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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

Other Upcoming Events in Our Presentation Centre

1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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1 Bank of Canada announces rate #LesTwarog 2017/12/06 REP
2 Better public transit options, high cost of building such facilities are behin 2017/12/06 The Vancouver Sun
3 Condos a bright spot in recovering Toronto, Vancouver markets #LesTwarog 2017/12/06 The Vancouver Sun
4 Proponents say proposal would bring more fairness to Vancouver’s real estate 2017/12/06 The Vancouver Sun
5 Vancouver sales up 26.2% last month #LesTwarog 2017/12/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
6 Slight drop in average sale price compared with last year due to fewer detache 2017/12/05 other
7 Amacon’s Juneau to take its place in amenity-rich Brentwood neighbourhood #L 2017/12/02 The Vancouver Sun
8 Agent and broker advice will be crucial in 2018 2017/12/01 REP
9 B.C. home sales volume to decline in 2018 #LesTwarog 2017/12/01 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
10 Insured mortgage loans decline under the new rules #LesTwarog 2017/11/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
11 Some newly completed condos are selling for less than the pre-sale price paid 2017/11/30 Vancouver Courier
12 City council approves 10-year housing strategy after lengthy debate #LesTwarog 2017/11/30 The Vancouver Sun
13 Consider easements’ implications #LesTwarog 2017/11/30 The Province
14 Elenore on Fifth a standout in Mount Pleasant #LesTwarog 2017/11/30 The Province
15 Bank of Canada has released its assessment of the financial system #LesTwarog 2017/11/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
16 Government meddling in real estate will not fix it #LesTwarog 2017/11/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
17 CMHC rental market report shows low vacancy rates #LesTwarog 2017/11/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
18 New initiative to boost purpose built rental development #LesTwarog 2017/11/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
19 Tougher mortgage environment creating “headwinds” that could further reduc 2017/11/29 REW
20 Western Investor editor Frank O'Brien suggests some radical ideas to deliver a 2017/11/28 Western Investor
21 10-day cooling off period is crucial #LesTwarog 2017/11/27 REP
22 Space, pricing among the draws of Clayton Walk townhouses #LesTwarog 2017/11/25 The Vancouver Sun
23 Sears gone, Hudson’s Bay selling flagship stores as major retailers blindsid 2017/11/24 Western Investor
24 Online home shopping becoming trendy #LesTwarog 2017/11/24 REP
25 Wide-ranging strategy includes setting home production goals based on local in 2017/11/24 The Province
26 Low vacancies, rising prices pressuring Vancouver industrial market #LesTwarog 2017/11/23 REP
27 Subdividing common property can affect value of each lot #LesTwarog 2017/11/23 The Province
28 Viridian showcases both style and substance #LesTwarog 2017/11/23 The Province
29 Office sale prices approaching condo costs #LesTwarog 2017/11/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
30 Liberals unveil affordable housing strategy #LesTwarog 2017/11/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
31 How to Sell a Home When You Have Pets #LesTwarog 2017/11/22 REW
32 Embattled Home Capital looking a commercial mortgages #LesTwarog 2017/11/20 Mortgage Broker News
33 $36.2 million North Vancouver estate sets new record #LesTwarog 2017/11/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
34 Foreign investors exploiting loopholes in the foreign buyer tax #LesTwarog 2017/11/20 REP
35 Marriott Canada floats idea of opening a Ritz-Carlton and a W hotel in to maxi 2017/11/20 Western Investor
36 Customizable luxury at South Surrey's Pacific Heights #LesTwarog 2017/11/18 The Vancouver Sun
37 Dual agency no long practised in BC #LesTwarog 2017/11/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
38 Airbnb, Expedia opt to stay in Vancouver under restrictive rules #LesTwarog 2017/11/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
39 Short-term rentals of principal residences will be allowed provided owners hav 2017/11/16 Western Investor
40 Sublime Luxury Homes at Heather and Seventeenth #LesTwarog 2017/11/16 REW
41 How to Avoid the New Mortgage “Stress Test” #LesTwarog 2017/11/16 REW
