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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

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1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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1 High on the outlooks at Brooklyn at Bernard Block #LesTwarog 2018/08/18 The Vancouver Sun
2 Marquise takes a convenient west-side location #LesTwarog 2018/08/18 The Vancouver Sun
3 The Economist ranked Canada most overvalued #LesTwarog 2018/08/17 Mortgage Broker News
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5 Affordable housing markets in BC #LesTwarog 2018/08/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
6 CREA says Toronto less affected by stress test #LesTwarog 2018/08/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
7 Ask questions about new fee schedules #LesTwarog 2018/08/16 The Province
8 North Vancouver condos designed to provide occupants with a sense of peace and 2018/08/16 The Vancouver Sun
9 Mortgage with new lenders down in Vancouver #LesTwarog 2018/08/15 REP
10 Stress Test limiting first time buyers #LesTwarog 2018/08/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
11 Digital services that create true efficiency #LesTwarog 2018/08/13 REP
12 Boomers looking at buying homes #LesTwarog 2018/08/13 REP
13 Latest report suggests boomers flooding the market #LesTwarog 2018/08/13 REP
14 MLS sales across BC fall #LesTwarog 2018/08/13 BCREA
15 Housing demand from new Canadians could have an impact on purchases #LesTwarog 2018/08/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
16 Cannabis grown in residential homes could cause problems #LesTwarog 2018/08/13 BCREA
17 Marigold: Saanich Peninsula location 'an opportunity to do something really sp 2018/08/11 The Vancouver Sun
18 At Coquitlam’s Dwell24, it’s all in the details #LesTwarog 2018/08/11 The Vancouver Sun
19 Housing starts eased in July #LesTwarog 2018/08/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
20 In the coming years 1.4 million boomers are expected to sell and buy real est 2018/08/09 REP
21 Construction starts dip #LesTwarog 2018/08/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
22 Property manager is overstepping boundaries — it's time for strata council t 2018/08/09 The Province
23 At Luxia at Yorkson, high-quality finishes elevate decor #LesTwarog 2018/08/09 The Province
24 Will Vancouver condo buyers maintain their edge in 2018 #LesTwarog 2018/08/08 other
25 School catchment areas important in sales #LesTwarog 2018/08/08 REP
26 Delinquency rate in Vancouver near historical low as Ottawa tightens mortgage 2018/08/08 Western Investor
27 Vancouver’s industrial & logistics leasing rates increased 29.1% this year # 2018/08/08 REP
28 Developer has to revise Gibson development again #LesTwarog 2018/08/07 other
29 The Canadian coffee chain is taking its latest expansion efforts east 2018/08/07 Western Investor
30 The $750-million headquarters was completed just three years ago #LesTwarog 2018/08/07 Western Investor
31 Toronto sales stabilizing while Vancouver tumbles #LesTwarog 2018/08/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
32 Zillow acquires Mortgage Lenders of America #LesTwarog 2018/08/07 REP
33 SoHo complex located in southeast Kelowna, about a 10-minute drive from the ci 2018/08/04 The Vancouver Sun
34 Hunter at Lynn Creek offers close proximity to shops, walking and biking trail 2018/08/04 The Vancouver Sun
35 GTA condo construction starts set record 2018/08/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
36 Metro Vancouver’s housing market is feeling the impact of a quieter summer # 2018/08/03 other
37 Fewer homes sales allowing a build up of inventory #LesTwarog 2018/08/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
38 Demand outpaces supply for lower priced homes #Lestwarog 2018/08/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
39 Who is to blame, 84% say it is foreign homebuyers 2018/08/03 REP
40 A potential barrier to affordable housing presented by Vancouver City Council 2018/08/02 other
