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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

Other Upcoming Events in Our Presentation Centre

1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Listing Llama enables users to anonymously review and interview agents #LesTwarog 2019/12/13 REP
2 Home sales in British Columbia are strengthening #LesTwarog 2019/12/13 REP
3 Speculation and Vacancy Tax increased to 2 percent #LesTwarog 2019/12/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
4 EIi Technologies uses AI to review real estate documents #LesTwarog 2019/12/12 REP
5 BCREA December 2019 Report #LesTwarog 2019/12/12 BCREA
6 Sales activity in the Lower Mainland’s commercial real estate market continu 2019/12/12 REBGV
7 A complete building commissioning best for strata budgeting #LesTwarog 2019/12/12 The Province
8 Natura to offer parkside residency #LesTwarog 2019/12/12 The Province
9 Squamish Nation approves highrises #LesTwarog 2019/12/12 The Province
10 Federal government incentive plan for first-time home buyers #LesTwarog 2019/12/11 other
11 Multiple condo owners exempt from speculation tax #LesTwarog 2019/12/11 The Province
12 Taxpayers to be alerted to changes, revised exemptions for coming year #LesTwarog 2019/12/10 Western Investor
13 Vancouver saw a significant decline in the trend of multi-unit starts for a se 2019/12/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
14 The growth in other major markets offsets Vancouver's decline in housing start 2019/12/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
15 Commercial Real Estate has remained stable in Vancouver #LesTwarog 2019/12/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
16 Roof decks a standout feature at 3535 Princeton #LesTwarog 2019/12/07 The Vancouver Sun
17 California-based research firm new report #LesTwarog 2019/12/06 REM
18 Elaborate downtown park finally set to be constructed #LesTwarog 2019/12/06 The Province
19 Premiums and deductibles have increased substantially #LesTwarog 2019/12/05 The Province
20 Latimer Village condos the hub of Langley community #LesTwarog 2019/12/05 The Province
21 Five more Metro Vancouver homeowners hosed in a falling market #LesTwarog 2019/12/05 The Province
22 Canadian housing market will be more stable in 2020 #LesTwarog 2019/12/02 Mortgage Broker News
23 Regional startups like Fisherly are emerging as other boards change rules #LesTwarog 2019/12/02 Mortgage Broker News
24 Creekside has family-friendly allure #LesTwarog 2019/11/30 The Vancouver Sun
25 As British Columbians confront, understand and quantify the effects of money l 2019/11/29 The Vancouver Sun
26 Rental only zones and up to 6-storeys in residential areas 2019/11/28 REP
27 CMHC and LAB changing policy for First Nations 2019/11/28 REP
28 Get quotes and qualifications for major repairs #LesTwarog 2019/11/28 The Province
29 Lower mortgage rates, the first-time homebuyer incentive, and international im 2019/11/26 REP
30 The year-over-year price trend is declining, demand for Vancouver’s condos i 2019/11/26 Mortgage Broker News
31 Once the next US president is sworn in, things are likely to take a turn #LesTwarog 2019/11/25 Mortgage Broker News
32 Land parcel totalling nearly an acre, in Vancouver's most exclusive neighbourh 2019/11/20 Western Investor
33 The city’s rules regulating short-term rentals will remain in place 2019/11/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
34 Short-term rentals in Toronto allowed in principal residences #LesTwarog 2019/11/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
35 Vancouver ranked 44th in global cities for luxury homes #LesTwarog 2019/11/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
36 Latimer Village the urban hub of master-planned Langley community #LesTwarog 2019/11/16 The Vancouver Sun
37 The Squamish Nation’s proposed 6,000-unit housing development for Kits Point 2019/11/16 The Vancouver Sun
38 Canadian home prices become more transparent with new index #LesTwarog 2019/11/15 REP
39 Canada’s reverse mortgage is the fasters-growing debt #LesTwarog 2019/11/15 Mortgage Broker News
40 While city staff completes zoning plan along SkyTrain extension, speculators a 2019/11/14 Western Investor
41 Signs point to market returning to normal conditions #LesTwarog 2019/11/14 REP
42 Vancouver’s Robson Street ranks 7th with rent for retail space #LesTwarog 2019/11/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
43 Limiting risk for one owner may raise it for others #LesTwarog 2019/11/14 The Province
44 44 concrete buildings in the Greater Toronto Area to be sold to Starlight Inve 2019/11/13 Mortgage Broker News
45 Canadian residential market almost at traditional levels 2019/11/13 Mortgage Broker News
46 Short-term rentals not 'sole'problem' behind lack of housing #LesTwarog 2019/11/11 The Vancouver Sun
47 Tech investment in Canada is lacking #Lestwarog 2019/11/11 The Vancouver Sun
48 Abbotsford location is a natural next step for Mosaic Homes #LesTwarog 2019/11/09 The Vancouver Sun
49 Homeowners who list on Airbnb will need to be verified #LesTwarog 2019/11/08 other
