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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

Other Upcoming Events in Our Presentation Centre

1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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3 Trust in FinTech securing person data a concern #LesTwarog 2019/10/17 REP
4 Bouyant economic conditions boosting Toronto condo sales #LesTwarog 2019/10/17 REP
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6 The Heights on Austin to comprise two 25-storey towers #LesTwarog 2019/10/17 The Province
7 Population growth continues to drive Canadian condo market activity #Lestwarog 2019/10/11 Mortgage Broker News
8 Tunnel vision on housing could raise home prices #LesTwarog 2019/10/11 Mortgage Broker News
9 Surrey Gardens Apartment complex sold #LesTwarog 2019/10/11 Mortgage Broker News
10 There is slight increase in the price of new housing nationally #LesTwarog 2019/10/11 Mortgage Broker News
11 In September were up in both Toronto and Vancouver, housing prices presented a 2019/10/11 The Vancouver Sun
12 Nearmap Ltd. Joins Teranet in real estate information provider #LesTwarog 2019/10/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
13 Cybersecurity training need for real estate #LesTwarog 2019/10/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
14 Population growth continues to drive Canadian condo market activity #LesTwarog 2019/10/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
15 Slow housing starts not affecting sales #LesTwarog 2019/10/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
16 Tiny homes built on other buildings an architectural option for crowded urban 2019/10/10 The Province
17 Stratas obliged to ensure safe access for all #LesTwarog 2019/10/10 The Province
18 TransUnion was hacked in July #LesTwarog 2019/10/09 REP
19 There is a demand for lower-cost housing in Vancouver #LesTwarog 2019/10/09 REP
20 Secret home of former Ukraine president now a tourist attraction #LesTwarog 2019/10/08 REM
21 Vancouver condo market showing increase sales #LesTwarog 2019/10/08 Mortgage Broker News
22 Increased supply and more demand is moving the Vancouver market to normal leve 2019/10/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
23 The best and worst cities for seniors to live #Lestwarog 2019/10/07 REP
24 To flip or not to flip? #LesTwarog 2019/10/07 REM
25 Vancouver home sales had a 46% gain in September #Lestwarog 2019/10/07 Mortgage Broker News
26 Certain detractors can lower your home’s resale value #LesTwarog 2019/10/05 Livabl
27 Number of realtors in BC up and down with the market #LesTwarog 2019/10/03 Western Investor
28 Seven of the most common mistakes people make when buying a home #Lestwarog 2019/10/03 REM
29 Metro Vancouver back to normal level of sales #LesTwarog 2019/10/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
30 Buy it right, avoid regret #LesTwarog 2019/10/03 The Province
31 Owners have right to information #LesTwarog 2019/10/03 The Province
32 North Van site key to the appeal of Ebb and Flow #LesTwarog 2019/10/03 The Province
33 Coffee shop owner bullied by BC government #LesTwarog 2019/10/02 Western Investor
34 Market balances with transactions on par with 10-year September average; price 2019/10/02 Western Investor
35 UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index ranks Toronto second highest #LesTwarog 2019/10/02 Mortgage Broker News
36 Relaxed B-20 results in stronger home sales #LesTwarog 2019/10/02 REP
37 Technology changing real estate #Lestwarog 2019/10/01 other
38 Developers deferred the release of new supply causing a decline in pre-sales # 2019/10/01 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
39 Highline at Metrotown by Thind Properties is a 47-storey tower #LesTwarog 2019/09/30 Western Investor
40 Greater Vancouver pre-sales down 77 percent #LesTwarog 2019/09/30 Mortgage Broker News
41 Sotheby's International says solid fundamentals are supporting the market #LesTwarog 2019/09/27 REP