41 Hot weather, cool real estate market – but what about prices? It depends on 2018/08/02 Western Investor
42 Tower TWO residences at The City of Lougheed are now previewing in vibrant Bur 2018/08/02 other
43 July home sales lowest in 18 years #LesTwarog 2018/08/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
44 Q2 report from Fifth Dimension 2018/08/02 other
45 Tenant may be abusing the hearing process #LesTwarog 2018/08/02 The Province
46 Torino to take its place in Richmond's Capstan Village #LesTwarog 2018/08/02 The Province
47 City sues for heritage mansion repairs #LesTwarog 2018/08/02 The Province
48 Vacation property now the work office #LesTwarog 2018/07/31 Mortgage Broker News
49 Best and Worst Cities for Property Taxes in Canada #LesTwarog 2018/07/31 other
50 As Canada’s residential market recovers, recreational property experiences a 2018/07/31 other
51 Remote working from cottage increasing #LesTwarog 2018/07/31 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
52 Lower Chinese currency favours Canadian Property #LesTwarog 2018/07/31 Mortgage Broker News
53 Eby eyes review of real estate transactions #LesTwarog 2018/07/31 The Province
54 Jericho lands Planning work expected to start in the fall #LesTwarog 2018/07/30 Western Investor
55 Hotel amenities part of lifestyle at Avani Centre #LesTwarog 2018/07/30 The Vancouver Sun
56 Stricter government measures are pushing consumers towards a more negative out 2018/07/29 REP
57 Park West at Lions Gate a key component of North Van revitalization plan #LesTwarog 2018/07/28 The Vancouver Sun
58 Landlords in crosshairs #LesTwarog 2018/07/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
59 Air-con now standard in many new residential buildings – but is it really be 2018/07/27 Western Investor
60 B.C. cabin prices rise 19 per cent overall led by island and ski resorts, as K 2018/07/27 Western Investor
61 Owners aged 65 and over believe it is important to live in their current homes 2018/07/27 REP
62 Overvaluation and price acceleration in four markets is leaving Canada’s ove 2018/07/27 REP
63 Overvaluation and price increase causing instability #LesTwarog 2018/07/26 REP
64 Your home inspection isn't foolproof #LesTwarog 2018/07/26 The Province
65 Condo Smarts: When parking goes sideways #LesTwarog 2018/07/26 The Province
66 Linea to pose a striking presence in Surrey #LesTwarog 2018/07/26 The Province
67 New property transfer tax form for buyers or investors using corporation or tr 2018/07/25 Western Investor
68 Starting September 17 new property transfer tax needs more info #LesTwaraog 2018/07/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
69 Consumers have a negative outlook on the Canadian housing market #LesTwarog 2018/07/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
70 Development industry “conditionally” backs increases if they result in sho 2018/07/24 Western Investor
71 Tale of the tower: mountain view versus rentals #LesTwarog 2018/07/24 Vancouver Courier
72 The housing market issue is of concern in the combination of elevated househol 2018/07/24 REP
73 New rental zoning laws implemented by Burnaby #LesTwarog 2018/07/24 REP
74 myLTSA service upgraded #LesTwarog 2018/07/23 other
75 Land is “the new gold” – and B.C.'s Fraser Valley the motherlode #LesTwarog 2018/07/23 Western Investor
76 Revenue agency asked to verify incomes for mortgages #LesTwarog 2018/07/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
77 Seniors benefit from renting out rooms to students #LesTwarog 2018/07/23 REP
78 Strata corporations’s bylaws will be changed as of November 30 #LesTwarog 2018/07/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
79 Located in the mecca of outdoor adventures, the new project from Wave Developm 2018/07/21 The Vancouver Sun
80 Luxia at Yorkson a fit for its Langley neighbourhood #LesTwarog 2018/07/21 The Vancouver Sun
81 Metro Vancouver homebuyers feeling effects of stress testing #LesTwarog 2018/07/21 The Vancouver Sun