50 Holborn Group also won an International Property Award for best bathroom desig 2019/11/08 REM
51 Squamish Nation is planning the construction of around 6,000 affordable units 2019/11/07 Mortgage Broker News
52 Luxury housing in Toronto on an up-swing #Lestwarog 2019/11/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
53 First Nations set to be power broker in real estate as they buy their land bac 2019/11/07 The Province
54 There are many different variations of parking allocations, assignments and de 2019/11/07 The Province
55 A Master Plan Community In Maple Ridge #LesTwarog 2019/11/07 The Province
56 Biggest recovery in sales activity will be seen in the hardest-hit areas of Gr 2019/11/06 Western Investor
57 Squamish Senakw project to expand Downtown Vancouver’s footprint #LesTwarog 2019/11/06 The Province
58 Purpose-built rental buildings on the rise #LesTwarog 2019/11/05 Mortgage Broker News
59 But there's a catch, you have to go through a realtor who's registered with fi 2019/11/04 The Province
60 Reliance Properties is offering remaining tenants at Berkeley Tower a financia 2019/11/02 The Vancouver Sun
61 Zenterra builds to please growing families and downsizers with Langley develop 2019/11/02 The Vancouver Sun
62 9850 Austin Road and 9858-9898 Gatineau Place next to SkyTrain’s Lougheed To 2019/10/31 other
63 Urban Analytics says around 30,000 rental units needed #LesTwarog 2019/10/31 Mortgage Broker News
64 A bylaw is not enforceable if it contravenes the Strata Property Act or the Hu 2019/10/31 The Province
65 New Haven to take its place at Onni’s Tsawwassen Landing #LesTwarog 2019/10/31 The Province
66 Township of Langley development intended as "intergenerational community" incl 2019/10/30 Western Investor
67 Condo Buyers in Ontario get protection by province #LesTwarog 2019/10/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
68 Brookfield Residential being featured on Zillow #LesTwarog 2019/10/30 REP
69 October Luxury Insights Report shows that emerging markets are leading the way 2019/10/29 other
70 Guinness World Records recognized real estate agent as the current holder of t 2019/10/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
71 Richmond farmland advocates want answers for skyrocketing farmland real estate 2019/10/28 Western Investor
72 All private BC businesses to keep transparency records #LesTwarog 2019/10/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
73 Wren + Raven key to a new gateway to Mission #LesTwarog 2019/10/28 The Vancouver Sun
74 A campground in the Upper Squamish Valley is now also the site of commercial g 2019/10/26 other
75 Sotheby’s Curate augmented reality app is now embracing spatial computing #L 2019/10/25 REP
76 Common-law relationships say that assets should be divided equally #LesTwarog 2019/10/25 REM
77 Proposed legislation could see commercial properties taxed on current rather t 2019/10/24 Western Investor
78 Home Price Index shows some key trends for Canadian home prices #LesTwarog 2019/10/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
79 District 56 first 12 storey wood building #Lestwarog 2019/10/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
80 Mi Property Portal has announced the launch of its online dashboard 2019/10/24 Mortgage Broker News
81 CompTIA noted that smaller cities can become more feasible investment options 2019/10/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
82 Turn to the bylaws to find out how vacancies are to be filled #Lestwarog 2019/10/24 The Province
83 Tall entryways, high ceilings and large windows make for a roomy feel at Keyst 2019/10/24 The Province
84 Fraser Valley is Lower Mainland’s most active industrial market #Lestwarog 2019/10/23 Western Investor
85 Grants to non-profit housing providers between 2019 and 2022 #LesTwarog 2019/10/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
86 Canada Votes 2019 - now where do we go 2019/10/22 Western Investor
87 Big losers in Canadian election could be foreign real-estate speculators #LesTwarog 2019/10/22 The Vancouver Sun
88 A report says that transactions in niche assets have exploded #LesTwarog 2019/10/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
89 Newly constructed developments are driving strength in Victoria’s condo sect 2019/10/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
90 Angular condo adds drama to city skyline #LesTwarog 2019/10/20 The Vancouver Sun
91 Here’s why a downturn’s relationship to investing is complicated #LesTwarog 2019/10/18 The Vancouver Sun
92 Seniors using reverse mortgage borrowing intensifies #LesTwarog 2019/10/17 Mortgage Broker News
93 Voting with the hopes that those amendments will be drastically changed is wis 2019/10/17 Mortgage Broker News
94 Trust in FinTech securing person data a concern #LesTwarog 2019/10/17 REP
95 Bouyant economic conditions boosting Toronto condo sales #LesTwarog 2019/10/17 REP
96 Review bank service agreement for consent to pay fees #LesTwarog 2019/10/17 The Province
97 The Heights on Austin to comprise two 25-storey towers #LesTwarog 2019/10/17 The Province
98 Report says Facebook’s digital currency not accepted #Lestwarog 2019/10/16 The Vancouver Sun