 11% #LesTwarog 2019/01/28 REP
46 Shots fired ahead of election #LesTwarog 2019/01/28 REP
47 Zollow makes money from its advertising model #LesTwarog 2019/01/28 REM
48 The Grand at Willow Creek takes an amenity-rich location in Aldergrove #LesTwarog 2019/01/26 The Vancouver Sun
49 It has taken sustained stupidity but Canada’s leaders are finally managing t 2019/01/24 Western Investor
50 Statistics Canada showed 1200 people left BC in Q3 2018 #LesTwarog 2019/01/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
51 Mortgage Professionals Canada says feds caused undue pressure #LesTwarog 2019/01/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
52 No indications by government to limit short-term rentals #LesTwarog 2019/01/24 The Province
53 Haven townhomes showcase ‘modern farmhouse’ design #LesTwarog 2019/01/24 The Province
54 Developers in BC’s Lower Mainland expected to start more condo projects 2019/01/23 other
55 Real Estate is a savvy investment for the long term #LesTwarog 2019/01/23 REM
56 Nearly $3 billion of Metro Vancouver purpose-built rental properties exchanged 2019/01/23 Western Investor
57 Measures such as mortgage stress test are “at cross purposes” with federal 2019/01/23 Western Investor
58 Point2 Homes has revealed the home feature stats #LesTwarog 2019/01/23 REP
59 Altus Group report states commercial real estate firms using property technolo 2019/01/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
60 “Speculators” were always going to hate the speculation tax 2019/01/22 Western Investor
61 Another B.C. civil forfeiture law suit has revealed allegations involving the 2019/01/22 Western Investor
62 The cooldown of Vancouver’s housing market is affecting condo sales 2019/01/22 Mortgage Broker News
63 Park George’s second phase in Surrey, BC, builds on success of previous laun 2019/01/22 other
64 Victoria Real Estate Board forecasts moderation in the market #LesTwarog 2019/01/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
65 launches its Retirement and Lifestyle Channel #LesTwarog 2019/01/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
66 Failure to submit your tax exemption form will result in huge tax increases #L 2019/01/20 REP
67 Panel of developers predict housing trends for coming year with cautious optim 2019/01/18 Western Investor
68 Polygon Homes CEO warning homebuyers that proposed condo projects may be cance 2019/01/18 other
69 December 2018 say 13,000 jobs gone in Canada #LesTwarog 2019/01/18 REP
70 Canada’s largest banks to cut 5-year mortgage rate 2019/01/18 REP
71 City of Vancouver - Vacancy Tax Office. #LesTwaroag 2019/01/18 other
72 BCREA blames the mortgage stress testing for lower sales #LesTwarog 2019/01/17 other
73 A report stated that senior living real estate a good investment #LesTwarog 2019/01/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
74 OC and ORTIS agreed to blend the two MLS systems 2019/01/17 REM
75 U.S. based online real estate brokerage coming to Canada #LesTwarog 2019/01/17 REM
76 Will your home be taxed? #LesTwarog 2019/01/17 other
77 Five year fixed rate dropped by 15 basis points #LesTwarog 2019/01/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
78 Unit-entitlement errors not uncommon #LesTwarog 2019/01/17 The Province
79 Cedar Ridge townhomes targeting a variety of homebuyers, from young families t 2019/01/17 The Province
80 Vancouver is in 'full-blown correction mode,' RBC economist says, with more pr 2019/01/16 The Vancouver Sun
81 Canada’s housing market has stagnated #LesTwarog 2019/01/15 other
82 Condo unit size shrunk in Toronto due to stress test 2019/01/15 Mortgage Broker News
83 CREA sales statistics show home prices fell 2.7% in December #LesTwarog 2019/01/15 Mortgage Broker News
84 Redfin to launch in Toronto and Vancouver by March #LesTwarog 2019/01/15 REP
85 Demand for reverse mortgages grew for the eighth consecutive year #LesTwarog 2019/01/15 Mortgage Magazine
86 Luxury Homes in Montreal increase by 18 per cent #LesTwarog 2019/01/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
87 Mastering the ins and outs of financing is crucial to success #LesTwarog 2019/01/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
88 Canadian home prices slipped back in the second half of 2018 #LesTwarog 2019/01/15 REP
89 BCREA Reports a Decline in Home Sales #LesTwarog 2019/01/15 BCREA
90 Vancouver lost 1200 people to other provinces in 2018 #LesTwarog 2019/01/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