42 Condo Smarts: Walk strata to determine accuracy of plans 2019/09/26 The Province
43 Roslyn Ridge homes will have plenty of room inside and out #Lestwarog 2019/09/26 The Province
44 Housing report published #LesTwarog 2019/09/26 REP
45 Potential Uptake of the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive #LesTwarog 2019/09/26 BCREA
46 Chinese buyers dropping out of US housing market #LesTwarog 2019/09/26 other
47 What you need to save to buy a home on a median income across Canada #Lestwarog 2019/09/26 other
48 ‘Unprecedented’ listings reflect landlord frustration with rent caps, soar 2019/09/25 Western Investor
49 B-20 mortgage will see the qualifying rate hold steady #LesTwarog 2019/09/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
50 Should the stress test have been introduced in the first place? #Lestwarog 2019/09/25 Mortgage Broker News
51 Reality platform is promising to make buying and selling homes in Alberta easi 2019/09/25 REP
52 Vancouver defied the national housing price trend in August #LesTwarog 2019/09/24 Mortgage Broker News
53 If interest rates climb as high as 5.5%, the stress test would effectively dec 2019/09/24 Mortgage Broker News
54 Real estate and social media go hand in hand #LesTwarog 2019/09/23 REM
55 Recession scare compels wealthy families to stockpile cash #LesTwarog 2019/09/23 Bloomberg
56 Customized finishes on offer at Foxridge's Edgestone #LesTwarog 2019/09/21 The Vancouver Sun
57 Legal battle continues between Concord Pacific and site owner over waterfront 2019/09/20 Western Investor
58 Residential recovery makes Vancouver the hottest market to watch #LesTwarog 2019/09/20 Western Investor
59 Industrial strength brewing in B.C.’s Fraser Valley #LesTwarog 2019/09/19 Western Investor
60 Leading development firms spot sales opportunity in the midst of protests #LesTwarog 2019/09/19 Western Investor
61 AREA launched interactive portal on province’s housing trends #LesTwarog 2019/09/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
62 Legally Speaking Parking Strata Properties #LesTwarog 2019/09/19 BCREA
63 HomeGoals series to launch in October #LesTwarog 2019/09/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
64 Canadian household worth less in 2018 #LesTwarog 2019/09/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
65 Aging receivables should be routinely reviewed #LesTwarog 2019/09/19 The Province
66 New single-family home buyers pay higher taxes #LesTwarog 2019/09/18 Mortgage Broker News
67 ‘Store Support Centre’ design features central atrium and carved-out sides 2019/09/17 Western Investor
68 Low interest rates and employment growth stimulate home sales #LesTwarog 2019/09/17 Mortgage Broker News
69 August home sales improved from July #LesTwarog 2019/09/17 Mortgage Broker News
70 The national August housing numbers are in #LesTwarog 2019/09/17 other
71 August home sales up 4.9% from last year #LesTwarog 2019/09/16 Livabl
72 The Lower Mainland saw a slide in commercial real estate sales in Q2 #LesTwarog 2019/09/16 REP
73 ‘If you don’t vote for us, there’s nothing to help you.’ #LesTwarog 2019/09/16 Mortgage Broker News
74 Amenity-packed Ariva project overlooking Okanagan Lake aimed at active downsiz 2019/09/14 The Vancouver Sun
75 Ebb & Flow takes a location near urban amenities, minutes from North Shore’s 2019/09/14 The Vancouver Sun
76 Boom in strata industrial is biggest story in Lower Mainland, but less so acro 2019/09/13 Western Investor
77 CBRE data shows real estate investors avoiding Vancouver #LesTwarog 2019/09/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
78 Lower Mainland commercial real estate down in Q2 #LesTwarog 2019/09/13 REBGV
79 Some credit went to the speculation tax in lowering prices #LesTwarog 2019/09/13 REP
80 Sales as the ability to gracefully persuade, not manipulate a person or person 2019/09/12 REM
81 Home transactions are higher than a year ago but still down compared with pre- 2019/09/12 Western Investor
82 August home sales up 4.9% from last year #LesTwarog 2019/09/12 BCREA