42 Check depreciation reports every year #LesTwarog 2017/11/16 The Province
43 Second + Main reflects the comforts of home #LesTwarog 2017/11/16 The Province
44 B.C. real estate regulator bans dual agency #LesTwarog 2017/11/16 The Province
45 OSRE Rules Announcement #LesTwarog 2017/11/15 other
46 Empty home tax info mailed to Vancouver homeowners #LesTwarog 2017/11/15 REP
47 Vancouver Named Sixth-Best Global City for Families #LesTwarog 2017/11/15 REW
48 Foreign nationals were involved in 3.4 per cent of all Vancouver transactions 2017/11/15 Vancouver Courier
49 BC Home Sales Rise Despite Low Level of Supply #LesTwarog 2017/11/14 BCREA
50 Vancouver market could moderate by Q3 2018 #LesTwarog 2017/11/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
51 Grosvenor Americas’ The Pacific to take a prime position in downtown Vancouv 2017/11/11 The Vancouver Sun
52 Toronto’s Large Condo Shortage, Vancouver’s Empty Homes Tax, and Ontario C 2017/11/10 other
53 In a city of NIMBYs and BANANAs, creativity is needed to find “missing middl 2017/11/09 REW
54 Rules and bylaws require different approaches #LesTwarog 2017/11/09 The Province
55 Evolv35 homes come with an extra: the 'lock-off suite' #LesTwarog 2017/11/09 The Province
56 OSFI's rule changes will hurt small towns #LesTwarog 2017/11/08 Mortgage Broker News
57 RBC highlights divergence of Toronto, Vancouver markets 2017/11/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
58 Second highest October sales in the Fraser Valley #LesTwarog 2017/11/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
59 Where are BC’s Best Bets for Real Estate Investment? #LesTwarog 2017/11/06 REW
60 Epic Homes to release second phase of Bertrand Creek #LesTwarog 2017/11/04 The Vancouver Sun
61 Design and positioning of Elenore on Fifth to maximize the spectacular outlook 2017/11/04 The Vancouver Sun
62 Foreign nationals continue to flock to Vancouver's homes #LesTwarog 2017/11/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
63 Foreign buyers find loophole in Vancouver real estate #LesTwarog 2017/11/03 REP
64 Will TREB take issue with Zillow? #LesTwarog 2017/11/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
65 Vancouver sales surge but inventory is mixed #LesTwarog 2017/11/03 REP
66 Infographic: Greater Vancouver Real Estate, October 2017 #LesTwarog 2017/11/02 REW
67 Toronto home sales see above average 12% monthly jump in October #LesTwarog 2017/11/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
68 When it comes to decorations, make sure to include everyone #LesTwarog 2017/11/02 The Province
69 Imperial a South Surrey family affair #LesTwarog 2017/11/02 The Province
70 Canadian housing sector exhibiting overvaluation and price acceleration #LesTwarog 2017/11/01 REP
71 Foreign buyers doubled share of Vancouver home deals #LesTwarog 2017/11/01 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
72 Benchmark prices remain robust as market cooldown slows, “illustrating stabi 2017/11/01 REW
73 Crane lifts two-year-old pin oak to roof terrace of Eugenia Place, restoring a 2017/11/01 Vancouver Courier
74 Living Urban and Rural at Park Hill #LesTwarog 2017/10/31 REW
75 Will OSFI regulations really strip consumers of choice? #LesTwarog 2017/10/31 Mortgage Broker News
76 HBC to close $200m mortgage, consider sale of Vancouver flagship #LesTwarog 2017/10/31 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
77 Chinese real estate investment slowdown likely short-lived #LesTwarog 2017/10/30 The Province
78 City of Vancouver reveals preliminary design plans for Arbutus Corridor Street 2017/10/30 other
79 Report highlights next year's real estate trends #LesTwarog 2017/10/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
80 CMHC releases market outlook #LesTwarog 2017/10/30 REP
81 New home sales halved in the GTA last month 2017/10/30 REP
82 Quality on offer at Viridian — Portrait Homes’ 57-unit townhome developmen 2017/10/28 The Vancouver Sun
83 CMHC says Canadian housing market still highly vulnerable #LesTwarog 2017/10/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
84 Prime Minister-elect imposes blanket ban for non-resident buyers – but will 2017/10/26 REW
85 $17.8m “Opportunity to Renovate” Listed in First Shaughnessy #LesTwarog 2017/10/26 REW
86 Vancouver downtown office vacancies at 4-year low #LesTwarog 2017/10/26 REP
87 CRA analyzing nearly 3,000 condo flipping cases in Toronto #LesTwarog 2017/10/26 Mortgage Broker News
