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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

Other Upcoming Events in Our Presentation Centre

1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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47 A look at Mayor Kennedy Stewart's plan for creating affordable homes in Vancou 2020/09/18 Mortgage Broker News
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50 B.C. economic recovery plan misses Main street: CFIB #LesTwarog 2020/09/17 Western Investor
51 Fed could keep rates near zero through 2023 #LesTwarog 2020/09/17 other
52 Avison Young: BC real estate investment at its lowest since 2015 #LesTwarog 2020/09/17 Mortgage Broker News
53 Royal LePage CEO: Supply shortage pushed home prices up 18.5% #LesTwarog 2020/09/17 Mortgage Broker News
54 Annual inflation rate unchanged in August #LesTwarog 2020/09/17 Mortgage Broker News
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65 The pandemic housing recession that never was #LesTwarog 2020/09/11 Western Investor
66 CMHC: Housing starts activity reaches highest point in 13 years #LesTwarog 2020/09/11 Mortgage Broker News
67 Stress test must be revised to reflect market realities – economist #LesTwarog 2020/09/11 Mortgage Broker News
68 How will Toronto's new registry for Airbnb properties impact investors? #LesTwarog 2020/09/11 Mortgage Broker News
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70 Five reasons Canadians have little reason to fear a housing crash #LesTwarog 2020/09/10 Mortgage Broker News
71 Five reasons Canadians have little reason to fear a housing crash #LesTwarog 2020/09/10 Mortgage Broker News
72 Vancouver real estate: city staff note to developer seen to suggest land lift 2020/09/10 The Georgia Straight
73 “The Unusual World of Pandemic Economics” – Why BC’s Housing Market Re 2020/09/09 BCREA
74 Home price increases: A temporary shock for Canadian buyers? #LesTwarog 2020/09/09 Mortgage Broker News
75 CECRA extended for the last time #LesTwarog 2020/09/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
76 Ontario government extends ban on small business evictions #LesTwarog 2020/09/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
77 Canadians have more than 500,000 payment deferrals with the Big Six #LesTwarog 2020/09/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
78 Current recession exceeds BoC's worst-case scenario – wealth manager #LesTwarog 2020/09/08 Mortgage Broker News
79 Arrears rate might double without deferral extension – analysts #LesTwarog 2020/09/08 Mortgage Broker News
80 B.C. rents can rise just 1.4 per cent after freeze ends #LesTwarog 2020/09/08 Western Investor
81 Dr. Bonnie Henry issues last call for nightclubs #LesTwarog 2020/09/08 Western Investor
82 Commercial rent relief extended one month #LesTwarog 2020/09/08 Western Investor
83 Prince Albert self-storage property sells for $4 million #LesTwarog 2020/09/05 Western Investor
84 New Kelowna multi-family complex sells for $55 million #LesTwaraog 2020/09/02 Western Investor
85 Delta’s Trenant Park Square sells for $64.5 million #LesTwarog 2020/08/31 Western Investor
86 Helpful Guide to Remote Work Success #LesTwarog 2020/08/29 other
87 Vancouver's Trump hotel closes doors for good #LesTwarog 2020/08/29 The Vancouver Sun
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