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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

Other Upcoming Events in Our Presentation Centre

1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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1 If you’re a first-time home buyer, there are more programs available for you 2019/05/24 other
2 Restrictive policies led to loss in property values #LesTwarog 2019/05/23 Mortgage Broker News
3 Condo Smarts: Variations apply to bylaw rentals #LesTwarog 2019/05/23 The Province
4 Polygon’s Cedar Walk at Lelem launches a new 22-acre community #LesTwarog 2019/05/23 The Province
5 New home sales fell seven per cent last year, on top of a 31 per cent decline 2019/05/22 Western Investor
6 BMO says Canadian housing activity stabilizing #LesTwarog 2019/05/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
7 Rental stress hits landlords and tenants #LesTwarog 2019/05/21 Western Investor
8 This invaluable checklist will make sure you don’t miss any red flags or opp 2019/05/17 REW
9 The Regulation Redesign project is an effort to streamline various rules and g 2019/05/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
10 A gift or a loan from bank of mom and dad #LesTwarog 2019/05/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
11 CoStar the go-to source for commercial real estate #LesTwarog 2019/05/16 REP
12 Anonymity and invisibility could be reduced by implementing a publicly accessi 2019/05/16 Mortgage Broker News
13 Avoid confusion, challenges to meeting procedures #LesTwarog 2019/05/16 The Province
14 Vesta Properties’ Latimer Heights to comprise a grand-scale community #LesTwarog 2019/05/16 The Province
15 West Vancouver takes biggest hit in real estate #LesTwarog 2019/05/15 other
16 The issue of Redfin Direct service concerned RE/MAX #LesTwarog 2019/05/15 REM
17 Listing inventory builds up across the province, although some regions remain 2019/05/15 Western Investor
18 Poloz to cut interest rates due to the downturn in market #LesTwarog 2019/05/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
19 Lease payment obligations halved; construction subsidy provided earlier than r 2019/05/14 Western Investor
20 New home prices unchanged for 2nd month #LesTwrog 2019/05/14 REP
21 BC home sales were essentially unchanged from March #LesTwarog 2019/05/14 BCREA
22 Government looking at mortgage changes #LesTwarog 2019/05/14 Mortgage Broker News
23 Mortgage Broker Act to be overhauled #LesTwarog 2019/05/14 Mortgage Broker News
24 If elected Andrew Scheer will review stress test #LesTwarog 2019/05/13 other
25 Vancouver is certainly pricey, but average per-square-foot price for a downtow 2019/05/13 Western Investor
26 Panel on money laundering makes recommendations #LesTwarog 2019/05/13 BCREA
27 Vancouver vacancy rate estimated to hit 6% #LesTwarog 2019/05/13 Mortgage Broker News
28 Building permits in Canada rose 2% from February #LesTwarog 2019/05/13 Mortgage Broker News
29 Report on money laundering says major influence in real estate 2019/05/12 REP
30 $5b went through real estate #LesTwarog 2019/05/12 REP
31 Panel report on money laundering says home prices spiked upward #LesTwarog 2019/05/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
32 Kira residency in Coquitlam all about light #LesTwarog 2019/05/11 The Vancouver Sun
33 BC Assessments not tied to true market value #LesTwarog 2019/05/10 REW
34 Are real estate disruptors growing too fast for their own good #LesTwarog 2019/05/09 REP
35 Sotheby Canada now Peerage Realty #LesTwarog 2019/05/09 REM
36 Can’t compare Vancouver’s market with other cities #LesTwarog 2019/05/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
37 Effect on Lower Mainland could be much higher, finance minister says #LesTwarog 2019/05/09 Western Investor
38 A seller must provide a property purchase disclosure #LesTwarog 2019/05/09 The Province
39 New Westminster’s Amira will take a position close to shops, transit, school 2019/05/09 The Province
40 Reports point to numerous gaps allowing criminals entry to province's housing 2019/05/08 other
41 Ministry of housing sets up enforcement group, warns of fines of up to $5,000 2019/05/08 Western Investor
42 Professionals waiting for more details on FTHBI #LesTwarog 2019/05/07 REW
43 Realtor was reprimanded for failing to review strata documents #LesTwarog 2019/05/07 Western Investor
44 Sales down compared to April last year #LesTwarog 2019/05/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
