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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

Other Upcoming Events in Our Presentation Centre

1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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1 Why you should choose to care about online security 2018/11/19 other
2 Blockchain is best known as the underlying technology for cryptocurrences #LesTwarog 2018/11/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
3 Canadians concerned about their credit score 2018/11/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
4 If price not an issue, single-family home preferred #LesTwarog 2018/11/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
5 Homes will be but a stroll from Gibsons’ shops, restaurants and waterfront # 2018/11/17 The Vancouver Sun
6 The vibe is warm and inviting at Mosaic’s Victoria at Burke Mountain #LesTwarog 2018/11/17 The Vancouver Sun
7 Vancouver home prices fell 0.8% #LesTwarog 2018/11/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
8 Distress Sale: Borrowers Sinking #LesTwarog 2018/11/15 other
9 Cooler home sales remained in October #LesTwarog 2018/11/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
10 Little clarity on ‘average’ strata fees #LesTwarog 2018/11/15 The Province
11 At 32 storeys, Ovation is sure to attract attention #LesTwarog 2018/11/15 The Province
12 Montreal’s renters might suffer from a foreign buyer’s tax #LesTwarog 2018/11/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
13 Balanced conditions remain for BC markets #LesTwarog 2018/11/14 BCREA
14 4,900 new units to be built over three years for renters from a range of incom 2018/11/14 The Province
15 There is a high demand for industrial units in Metro Vancouver #LesTwarog 2018/11/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
16 Pre-sale agreements must be registered #LesTwarog 2018/11/12 Mortgage Broker News
17 2019 forecast release in December 2018/11/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
18 Vancouver No. 1 in most expensive area to buy a home #LesTwarog 2018/11/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
19 Three-bedroom townhomes launch onni group’s master-planned tsawwassen landin 2018/11/10 The Vancouver Sun
20 Incentives attractive in cooler market caused by reduced job, population growt 2018/11/09 The Vancouver Sun
21 Sales forecast to rise 12% in 2019, says BCREA #LesTwarog 2018/11/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
22 City says Beedie's numbers on homes and park space in huge redevelopment of fo 2018/11/09 Vancouver Courier
23 “Strong economy, favourable demographics” will push market to recovery, as 2018/11/08 Western Investor
24 The Strata Property Act does not permit mail-in ballots #LesTwarog 2018/11/08 The Province
25 50 Electronic Avenue part of a transformation in Port Moody’s core #LesTwarog 2018/11/08 The Province
26 Survey of home costs per square foot reveals gaping bang-for-buck differences 2018/11/07 Western Investor
27 Lower sales higher inventory for next two years #Lestwarog 2018/11/07 Mortgage Broker News
28 Two Class A office properties in Gastown and Yaletown have been purchased by T 2018/11/07 Western Investor
29 Empty homes tax goes to affordable housing #LesTwarog 2018/11/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
30 A condo and strata assignment registry implemented #LesTwarog 2018/11/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
31 Huge multi-phased development close to B.C. Legislature in capital's downtown 2018/11/06 Western Investor
32 Housing market in 2019 and 2020 will be characterized by slower sales and more 2018/11/06 Western Investor
33 Inventory up, prices up in Fraser Valley #LesTwarog 2018/11/06 REP
34 REBGV reports sales down 34.9% 2018/11/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
35 Interest rate to increase – buy now #LesTwarog 2018/11/05 REP
36 Belle Isle offers residents a 'beautiful new neighbourhood' in convenient Nort 2018/11/03 The Vancouver Sun
37 Navigating Metro Vancouver’s housing market with the right REALTOR #LesTwarog 2018/11/02 The Vancouver Sun
38 Greater Toronto area condo prices up #LesTwarog 2018/11/01 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
