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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

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1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Council defied strata act with cameras #LesTwarog 2019/07/18 The Province
2 Council defied strata act with cameras #LesTwarog 2019/07/18 The Province
3 Orchard Park takes a site next to green space, but close to shops and services 2019/07/18 The Province
4 Presale condo-project sales rate hits new low #LesTwarog 2019/07/18 The Province
5 BC home sales down 11% in June 2019/07/16 Mortgage Broker News
6 Little change in June home sales #LesTwarog 2019/07/16 Mortgage Broker News
7 Torontonians moving to rural areas for housing #LesTwarog 2019/07/16 REM
8 Lone Wolf Technologies and Real Estate Webmasters (REW) recently partnered #LesTwarog 2019/07/15 REM
9 Updates to speculation and vacancy tax information are posted here #LesTwarog 2019/07/13 other
10 Stylish Southgate takes a convenient and walkable Kelowna location #LesTwarog 2019/07/13 The Vancouver Sun
11 Metro Vancouver city council nixed rental building #LesTwarog 2019/07/12 Mortgage Broker News
12 BC speculation tax to pay for infrastructure services #LesTwarog 2019/07/12 REP
13 New house prices in Canada slipped 0.1% in May #LesTwarog 2019/07/12 REP
14 The rental market in Canada is accelerating this year #LesTwarog 2019/07/11 other
15 Bank of Canada interest rate unchanged #LesTwarog 2019/07/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
16 Unanimity, or three-quarter vote? #LesTwarog 2019/07/11 The Province
17 Aalto Townhomes takes a convenient location near rapid transit and urban ameni 2019/07/11 The Province
18 The Bank of Canada ushered in another season of stability for interest rates # 2019/07/10 other
19 Exclusive listings preferred to ensure data privacy #LesTwarog 2019/07/10 REP
20 Toronto, Vancouver tied for tightest office markets in NA #LesTwarog 2019/07/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
21 Real estate disruptor pulls out of US after just 2 years 2019/07/10 other
22 Co-working, serviced, and hybrid centres, shows that Toronto has seen the larg 2019/07/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
23 Nearly four out of 10 condos in Toronto are not owner-occupied #LesTwarog 2019/07/09 Mortgage Broker News
24 Businesses lose around $3 billion to fraud annually #LesTwarog 2019/07/09 Mortgage Broker News
25 Home sales across Canada plummeted to start 2018 #LesTwarog 2019/07/09 BCREA
26 Find out what makes pre-sale condos so irresistible #LesTwarog 2019/07/08 REW
27 Studio condo sales decreased 27% in june #LesTwarog 2019/07/08 Livabl
28 FTHBI available September 2019 #LesTwarog 2019/07/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
29 The News takes an iconic Abbotsford location #LesTwarog 2019/07/06 The Vancouver Sun
30 Vancouver was established on a grid pattern to serve separate and distinct nei 2019/07/06 The Vancouver Sun
31 Responds David Hutniak, CEO of Landlord B.C.: “This is a down-zoning. Some o 2019/07/06 The Vancouver Sun
32 BMO Senior Economist compares trends in the two markets, primarily focusing on 2019/07/05 Livabl
33 Q2 apartment rental listings up #LesTwarog 2019/07/05 REP
34 Mansion owner claims he missed $128K empty homes tax bill because he was out o 2019/07/05 CBC Radio
35 Vancouver's housing market has been on 'on a bender,' professor says, 'and aft 2019/07/05 The Vancouver Sun
36 Future technology should always incorporate the personal element #LesTwarog 2019/07/05 Mortgage Broker News
37 Owner of $12.5-million Shaughnessy home goes to court to fight $128,000 vacanc 2019/07/05 The Vancouver Sun
38 Fraser Valley home sales lowest since 2000 #LesTwarog 2019/07/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
39 June sales lower the May in Greater Victoria #LesTwarog 2019/07/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
40 FIBREE slow to be embraced for real estate #LesTwarog 2019/07/05 REP
41 Seven steps to up your marketing #LesTwarog 2019/07/04 REW
42 TREB noted sales were out pacing listings again 2019/07/04 other
43 Supply in Vancouver’s housing market is piling up #LesTwarog 2019/07/04 Livabl
44 Home sales still weak for June in Metro Vancouver #LesTwarog 2019/07/04 Mortgage Broker News
45 No one answer to water damage issues 2019/07/04 The Province
46 Developer unveils 15-hectare master mix of single-family homes, townhomes in T 2019/07/04 The Province
47 Average price for Greater Vancouver homes drops #LesTwarog 2019/07/04 The Province
48 REBGV July 2019 Stats Report #LesTwarog 2019/07/04 REBGV
49 Owners to build mansion after rental townhome plan rejected #LesTwarog 2019/07/03 The Vancouver Sun
50 Mortgage stress test has reduced homeownership in Vancouver #LesTwarog 2019/07/03 REP
51 Young Vancouverites 'Straddling the Gap' #LesTwarog 2019/07/03 Mortgage Broker News
52 U-Haul reports more people moved to Toronto in 2018 #LesTwarog 2019/07/02 REP
53 Debt-to-asset ratio of an average household has grown by 4.41% #LesTwarog 2019/07/02 Mortgage Broker News
54 One in thirteen families can buy a home #LesTwarog 2019/07/02 Mortgage Broker News
55 Orchard Park takes a location that's quiet, but connected #LesTwarog 2019/07/02 The Vancouver Sun
56 Luxury condo market may be losing some of its lustre #LesTwarog 2019/07/02 The Province
57 Impressive outlooks on offer at Gibsons' Eagleview Heights #LesTwarog 2019/06/29 The Vancouver Sun
58 The construction industry lost 11,223 jobs in May #LesTwarog 2019/06/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
59 Mortgage Rate Outlook #LesTwarog 2019/06/28 BCREA
60 BC introduced the CleanBC Government Building Program #LesTwarog 2019/06/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
61 BC home sales in 2020 will more than make up for an expected decline this year 2019/06/27 Livabl
62 Limiting proxies violates owner’s rights #LesTwarog 2019/06/27 The Province
63 Aragon’s Amber to be move-in ready in a matter of weeks #LesTwarog 2019/06/27 The Province
64 Saltmine tech firm providing virtual tours of commercial spaces #LesTwarog 2019/06/26 REP
65 300 homes have returned to the market’s long-term rental supply #LesTwarog 2019/06/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
66 Lifestyles (and listings) in the Okanagan #LesTwarog 2019/06/26 REW
67 StatsCan index gained 0.7% in Q1 2019 #LesTwarog 2019/06/25 Mortgage Broker News
68 High tech city looking at 5 hectares on Lake Ontario #LesTwarog 2019/06/25 REP
69 Q1 new condo prices easing #LesTwarog 2019/06/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
70 Selection of buyer’s bait increases as condo developers face crunch time #LesTwarog 2019/06/24 Western Investor
71 A real estate brokerage providing fixed-fee real estate services, coming to Ca 2019/06/24 REM
72 The residential construction sector led the gains for overall Canadian constru 2019/06/24 REP
73 Upheaval in Hong Kong could have people moving to Vancouver #LesTwarog 2019/06/24 Mortgage Broker News
74 Real estate boards sign up for BC property info solution #LesTwarog 2019/06/24 REP
75 Almost half of Vancouver condo units are not occupied by owners #LesTwarog 2019/06/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
76 Development offers 8% returns on down payments #LesTwarog 2019/06/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
77 Yi Ju He claims that her home on Belmont Avenue should be exempt from the city 2019/06/22 The Vancouver Sun
78 There are concerns FTHBI criteria are too restrictive to really help average f 2019/06/21 other
79 Chair of Expert Panel on Money Laundering in Real Estate tells SFU audience th 2019/06/21 Western Investor
80 Montreal and Ottawa home prices up compared to April #LesTwarog 2019/06/20 Livabl
81 Office building managers' approach to homeless people has shifted #LesTwarog 2019/06/20 Western Investor
82 Owners of strata property have options if council fail to approve repairs #LesTwarog 2019/06/20 The Province
83 Map of sales-to-active-listings ratios shows where the housing hot spots have 2019/06/19 Western Investor
84 Commercial real estate sales drop in Lower Mainland #LesTwarog 2019/06/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
85 BCREA forcasts a 14% jump in 2020 #LesTwarog 2019/06/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
86 May sales of 8,221 units was an increase from April 2019/06/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
87 New federal program to help middle class families purchase a home #LesTwarog 2019/06/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
88 Canadians in Hong Kong might flee for security reasons #LesTwarog 2019/06/18 Mortgage Broker News
89 BCREA 2019 Second Quarter Housing Forecast 2019/06/18 BCREA
90 Farm families caught in housing limbo by tighter Agricultural Land Reserve rul 2019/06/17 The Vancouver Sun
91 Millennials don’t want parking anymore #LesTwarog 2019/06/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
92 CREA Reverses Glum Forecast as Sales Improve #LesTwarog 2019/06/17 other
93 Investors in Vancouver offices see greatest growth #LesTwarog 2019/06/17 REP
94 CREA reported a 1.9% increase in home sales #LesTwarog 2019/06/17 REP
95 The government’s First-Time Home Buyer Incentive will launch on September 2 2019/06/16 other
96 Office sales are the positive outlier in a quarter of declining sales volume a 2019/06/14 Vancouver Courier
97 BC home sales increased 9 per cent in May compared to April #LesTwarog 2019/06/14 BCREA
98 Ministers discussed the importance of prosecuting money launderers #LesTwarog 2019/06/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
99 Estimate Your Additional School Tax #LesTwarog 2019/06/13 other
100 Chinese cartel drug boss used law firm to launder money #LesTwarog 2019/06/13 Mortgage Broker News
101 Generation Squeeze says that in many cities there would have to be a major dro 2019/06/13 REP
102 Council has a duty to keep all building systems secure #LesTwarog 2019/06/13 The Province
103 Website features the sold prices of homes and condos, property history #LesTwarog 2019/06/12 REM
104 Surrey, Burnaby properties will combine veteran facilities with market housing 2019/06/12 Western Investor
105 Canadian municipalities issued a record high of building permits in April #LesTwarog 2019/06/11 REP
106 Tax write-offs by investing in real estate is illegal #LesTwarog 2019/06/11 REP
107 Fraudulent schemes lure investors with false promise of huge tax write-offs 2019/06/11 Western Investor
108 A poll showed that 57% of first time buyers concerned about the down payment # 2019/06/10 REP
109 Peerage Realty partners acquire Sotheby’s international Realty Canada #LesTwarog 2019/06/10 REP
110 CMHC says housing starts slowed in May #LesTwarog 2019/06/10 REP
111 A market report from real estate boards recovery underway #LesTwarog 2019/06/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
112 Commercial asset investment in Vancouver is weak #LesTwarog 2019/06/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
113 Vancouver's luxury market: 'There's something wrong with this picture' #LesTwarog 2019/06/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
114 Recreation property bought by millennials used as main home 2019/06/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
115 Developers launched more condo projects in May #LesTwarog 2019/06/07 Livabl
116 Toronto home sales last month shot up and supply remained static #LesTwarog 2019/06/06 Mortgage Broker News
117 Starting a brokerage has a unique set of challenges #LesTwarog 2019/06/06 Mortgage Broker News
118 FVREB reported a 10% increase in May Sales #LesTwarog 2019/06/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
119 New Burnaby and Coquitlam projects were unable to pre-sell 50 per cent of thei 2019/06/06 The Province
120 Strata act spells out rules regarding interest #LesTwarog 2019/06/06 The Province
121 Toppen Ridge to make its home in North Vancouver’s Moodyville #LesTwarog 2019/06/06 The Province
122 The Commercial Leading Indicator rose 1.3 points in Q1 2019 #LesTwarog 2019/06/05 BCREA
123 GTA May Home Sales Up by Nearly 20%, Though Still Below Average: TREB #LesTwarog 2019/06/05 other
124 Novel sales pitch hits Vancouver #LesTwarog 2019/06/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
125 Burnaby highrise will be the region's tallest vertical village #LesTwarog 2019/06/05 The Vancouver Sun
126 Government decisions helped push Parq casino into "selective default" on a $56 2019/06/04 Vancouver Courier
127 Governments are doing enough to improve the province’s housing situation #LesTwarog 2019/06/04 Mortgage Broker News
128 The forecast is starting to look brighter for BC’s housing market in the com 2019/06/03 Livabl
129 Low vacancy in the office market is making growth difficult #LesTwarog 2019/06/03 REP
130 Altus Group reveal 3,853 new homes sold in April #LesTwarog 2019/06/03 REP
131 CMHC market analysis showed senior rentals in flux #LesTwarog 2019/06/02 Mortgage Broker News
132 Suspended mortgage broker deals in mortgages for 9 years unlicensed #LesTwarog 2019/06/02 Mortgage Broker News
133 Existing policies and market conditions in BC prevent many buyers and sellers 2019/06/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
134 Existing policies and market conditions in BC prevent many buyers and sellers 2019/06/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
135 The city's "stunning" growth has a downside #LesTwarog 2019/06/01 other
136 Willow + Oak a draw for first-time buyers #LesTwarog 2019/06/01 The Vancouver Sun
137 Sales for 2016 compared to 2019 down 75% #LesTwarog 2019/05/31 other
138 Vancouver housing is now so expensive that only households with incomes in the 2019/05/30 Livabl
139 Burnaby’s new rental policies have been met with mixed reviews #LesTwarog 2019/05/30 Western Investor
140 Renting your principle residence is subject to capital gains tax #LesTwarog 2019/05/30 REW
141 The most useful apps and tools out there for prospective home buyers #LesTwarog 2019/05/30 REW
142 We’re told rental is the future #LesTwarog 2019/05/30 The Vancouver Sun
143 B-20 responsible for low-rise construction down-turn #LesTwarog 2019/05/30 REP
144 The Canada Revenue Agency has identified over a $1 billion in unpaid gross tax 2019/05/30 Mortgage Broker News
145 Political signs must be allowed #LesTwarog 2019/05/30 Times Colonist
146 Kira condos boast clean, modern interiors and proximity to public transit #LesTwarog 2019/05/30 The Province
147 Alternative and prime single-family mortgages grew 15% and 48% #LesTwarog 2019/05/29 Mortgage Broker News
148 Analysis found home sales down 40% since the beginning of 2019 #LesTwarog 2019/05/29 Mortgage Broker News
149 Q1 of 2019 saw an 8% decline in new home construction #LesTwarog 2019/05/29 Mortgage Broker News
150 Economist says stability will return to Metro detached market #LesTwarog 2019/05/29 The Province
151 Website gives details of last sold price of houses and condos #LesTwarog 2019/05/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
152 Urban enclaves near transit a good investment #LesTwarog 2019/05/29 REP
153 Median residential resale price won’t see uptick until 2021 at the earliest, 2019/05/28 Western Investor
154 Canadian home sales in 2018 dropped by 21% #LesTwarog 2019/05/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
155 Investors seeking mix-use developments #LesTwarog 2019/05/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
156 With Seaside, Mosaic steps into South Delta #LesTwarog 2019/05/25 The Vancouver Sun
157 Several glitzy high-end towers are proposed for downtown, many by prominent in 2019/05/25 The Vancouver Sun
158 We’ll see your avocado toast and raise you a glass of wine #LesTwarog 2019/05/24 Western Investor
159 Whether it is free wine or avocado toast, creative offers are signs of the tim 2019/05/24 The Vancouver Sun
160 Highrise condo projects, which carry significant risk for developers and const 2019/05/24 The Vancouver Sun
161 If you’re a first-time home buyer, there are more programs available for you 2019/05/24 other
162 Real estate agent for both parties withheld information from owner about rezon 2019/05/23 Western Investor
163 Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan: home Prices Two Years Later #LesTwarog 2019/05/23 other
164 Only developers know who is purchasing preconstruction units #LesTwarog 2019/05/23 Mortgage Broker News
165 Restrictive policies led to loss in property values #LesTwarog 2019/05/23 Mortgage Broker News
166 Condo Smarts: Variations apply to bylaw rentals #LesTwarog 2019/05/23 The Province
167 Polygon’s Cedar Walk at Lelem launches a new 22-acre community #LesTwarog 2019/05/23 The Province
168 Forecast calls for higher home prices #LesTwarog 2019/05/22 other
169 New home sales fell seven per cent last year, on top of a 31 per cent decline 2019/05/22 Western Investor
170 BMO says Canadian housing activity stabilizing #LesTwarog 2019/05/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
171 Report reveals average amount lost per household in individual municipalities, 2019/05/21 Western Investor
172 Rental stress hits landlords and tenants #LesTwarog 2019/05/21 Western Investor