45 Long-term leases for luxury homes #LesTwarog 2019/05/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
46 A new survey said that proximity to transit important to home buying #LesTwarog 2019/05/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
47 Referrals and conflict of interest #LesTwarog 2019/05/06 REM
48 Fraser Valley sales up from March #LesTwarog 2019/05/06 REP
49 Squamish Nation to undertake new development in Vancouver #LesTwarog 2019/05/06 Mortgage Broker News
50 B-20 pulled down national sales #LesTwarog 2019/05/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
51 REBGV stats show sales slump #LesTwarog 2019/05/03 other
52 REW has historical data on sales and listings throughout the Lower Mainland #L 2019/05/03 REW
53 Improved conditions have reduced housing market to moderate #LesTwarog 2019/05/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
54 All of those sold below asking price, averaging 16 per cent off list, as the r 2019/05/03 Western Investor
55 The number of Canadians living all alone has more than doubled in a generation 2019/05/02 Western Investor
56 Board reports sales down 29 per cent from a year ago, causing housing inventor 2019/05/02 Western Investor
57 REBGV Monthly Market Report For April 2019 #LesTwarog 2019/05/02 other
58 Owners must be given proper notice of meetings #LesTwarog 2019/05/02 The Province
59 The luxury home market taking a tumble #LesTwarog 2019/05/01 other
60 ARGUS Cloud investment tool enhanced #LesTwarog 2019/05/01 Mortgage Broker News
61 The stress test has about 40,000 fewer home sales #LesTwarog 2019/05/01 Mortgage Broker News
62 The Income Group You Need to Be In To Buy a House or Apartment Across Canada # 2019/05/01 other
63 Canada’s economy brings both good and bad news for the housing market #LesTwarog 2019/05/01 REP
64 Lifelines for self-employed borrowers #LesTwarog 2019/05/01 Mortgage Broker News
65 Some savvy, smaller, multi-industry cities are crushing the notion that the en 2019/04/30 Western Investor
66 Moving is one tough slog. This list will help you get the whole process under 2019/04/30 REW
67 The spring market tends to be the busiest time of year for selling real estate 2019/04/29 Western Investor
68 Don't blame government policy. We kind of did this to ourselves #LesTwarog 2019/04/29 other
69 Redfin Vancouver to cover Delta to Whistler #LesTwarog 2019/04/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
70 Bank of Canada off mark on financial market predictions #LesTwarog 2019/04/28 Mortgage Broker News
71 Canada’s largest cities attracting millennials #LesTwarog 2019/04/28 Mortgage Broker News
72 Only the top 2.5% on income earners can afford a house #LesTwarog 2019/04/28 Mortgage Broker News
73 Mom and Dad’s wealth will help children buy homes #LesTwarog 2019/04/28 REP
74 Self-employed borrowers seek private lenders for mortgages #LesTwarog 2019/04/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
75 Industrial market facing low vacancy rate #LesTwarog 2019/04/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
76 Consider other units when pondering patio expansion #LesTwarog 2019/04/25 The Province
77 One Central to be a 44-storey addition to Surrey’s skyline #LesTwarog 2019/04/25 The Province
78 Foreign buyer’s tax and empty home tax affecting luxury housing market #Lestwarog 2019/04/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
79 Canadian banks headed toward weakest credit cycle #LesTwarog 2019/04/24 REP
80 B-20 forcing purchaser to get unregulated mortgages #LesTwarog 2019/04/24 REP
81 Lower Mainland home prices are going to fall another 5 percent #LesTwarog 2019/04/23 other
82 Mongohouse served as a readily accessible resource for property listings and s 2019/04/22 Mortgage Broker News
83 Heritage Incentive Program to protect buildings #LesTwarog 2019/04/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
84 Time to rethink the too-strict stress test, urges CIBC’s chief economist #LesTwarog 2019/04/22 Western Investor
85 Victoria, Ottawa urged to revamp legislation, work with real estate industry # 2019/04/19 Western Investor
86 Consumers need to develop an effective selection process in the lead up to hir 2019/04/18 REW
87 Two 38-storey towers could replace the West Georgia White Spot and adjacent lo 2019/04/18 Western Investor
88 Economists believe BoC will leave rate as is #LesTwarog 2019/04/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
89 Amenity spaces will enhance community at The Oaks #LesTwarog 2019/04/18 The Province
90 Owners do not have to hand over keys #LesTwarog 2019/04/18 The Province