39 Common property a responsibility of the strata #LesTwarog 2018/11/01 The Province
40 BoC interest rate hikes causing concern #LesTwarog 2018/10/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
41 Edmonton first for Realty One Group #LesTwarog 2018/10/29 REM
42 Local buyers are driving demand for luxury condos going into 2019 #Lestwarog 2018/10/28 REP
43 Vancouver flippers play only a small part in home sales #LesTwarog 2018/10/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
44 Domus Homes’ Ovation to rise 32 storeys and offer spectacular rooftop views 2018/10/27 The Vancouver Sun
45 Lead generation amounts to 10% of your business #LesTwarog 2018/10/26 REM
46 Professional Standards Manual #LesTwarog 2018/10/26 other
47 CMHC report shows a return to a stable market #LesTwarog 2018/10/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
48 Prices easing but Canada's housing market still 'highly vulnerable': CMHC #LesTwarog 2018/10/26 The Province
49 Not enough city land to achieve Stewart’s goal #LesTwarog 2018/10/25 Mortgage Broker News
50 Millennials using inheritance to invest in luxury condos #Lestwarog 2018/10/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
51 Housing market ‘vulnerable,’ despite slowing sales: CMHC #LesTwarog 2018/10/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
52 Multi-residential buildings sales fueled by high rents #LesTwarog 2018/10/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
53 BoC to introduce another 3 rate hikes of 25 basis points #LesTwarog 2018/10/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
54 Easing of cannabis laws creates questions for strata corporations #LesTwarog 2018/10/25 The Province
55 Concord Pacific’s Park George will have swimming pools, an outdoor theatre, 2018/10/25 The Province
56 The increase is the third this year and fifth since July 2017, with more rate 2018/10/24 Western Investor
57 Luxury condo sales in Vancouver up 6 per cent #LesTwarog 2018/10/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
58 Home stocks drop due to weakening real estate market #Lestwarog 2018/10/23 Bloomberg
59 Consumer Debt Index reported 1/3 of Canadians fear bankrupcy #LesTwarog 2018/10/23 REP
60 Tech industry in Toronto about to explode #LesTwaraog 2018/10/23 REP
61 After a slump in inquiries, third quarter sees leap in Metro Vancouver searche 2018/10/23 Western Investor
62 BoC expected to increase interest rates #LesTwarog 2018/10/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
63 The speculation tax is going to slam the door shut on outside buyers #LesTwarog 2018/10/22 Western Investor
64 TD forecasts slower pace in home activity #LesTwarog 2018/10/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
65 BC’s speculation and vacancy tax another cash grab #Lestwaroag 2018/10/22 REP
66 the No.1 real estate website in Canada #Lestwarog 2018/10/22 REM
67 Mortgage info gathered online by buyers #LesTwarog 2018/10/22 Mortgage Broker News
68 Canadian listings on Zillow now live #LesTwarog 2018/10/22 Mortgage Broker News
69 Montreal to build landmark condo tower in downtown core, with no foreign buyer 2018/10/20 The Vancouver Sun
70 50 Electronic Avenue speaks to its Port Moody location #LesTwarog 2018/10/20 The Vancouver Sun
71 Canadian delinquencies on the rise #LesTwarog 2018/10/19 REP
72 BC government speculation tax hurting investments #LesTwarog 2018/10/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
73 50,000 listings on Zillow’s mobile app #LesTwarog 2018/10/18 REP
74 Condo Smarts: New finishes at odds with building appearance #LesTwarog 2018/10/18 The Province
75 Winona Cambie Street development from Raichu group offers spacious living spac 2018/10/18 The Province
76 The speculation and vacancy tax will have an initial rate of 0.5% #LesTwarog 2018/10/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
77 flippers accounted for only a minor fraction of residential sales #LesTwarog 2018/10/17 REP
78 Vancouver sales experienced a 1.5% drop along with a 1.2% decrease in prices # 2018/10/17 Mortgage Broker News
79 The newly titled "speculation and vacancy tax" will apply to owners of second 2018/10/16 Western Investor