83 Pricing trends vary across communities and types of property #LesTwarog 2019/09/12 REP
84 Ensure strata lots have adequate insurance #LesTwarog 2019/09/12 The Province
85 Cyrus Hill townhomes will have plenty of room on offer #LesTwarog 2019/09/12 The Province
86 Canadian municipalities registered and increase in building permits #LesTwarog 2019/09/11 REP
87 Canadian REITs weighted to housing have posted an average 18.6 per cent return 2019/09/09 Western Investor
88 At 100 Lombardy in Parksville, scaling down can be a step up for retirees #LesTwarog 2019/09/07 The Vancouver Sun
89 BC Homes Sales Set to Normalize in 2020 #LesTwarog 2019/09/05 BCREA
90 Metro Vancouver home sales up this summer 2019/09/05 REP
91 TREB releases latest home sales data #LesTwarog 2019/09/05 Mortgage Broker News
92 Delinquent repairs could lead to high insurance deductibles #LesTwarog 2019/09/05 The Province
93 Winston Terraces homes feature huge roof decks that will make for stylish outd 2019/09/05 The Province
94 Housing rental hike pegged at maximum of 2.6% for 2020 in the province #LesTwarog 2019/09/05 The Province
95 Sales were up in all types of housing in August, according to the Real Estate 2019/09/05 The Province
96 The first-time home buyer incentive falls short for Vancouver buyers #LesTwarog 2019/09/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
97 Pre-sale units fewer this year due to late or cancelled developments #LesTwarog 2019/09/03 Mortgage Broker News
98 The government's First-Time Home Buyer Incentive (FTHBI) comes into effect tod 2019/09/02 other
99 Pilothouse designed with downsizers in mind #LesTwarog 2019/08/31 The Vancouver Sun
100 Smith Manoeuvre an exclusive network for consumers #LesTwarog 2019/08/30 Mortgage Broker News
101 Disproportionate population distribution is causing economic and fiscal crises 2019/08/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
102 2019's fall home buying trends are looking pretty surprising.#LesTwarog 2019/08/29 REW
103 Vancouver condo prices dropped #LesTwarog 2019/08/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
104 Collective purchasing a perk to strata living #LesTwarog 2019/08/29 The Province
105 Vancouver rental price going through the roof #LesTwarog 2019/08/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
106 Vendor take-back mortgages were fairly popular in Canada 25 to 30 years ago #L 2019/08/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
107 A Royal LePage report reveals Montreal and Ottawa most attractive real estate 2019/08/28 Mortgage Broker News
108 The Federal government’s incentive scheme for first-time homebuyers #LesTwarog 2019/08/28 REP
109 B.C. Supreme Court petition claims “gross procedural unfairness” to develo 2019/08/28 Western Investor
110 Strata deals account for more than half of transactions in ultra-tight industr 2019/08/28 Western Investor
111 Canadian Housing Markets That Will Most Benefit From the First-Time home Buyer 2019/08/27 other
112 E-signature service available on DocMagic #LesTwarog 2019/08/27 other
113 Emerging trail-blazing brokerage Search Realty, an industry technology pioneer 2019/08/26 REM
114 River District project MODE has every amenity for work and play #LesTwarog 2019/08/24 The Vancouver Sun
115 New phase at The Commonage expands Predator Ridge #LesTwarog 2019/08/24 The Vancouver Sun
116 Home prices are set to be flat for the rest of this year #Lestwarog 2019/08/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
117 One MLS system to serve 22 boards #LesTwarog 2019/08/23 REM
118 Costs pushing some owners to sell off luxury dwellings in downtown Vancouver # 2019/08/23 The Province
119 When it comes to mortgages, a few percentage points can make a big difference 2019/08/22 REW
120 Fewer mortgages applied for in Q2 #Lestwarog 2019/08/22 REP
121 Chaos, unrest making return more enticing #LesTwarog 2019/08/22 The Vancouver Sun
122 Plan ahead to avoid special levies #LesTwarog 2019/08/22 The Province