91 Wesgroup’s MODE to take its place in an expanding Vancouver neighbourhood #L 2019/04/18 The Province
92 Proposed twin 38-storey Alberni Towers would house 455 units in revised concep 2019/04/18 The Province
93 Rather than pay the Empty Homes Tax, some owners of high-end homes are renting 2019/04/17 REP
94 BC multi-family market continues to draw investors #LesTwarog 2019/04/17 Mortgage Broker News
95 New regulations pushing investors to Toronto #LesTwarog 2019/04/17 Mortgage Broker News
96 Mortgage volume fell last year #LesTwarog 2019/04/17 Mortgage Broker News
97 BC developers not prepared for extended housing downturn #LesTwarog 2019/04/16 other
98 Spring home sales are up and down across the country #LesTwarog 2019/04/16 REP
99 Canada’s home prices continued their downward trend #LesTwarog 2019/04/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
100 Key professions in the BC real estate sector gave recommendations on money lau 2019/04/15 BCREA
101 March sales were down 27% from March 2018 #LesTwarog 2019/04/15 BCREA
102 Office vacancies running out #LesTwarog 2019/04/14 Mortgage Broker News
103 The right to adequate housing for all #LesTwarog 2019/04/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
104 Squamish Nation project to spark debate #LesTwarog 2019/04/12 The Vancouver Sun
105 First Nation could add up to 3,000 housing units on its land in Kitsilano #LesTwarog 2019/04/11 other
106 Strata Property Act gives the corporation the authority to do work on a strata 2019/04/11 The Province
107 Limited inventory driving commercial real estate #LesTwarog 2019/04/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
108 International Monetary Fund concerned about Canadian housing market #LesTwrog 2019/04/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
109 Canadian residential real estate slow through first quarter #LesTwarog 2019/04/07 Mortgage Broker News
110 A quarter of new homes are social and supportive homes #LesTwarog 2019/04/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
111 Metro Vancouver, Greater Toronto and Calgary are highly vulnerable real estate 2019/04/05 Western Investor
112 More housing supply is needed 2019/04/05 REP
113 Royal LePage’s House Price Survey shows a sluggish start #LesTwarog 2019/04/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
114 GTA home sales were flat in March #LesTwarog 2019/04/04 Mortgage Broker News
115 Decline in home prices in B.C. and slowing price growth across Canada provides 2019/04/04 Western Investor
116 Despite lower prices, Vancouver housing remains out of reach #LesTwarog 2019/04/04 Mortgage Broker News
117 A strata corporation must act reasonably when it receives a request from an ow 2019/04/04 The Province
118 The government to pick up 5% of a mortgage #LesTwarog 2019/04/04 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
119 BC to install a searchable registry on home ownership #LesTwarog 2019/04/03 REP
120 Airbnb rentals limited to principal residences #LesTwarog 2019/04/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
121 Canada’s newest digital bank has launched #LesTwarog 2019/04/03 REP
122 Amazon's largest Vancouver office draws optimism, worry #LesTwarog 2019/04/03 Mortgage Broker News
123 Historic building has landed on several Heritage Vancouver Society watch lists 2019/04/03 Western Investor
124 Early spring home sales are proving to be flat 2019/04/03 other
125 Selecting exactly the right agent can be as challenging as finding the perfect 2019/04/03 REW
126 Residential transactions plunge to just over half the 10-year average for the 2019/04/02 Western Investor
127 Expert Panel on Money Laundering and Dr Peter German meet deadlines to hand in 2019/04/01 Western Investor
128 Finance minister promises leniency for those who haven’t yet declared their 2019/04/01 Western Investor
129 Federal government to look into money laundering in real estate #LesTwarog 2019/03/31 Mortgage Broker News
130 Davie and Nicola takes a prime West End location 2019/03/28 The Province
131 There was a jump for sales of newly-built single-family homes in the GTA in Fe 2019/03/27 other
132 Schools, shopping, transportation, arts and recreations still matter most to h 2019/03/26 REW
133 Brokers are wondering if the stress test will also be repealed #LesTwarog 2019/03/26 Mortgage Broker News
134 Major high-rise office projects for tech tenants in Vancouver #LesTwarog 2019/03/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
135 Chinese buyers switching focus on other Canadian Cities #LesTwarog 2019/03/25 Mortgage Broker News