91 Canada’s home prices increased 4% year-over-year #LesTwarog 2019/01/14 REP
92 The lag between start and completion means little can be done about a flood of 2019/01/13 other
93 BoC might refrain from further tax hikes this year #LesTwarog 2019/01/13 REP
94 Vancouver’s commercial property market best in Canada #LesTwarog 2019/01/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
95 Vancouver will slow down in new home sales #LesTwarog 2019/01/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
96 Victory saw the highest level of housing construction in 2018 #LesTwarog 2019/01/12 other
97 Akimbo, a 40-storey residential tower, aims to embody sense of confidence and 2019/01/12 The Vancouver Sun
98 The principal residence exemption has some limitations #LesTwarog 2019/01/12 The Vancouver Sun
99 Canadian municipalities saw building permits increase in November #LesTwarog 2019/01/11 REP
100 Reverse mortgages sought by more seniors #LesTwarog 2019/01/11 REP
101 Single-family home reaches $327,450 in Montreal #LesTwarog 2019/01/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
102 Greater Golden Horseshoe to show significant growth 2019/01/10 REP
103 BoC holds rate at 1.75 percent #LesTwarog 2019/01/10 REP
104 Talk to owners before making a plan to sell suite #LesTwarog 2019/01/10 The Province
105 Heinrichs Developments project takes a location in the heart of downtown Abbot 2019/01/10 The Province
106 BoC left interest rate unchanged #Lestwarog 2019/01/09 REP
107 December best month for sales ever #LesTwarog 2019/01/09 REP
108 Capable management key to adopting new technology 2019/01/09 REP
109 Fraser Valley Real Estate Board’s MLS saw 15,586 sales in 2018 #LesTwarog 2019/01/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
110 Radon the invisible killer #LesTwarog 2019/01/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
111 In 2019 60% feeling good about economy #LesTwarog 2019/01/08 REP
112 What new or soon to be real estate agents need to know #LesTwarog 2019/01/07 REM
113 Home sales in Metro Vancouver plummeted to their lowest level in nearly two de 2019/01/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
114 Toronto Real Estate Board says that over the year new listings were down #LesTwarog 2019/01/07 REP
115 Five things I am especially grateful for #LesTwarotg 2019/01/07 REM
116 Sluggish transaction volumes putting downward pressure on real estate values, 2019/01/04 other
117 From smartphone apps to remote share screens #LesTwarog 2019/01/04 REP
118 FINTRAC today published its Terrorist Financing Assessment: 2018 #LesTwarog 2019/01/04 other
119 Vancouver home sales fall to lowest in 18 years #LesTwarog 2019/01/04 The Province
120 Cooling Metro Vancouver condo market at odds with gains in property assessment 2019/01/04 The Province
121 Metro Vancouver home sales in 2018 were the lowest annual total in the region 2019/01/03 other
122 The 2019 assessment notices from BC Assessment are based on July 2018 values # 2019/01/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
123 Clarity needed on rental bylaws #LesTwarog 2019/01/03 The Province
124 Most valuable homes in province are in Kitsilano, Point Grey and Shaughnessy # 2019/01/03 The Province
125 Assessments on condos rising more rapidly than detached homes in city of Vanco 2019/01/03 The Vancouver Sun
126 The BC Assessment numbers are out for 2019 #LesTwarog 2019/01/02 other
127 According to CTV News real estate transactions will grow using technology #LesTwarog 2019/01/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
128 Home prices in Vancouver fell 1.9% in November #LesTwarog 2019/01/02 REP
129 Montreal to scorch through 2019 #Lestwarog 2019/01/01 REP
130 Parents help with downpayment for first home #LesTwarog 2018/12/31 other
131 NEW YEAR, NEW MARKET 2018/12/30 other
132 Joe Parente, 40, isn't allowed to reapply for his realty licence until 2020 #L 2018/12/22 other
133 The biggest story of the year has been the stress test #LesTwarog 2018/12/20 REP
134 Low office vacancy stimulates growth #LesTwarog 2018/12/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
135 Empty home tax helps low income renters #LesTwarog 2018/12/20 REP
136 Price corrections driven by policy measures not job-loss #LesTwarog 2018/12/19 other
137 Weak BC housing market to remain slow in 2019 #LesTwarog 2018/12/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth