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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

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1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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1 Buyers and Sellers expectation for 2020 #LesTwarog 2020/12/30 other
2 Vancouver council approves controversial Kitsilano five-storey rental project 2020/12/18 Vancouver Courier
3 It’s going to become a bit easier to qualify for a mortgage #LesTwarog 2020/02/20 other
4 Federal government changes the stress test #LesTwarog 2020/02/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
5 The lines of taxation get blurry when strata corporations run a commercial ent 2020/02/20 The Province
6 The 51 single-family home development in Squamish is situated on 22 acres, wit 2020/02/20 The Province
7 BC’s wealthiest to get a tax hike #LesTwarog 2020/02/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
8 Ontario and Atlantic provinces get help in the housing market #LesTwarog 2020/02/19 REP
9 The Real Estate Investment Network downgrades effect of coronavirus on real es 2020/02/18 REM
10 Developer buys land in Burnaby to be part of area’s transformation, VP says 2020/02/18 The Province
11 The condominium market in British Columbia is facing an insurance crisis #LesTwarog 2020/02/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
12 Vancouver regained the highest cost of living 2020/02/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
13 Home sales in BC showing a strong increase #LesTwarog 2020/02/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
14 Strata property owners – and those who rent from them – are looking at unp 2020/02/14 Vancouver Courier
15 Cloud brokerage eXp Realty has announced the launch of its operations in Nova 2020/02/14 Mortgage Broker News
16 Stratas reporting they are unable to renew coverage or face unexpected large p 2020/02/14 The Province
17 Asian and European auto plants run short of parts #LesTwarog 2020/02/13 other
18 Housing market “off to a strong start in 2020” as many regions recover fro 2020/02/13 Western Investor
19 BCREA reports a 23% increase in Residential Sales in January 2020/02/13 BCREA
20 95-storey tower in Toronto tallest residential building 2020/02/13 Mortgage Broker News
21 Buyers can get information about corporation, future maintenance and the insur 2020/02/13 The Province
22 Wesgroup's Paradigm project in Vancouver’s River District targets millennial 2020/02/13 The Province
23 Market is at a “critical juncture” with demand from global technology firms 2020/02/12 Western Investor
24 Low inventory major factor in buyers not buying #LesTwarog 2020/02/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
25 B.C. stratas on edge over looming hikes 2020/02/11 The Province
26 A new report shows Canada’s most walkable cities #LesTwarog 2020/02/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
27 Canada takes top spot for most liveable cities #LesTwarog 2020/02/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
28 More empty homes returned to the rental market in Vancouver #LesTwarog 2020/02/11 Mortgage Broker News
29 New renters system means faster deposit returns #LesTwarog 2020/02/10 REP
30 Canada’s labour force grew for second month in a row #LesTwarog 2020/02/10 REP
31 RBC Economics says market is showing signs of overheating #LesTwarog 2020/02/10 REP
32 Brokers working for landlords can’t charge fees #LesTwarog 2020/02/07 Mortgage Broker News
33 Millennials living with baby boomers to afford homes #LesTwarog 2020/02/07 REM
34 New generation of modular steel homes will be on display at B.C. Home and Gard 2020/02/07 Western Investor
35 B.C. stratas on edge over looming hikes #LesTwarog 2020/02/06 other
36 Rezoning proposal envisions four-storey building along Granville Street and We 2020/02/06 Vancouver Courier
37 Home sales in the Fraser Valley housing market were 7% above the 10-year avera 2020/02/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
38 Vancouver residential market lacking inventory #LesTwarog 2020/02/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
39 Strata corporation should consider the options for renewing your insurance #LesTwarog 2020/02/06 The Province
40 Frustrated developers call for fast-track permits, end of rezonings, and rolli 2020/02/05 Western Investor
41 Three phases to Plaza of Nations redevelopment #LesTwarog 2020/02/05 Western Investor
42 The Real Estate Council of Ontario says Purplebricks staff wrote reviews #LesTwarog 2020/02/05 REM
43 British Columbian homeowners can go online to defer property tax #LesTwarog 2020/02/05 REP
44 Home sales activity in the Metro Vancouver housing market continue to improve 2020/02/05 REP
45 Home sales in January 2020 were 42.4 per cent higher than one year previously, 2020/02/04 Western Investor
46 Federal program so far used by only 29 home buyers in Metro Vancouver #Lestwarog 2020/02/04 Western Investor
47 Two-acre land parcel in prime development location fetches $400K under its $3. 2020/02/03 Western Investor
48 BC Homes Sales Carry Momentum into 2020 #LesTwarog 2020/02/03 BCREA
49 The deadline for homeowners in Vancouver to file their Empty Homes Tax declara 2020/02/03 Mortgage Broker News
50 Single room occupancy hotel buildings have long been "cash-cow" investments #L 2020/01/31 The Vancouver Sun
51 Investors should look at top retirement towns in B.C. #LesTwarog 2020/01/31 Western Investor
52 Moderate income earners in Vancouver will have access to below-market rental h 2020/01/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
53 The fourth quarter of 2019 saw a 0.6% increase #LesTwarog 2020/01/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
54 On January 1 City of Vancouver increased taxes by 7% #LesTwarog 2020/01/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
55 There is more than one benefit to the owners when you issue a special levy for 2020/01/30 The Province
56 Chinese nationals are a considerable proportion of Vancouver real estate buyer 2020/01/29 Livabl
57 Significant purchases by major developers suggest recent land sale slowdown ma 2020/01/29 Western Investor
58 BluRoot is rolling out an integration with Floify #LesTwarog 2020/01/29 Mortgage Broker News
59 A new tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for real estate brokerages 2020/01/29 Mortgage Broker News
60 The Mayor of Vancouver says he is committed to protecting and expanding co-ops 2020/01/29 Mortgage Broker News
61 It will be shopify’s first permanent office in the city #LesTwarog 2020/01/29 Mortgage Broker News
62 December 2019 was the seventh straight month of price growth in the red-hot ma 2020/01/28 Mortgage Broker News
63 A significant driver of reverse mortgages appears to be weaker-than-expected p 2020/01/28 Mortgage Broker News
64 Data usability challenges continue to hinder productivity 2020/01/28 Mortgage Broker News
65 Florida’s housing market is constrained by tight inventory #LesTwarog 2020/01/28 REP
66 Farmers may be allowed additional options for residences #LesTwarog 2020/01/28 REP
67 A real estate marketplace for agents #LesTwarog 2020/01/28 REP
68 Toronto Regional Real Estate Board replaces TREB #LesTwarog 2020/01/28 REP
69 Vancouver's housing market maintained its position as the second most expensiv 2020/01/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
70 Moderate growth for the provincial housing market in 2020 #LesTwarog 2020/01/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
71 We've Done This Before #LesTwarog 2020/01/28 other
72 Despite accelerating sales and ever-tighter supply, the value of Vancouver’s 2020/01/27 Mortgage Broker News
73 The City's Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) Policy has being updated #LesTwarog 2020/01/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
74 Financial companies are quickly amassing vast volumes of data, but executives 2020/01/27 Mortgage Broker News
75 Rising number of international companies are opening offices in B.C.’s capit 2020/01/24 Western Investor
76 Region can embrace global status or become a “museum city,” says industry 2020/01/24 Western Investor
77 This Canadian city is the world's most affordable housing market #LesTwarog 2020/01/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
78 Number of Years It Takes To Save $35,000 in RRSPs, By Income Group #LesTwarog 2020/01/23 other
79 Beware of bylaws that limit or restrict insurance claims #LesTwarog 2020/01/23 The Province
80 BC Government creating a central registry to guard against money laundering #L 2020/01/22 Mortgage Broker News
81 Multi-family property owners have seen value of assets eroded, finds Goodman C 2020/01/22 Western Investor
82 There are many financial incentives available to homeowners not available to r 2020/01/22 REW
83 The real estate industry is undergoing a digital transformation #LesTwarog 2020/01/21 other
84 The housing market of Greater Vancouver is projected to witness a modest growt 2020/01/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
85 Unchecked corporate trusts still a risk, says anti-money-laundering coalition 2020/01/21 Western Investor
86 New report by Morguard Corp. paints a positive picture for multi-suite residen 2020/01/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
87 National rental vacancy rate at 2.2% #LesTwarog 2020/01/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
88 Greater Vancouver housing market shows modest growth #LesTwarog 2020/01/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
89 Avison Young predicted flexible offices will remain #LesTwarog 2020/01/20 Mortgage Broker News
90 Sold (Bought): Coal Harbour home takes in stunning outlooks 2020/01/18 The Vancouver Sun
91 Location, value drive interest in Briza #LesTwarog 2020/01/18 The Vancouver Sun