82 Zillow is further expanding its direct homebuying and selling program #LesTwarog 2018/07/19 other
83 Canadian real estate sales are slowing in the country’s biggest markets #LesTwarog 2018/07/19 other
84 Lenders get more guidance and flexibility for the self-employed #LesTwarog 2018/07/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
85 Lack of affordablilty caused by gap between wages and home prices #LesTwarog 2018/07/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
86 Stratas can restrict or ban short-term rentals #LesTwarog 2018/07/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
87 Strata bylaws can restrict short-term rentals #LesTwarog 2018/07/19 REP
88 Significant variations to windup formula #LesTwarog 2018/07/19 The Province
89 At Boffo Properties’ Haven, the design is in the details #LesTwarog 2018/07/19 The Province
90 Owners and investors who rent out their condos on platforms such as Airbnb and 2018/07/18 Western Investor
91 Concord Pacific fights Porteau Cove mining permits in BC Supreme Court #LesTwarog 2018/07/18 Western Investor
92 Owners of resort properties affected by speculation tax #LesTwarog 2018/07/18 REM
93 Condominiums the choice for first time buyers #LesTwarog 2018/07/18 REP
94 CREA says we are still at a five-year low #LesTwarog 2018/07/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
95 More than 580 buyers also trying to sell their contract assignments #LesTwarog 2018/07/18 Business in Vancouver
96 Rezoning application has been submitted for a property located next to the vac 2018/07/17 Western Investor
97 Real estate listing website partnered with Canadian company #LesTwarog 2018/07/17 REM
98 Annual drop in home sales and corresponding rise in listings are pulling on av 2018/07/17 Western Investor
99 The Lower Mainland had a notable decline in sales #LesTwarog 2018/07/17 REP
100 CREA says June sales down 10.7% compared to a year ago #LesTwarog 2018/07/17 Mortgage Broker News
101 Home sales continue to show weakeded demand #LesTwarog 2018/07/16 REP
102 Housing demand in British Columbia continued to soften in June #LesTwarog 2018/07/15 other
103 Pinnacle International’s Torino to take its place in Richmond’s Capstan Vi 2018/07/14 The Vancouver Sun
104 The location of the property is critical in the sale of a strata corporation # 2018/07/12 The Province
105 It's all in the details at Fern Grove #LesTwarog 2018/07/12 The Province
106 BOC lifted interest rate from 1.25 to 1.5 per cent #LesTwarog 2018/07/11 Mortgage Broker News
107 Canadian housing starts surged in June #LesTwarog 2018/07/10 REP
108 Online estate agent buys flat-fee real estate service in Canada #LesTwarog 2018/07/09 REM
109 Home prices remain the same as few buyers looking #LesTwarog 2018/07/07 The Globe and Mail
110 The Crestline has eyes focused on Pemberton #LesTwarog 2018/07/07 The Vancouver Sun
111 Rize’s Linea sure to be a standout in Surrey City Centre #LesTwarog 2018/07/07 The Vancouver Sun
112 Real estate market continues to cool in GTA and Vancouver #LesTwarog 2018/07/05 other
113 Sales down 14 percent in June #LesTwarog 2018/07/05 Mortgage Broker News
114 Chinese interest in Vancouver property slipping #LesTwarog 2018/07/05 Mortgage Broker News
115 Vancouver detached homes a buyers’ market #LesTwarog 2018/07/05 REP
116 RBC sounds alarm #LesTwarog 2018/07/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
117 David Eby focused on monetary transactions #LesTwarog 2018/07/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
118 New-home project, George, in Port Moody is artistic and elegant, while pushing 2018/07/05 The Province
119 Supply of homes for sale hits three-year high #LesTwarog 2018/07/05 The Province
120 Feng shui important for Chinese buyers #LesTwarog 2018/07/04 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
121 About 87 per cent of income needed to cover expenses in Vancouver, setting new 2018/07/04 The Province
122 Infestations best handled by strata corporation #LesTwarog 2018/07/04 Times Colonist
123 Best and Worst Canadian Cities for Land Transfer Taxes #LesTwarog 2018/07/03 other