88 Interest rates held, economists react to dovish BoC #LesTwarog 2017/10/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
89 Last week's OSFI Mortgage Rule Announcement has an impact, but not enormously 2017/10/26 other
90 RE/MAX Commercial Investors Report 2017 #LesTwarog 2017/10/26 other
91 OSFI is reinforcing a strong and prudent regulatory regime for residential mor 2017/10/26 other
92 BoC keeps key rate on hold amid fears over strained NAFTA talks, rising debt # 2017/10/26 The Vancouver Sun
93 Manager, council at odds over contracts #LesTwarog 2017/10/26 The Province
94 North Vancouver’s Green on Queensbury to take its place overlooking five acr 2017/10/26 The Province
95 Bank of Canada holds rate, suggests more hikes likely at more cautious pace #L 2017/10/25 REP
96 Home ownership rates take historic dip as more Canadians opt to rent #LesTwarog 2017/10/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
97 Multi-family sales dip amidst government intervention #LesTwarog 2017/10/24 Western Investor
98 Greater Vancouver commercial real estate is lacking inventory #LesTwarog 2017/10/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
99 Home inspections save money #LesTwarog 2017/10/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
100 Why longer amortization may start trending #LesTwarog 2017/10/23 REP
101 Development situated close to amenities and transit, yet tucked away in a fore 2017/10/21 The Vancouver Sun
102 Evolv35 townhomes incorporate a feature that’s anything but ordinary: the 2017/10/21 The Vancouver Sun
103 Canada housing agency concerned by unregulated lenders' growth #LesTwarog 2017/10/21 The Vancouver Sun
104 Why researching your rent-to-own company is important #LesTwarog 2017/10/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
105 Stress test to hit 'move-up' home buyers the hardest #LesTwarog 2017/10/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
106 Homebuyers beware #LesTwarog 2017/10/20 REP
107 OSFI rule change will protect against tail risk of correction #LesTwarog 2017/10/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
108 Vancouver's made it easier to get a housing permit #LesTwarog 2017/10/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
109 How resilient is Canadian housing to a U.S.-style crash? Plunging oil prices? 2017/10/19 The Vancouver Sun
110 Southside reflects both polish and practicality #LesTwarog 2017/10/19 The Province
111 OSFI says stress test, other lending rule changes will start Jan 1 #LesTwarog 2017/10/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
112 Stringent NEW Canadian Mortgage Rules take affect January 1st, 2018 #LesTwarog 2017/10/18 other
113 China-backed Fine Peace Canada plans to upgrade the 152-acre course with water 2017/10/17 Western Investor
114 OSFI releases final B20 guidelines #LesTwarog 2017/10/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
115 5 liveability factors Chinese look at when buying homes abroad #LesTwarog 2017/10/16 other
116 Condo affordability has plunged in key Vancouver suburbs #LesTwarog 2017/10/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
117 Vancouver condo market in demand #LesTwarog 2017/10/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
118 OSFI's proposed mortgage measure unnecessary, harmful—Fraser Institute #LesTwarog 2017/10/16 REP
119 Using video to close deals #LesTwarog 2017/10/16 REP
120 Imperial townhomes have plenty of space, with three levels and up to five bedr 2017/10/14 The Vancouver Sun
121 Construction of 85-storey residential/commercial tower begins in Toronto #LesTwarog 2017/10/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
122 It's been six years since house prices last did this #LesTwarog 2017/10/13 REP
123 Price of Metro Vancouver condos surge, detached homes drop #LesTwarog 2017/10/13 The Province
124 BC Home Sales Ratchet Higher in September #LesTwarog 2017/10/12 BCREA
125 Apartment Source - Colliers October 2017 #LesTwarog 2017/10/12 other
126 Home Sales, Prices across BC Rise Again in September #LesTwarog 2017/10/12 REW
127 No tenant, no problem as local office space market heats up #LesTwarog 2017/10/12 The Vancouver Sun
128 Plumber may prevent leaks #LesTwarog 2017/10/12 The Province
129 Currents at Water's Edge takes a serene riverfront location #LesTwarog 2017/10/12 The Province
130 ‘Mixed emotions’ over highrise plan #LesTwarog 2017/10/12 The Province