92 Sometimes innovative funding strategies are needed to fund a transaction #LesTwarog 2020/01/16 Western Investor
93 New data from CREA shows a 0.9% drop in sales nationally #LesTwarog 2020/01/16 Mortgage Broker News
94 The national vacancy rate for rental apartment units declined in 2019 #LesTwarog 2020/01/16 Mortgage Broker News
95 There are several options to repay an annual deficit #LesTwarog 2020/01/16 The Province
96 Parker to rise in Surrey City Centre #LesTwarog 2020/01/16 The Province
97 Waterfront plaza, Canucks rink development moving forward #LesTwarog 2020/01/16 The Province
98 Canada’s high-end housing market dominated by Vancouver and Toronto #LesTwarog 2020/01/15 Mortgage Broker News
99 BC Assessed Values Leave Homeowners, Buyers and Sellers with Question #LesTwarog 2020/01/15 REW
100 When you’re in a new, unfamiliar place, it’s easy to fall for a scam 2020/01/15 other
101 Email has proven susceptible to a wide range of attacks #LesTwarog 2020/01/15 other
102 What scams should you avoid after a disaster like a tornado? #LesTwarog 2020/01/15 other
103 Here are some common scams #LesTwarog 2020/01/15 other
104 Senior Fraud Alerts #LesTwarog 2020/01/15 other
105 Second half of 2019 showed positive signs #LesTwarog 2020/01/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
106 By all accounts, 2019 was a rebound year for the Greater Toronto Area real est 2020/01/14 other
107 RECBC introduces mandatory training to prevent money laundering #LesTwarog 2020/01/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
108 CMHC recorded Metro Vancouver with the highest housing starts #LesTwarog 2020/01/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
109 Residential sales down 1.5 percent from 2018 2020/01/13 BCREA
110 Picasso Collection to be linked to new transit station #LesTwrog 2020/01/11 The Vancouver Sun
111 December housing starts across Canada were down #LesTwarog 2020/01/10 REP
112 Canada’s housing market strengthening 2020/01/10 REP
113 Vacancy rate of 1.1% in Metro Vancouver #LesTwarog 2020/01/10 Mortgage Broker News
114 Condos most in-demand across Canada 2020/01/10 Mortgage Broker News
115 Qualifying for a mortgage one of the barriers to home ownership #LesTwarog 2020/01/10 Mortgage Broker News
116 Combined site takes up a full city block and offers potential for mixed-use de 2020/01/10 Western Investor
117 95 year old Hudson Bay in Winnipeg valued at $0 #LesTwarog 2020/01/09 Western Investor
118 Strata removed secret ballots from bylaws #LesTwarog 2020/01/09 The Province
119 Private rooftop patios key to the appeal of 3535 Princeton Burke Mountain #LesTwarog 2020/01/09 The Province
120 North Vancouver biggest migration destination #LesTwarog 2020/01/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
121 Timing is crucial when selling a home #LesTwarog 2020/01/08 REP
122 The property value threshold is now $1.525M #LesTwarog 2020/01/08 REP
123 A lack of housing supply causing a seller’s market #LesTwarog 2020/01/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
124 Commercial real estate vacancy in Vancouver is second lowest in Canada #LesTwarog 2020/01/07 Western Investor
125 Average house prices in Canada grew by 8.4 per cent 2020/01/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
126 Experts differ on year ahead for B.C. property market, as real estate analyst 2020/01/06 Western Investor
127 Moderate home prices reflective in lower grant threshold #LesTwarog 2020/01/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
128 Vancouver House Luxury for the Elite #LesTwarog 2020/01/04 other
129 Sense of space maximized at The Holland #LesTwarog 2020/01/04 The Vancouver Sun
130 Residents of a condo complex in Langley are reeling over massive insurance hik 2020/01/03 other
131 The dollar figure on your provincial property assessment notice should not be 2020/01/03 REW
132 There were more residential transactions across the region in 2019 than in 201 2020/01/03 Western Investor
133 Housing market about 10-year average in December #LesTwarog 2020/01/03 Livabl
134 Metro Vancouver assessments down: Forces slowly lowering property values for m 2020/01/03 The Province
135 BC’s top 10 luxury homes #LesTwarog 2020/01/02 other
136 Northland Properties Corp. new owner of Grouse Mountain Ski Resort #LesTwarog 2020/01/02 Western Investor
137 NDP establish new taxes on home ownership #LesTwarog 2020/01/02 Western Investor
138 Chip Wilson’s Point Grey Road home fell by almost $10 million in assessed va 2020/01/02 Western Investor
139 Biggest drops in home values are in West Vancouver and UBC, while many parts o 2020/01/02 Western Investor
140 Dallas Stars owner to buy Grouse Mountain Resort #LesTwarog 2020/01/02 other
141 REALTORS® across BC are working to meet new professional development requirem 2020/01/02 BCREA
142 Storytelling is part of the selling process #LesTwarog 2019/12/27 REM