124 Purple Bricks has agreed to acquire a commission-free network #LesTwarog 2018/07/03 Mortgage Broker News
125 Laundered money from illegal drugs used to bye real estate #Lestwarog 2018/07/03 Mortgage Broker News
126 Higher mortgage rates coming #LesTwarog 2018/07/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
127 Vancouverites stretching budget to buy their home #LesTwarog 2018/07/01 other
128 Urbana the final phase of Kelowna project #LesTwarog 2018/06/30 The Vancouver Sun
129 Boffo Properties’ Haven townhome project to take its place in Port Coquitlam 2018/06/30 The Vancouver Sun
130 Homeowners in Vancouver and Toronto believe foreign investors driving up home 2018/06/28 Mortgage Broker News
131 Over half of buyers encountered bidding wars #LesTwarog 2018/06/28 Mortgage Broker News
132 The world will see fewer new foreign buyer restrictions #LesTwarog 2018/06/28 Mortgage Broker News
133 The US-based real estate listing website Zillow will display Canadian listings 2018/06/28 other
134 Strata corporation bylaws, agreements will influence outcome of disputes #LesTwarog 2018/06/28 Times Colonist
135 Stellar outlooks will be on offer at British Pacific Properties’ Courtenay # 2018/06/28 The Province
136 Neighbourhood demographics portrays condo life #LesTwarog 2018/06/27 REP
137 Governments to build new affordable housing #LesTwarog 2018/06/27 REP
138 Regent Hotel appropriated by city #LesTwarog 2018/06/25 REP
139 Hidden property owners and tax cheats targeted #LesTwarog 2018/06/25 REP
140 Bighorn Meadows a rec property 'that you use like a cabin on the lake without 2018/06/23 The Vancouver Sun
141 Both downsizers and first-time buyers taking note of Epic Homes’ Fern Grove 2018/06/23 The Vancouver Sun
142 Toronto to get Canada’s tallest tower #LesTwarog 2018/06/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
143 Liberty Development cancels project #LesTwarog 2018/06/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
144 Commercial real estate sales slows #LesTwarog 2018/06/22 Mortgage Broker News
145 Brokerage’s demise highlights value proposition to agents #LesTwarog 2018/06/22 REP
146 Condo sales in the Toronto area are on the rise #LesTwarog 2018/06/22 REP
147 Economic unknowns lead some analysts to wonder if Poloz will stand pat on July 2018/06/22 REP
148 Broadway corridor protected from land speculation #LesTwarog 2018/06/21 The Vancouver Sun
149 The 626-foot GEC Education Mega Center will be second in height only to downto 2018/06/21 Western Investor
150 Metro Vancouver commercial real estate slows #LesTwarog 2018/06/21 The Georgia Straight
151 New Rules to Profoundly Change How REALTORS® Work With Consumers #Lestwarog 2018/06/21 The Vancouver Sun
152 Hiding real estate investments addressed #Lestwarog 2018/06/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
153 Economist say sales will rebound #LesTwrog 2018/06/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
154 'No more hiding' BC tells real estate owners #LesTwarog 2018/06/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
155 Vancouver city council approves allocation of $8 million towards affordable ho 2018/06/21 Vancouver Courier
156 Often problems with ideas about insurance #LesTwarog 2018/06/21 The Province
157 8888 Osler showcases efficient design #LesTwarog 2018/06/21 The Province
158 PoMo waterfront set to transform after council adopts OCP amendment to allow r 2018/06/20 Western Investor
159 Publicly accessible registry prevent money laundering #LesTwarog 2018/06/20 Western Investor
160 TheRedPin, which shut its head office doors at Church and Front streets in dow 2018/06/20 REM
161 Housing market easing on the mortgage front #LesTwarog 2018/06/20 REP
162 Ski communities’ tax exemption and improving economy point to stable – if 2018/06/19 Western Investor
163 Virtual real estate buying and selling on the way #LesTwarog 2018/06/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
164 Factors in property investment slowdown #LesTwarog 2018/06/19 Business in Vancouver