80 Tax ranges from 0.5% on secondary homes left vacant by B.C. residents, to 2% o 2018/10/16 other
81 The legislation did not contain an opt-out clause requested by municipal gover 2018/10/16 The Vancouver Sun
82 Quicken Loans to open a new office in Canada #LesTwarog 2018/10/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
83 Province targets speculators and vacant homes, supports housing affordability 2018/10/16 BCREA
84 Ahead of legalization, most property owners believe cannabis use will decrease 2018/10/16 Western Investor
85 Advances will help industry achieve greater efficiencies, mitigate risks #LesTwarog 2018/10/15 The Vancouver Sun
86 The steady expansion of major tech companies main driver for commercial real e 2018/10/15 REP
87 Beaufort Landing the latest addition to Polygon’s ‘seaside-inspired’ Ham 2018/10/13 The Vancouver Sun
88 Kelowna first in BC to open legal store #LesTwarog 2018/10/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
89 Metro Vancouver for sale properties growing #LesTwarog 2018/10/12 Mortgage Broker News
90 BC Home Sales Continue at Slower Pace in September #LesTwarog 2018/10/11 BCREA
91 Undisclosed fees a growing problem #LesTwarog 2018/10/11 The Province
92 Cedar Creek to take its place in an established, longtime Burnaby neighbourhoo 2018/10/11 The Province
93 How 15 years of Vancouver housing data points to more price drops #LesTwarog 2018/10/10 Business in Vancouver
94 Homebuilders began fewer projects this year #LesTwarog 2018/10/10 Mortgage Broker News
95 Revolutionizing the payments process for landlords and tenants #LesTwarog 2018/10/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
96 New luxury hotels define Alberta’s economic confidence 2018/10/09 Western Investor
97 Chines Global Property Investment Report #LesTwarog 2018/10/09 other
98 "Fabulous" residential building will have 181 homes, including 20 with lock-of 2018/10/06 Western Investor
99 Concord Pacific's amenity-rich Park George will be big on smart design #LesTwarog 2018/10/06 The Vancouver Sun
100 Homeowners could be facing two interest rate rises #LesTwarog 2018/10/05 REP
101 Home Sales Continue at Slower Pace in September #LesTwarog 2018/10/04 Mortgage Broker News
102 Policymakers increase rate to prevent housing bubble #LesTwarog 2018/10/04 Mortgage Broker News
103 Developers are torn between purpose built rentals and condos #LesTwarog 2018/10/04 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
104 Another condo project in Toronto Cancelled #LesTwarog 2018/10/04 REP
105 Owners’ consent needed for lot access #LesTwarog 2018/10/04 The Province
106 Gilmore Place to be a 'live, work and play community' #LesTwarog 2018/10/04 The Province
107 NDP’s rent capping will likely hurt renters #LesTwarog 2018/10/03 The Province
108 According to insiders high prices due to government fees and taxes #LesTwarog 2018/10/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
109 Home sales in Metro Vancouver below long term norms #LesTwarog 2018/10/03 REP
110 Zillow has added three more brokerages to its growing real estate venture in C 2018/10/03 REP
111 Vancouver commercial project to significantly pump up supply #LesTwarog 2018/10/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
112 Sold data coming to #Lestwarog 2018/10/03 REM
113 No flurry of fall activity this year, as slide in both sales and prices gather 2018/10/02 Western Investor
114 Economists says risks in the housing market remain 2018/10/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
115 Greater Vancouver will be in a “buyer’s market” within a few months #LesTwarog 2018/10/02 other
116 The Bank of Canada is looking at the key questions around the design of a digi 2018/10/02 The Vancouver Sun
117 Interactive map provides years of MLS sold Prices #LesTwarog 2018/10/01 REM
118 High tech in real estate on the way #LesTwarog 2018/10/01 REM
119 A report shows affordability at lowest in Q2 2018 #LesTwarog 2018/10/01 REP
120 EfficiencyBC will provide funds for energy efficient upgrades #LesTwarog 2018/10/01 REP
121 Legally speaking BCREA 2018/09/30 BCREA
122 At Winona on Cambie, there are plenty of eye-catching elements #LesTwarog 2018/09/30 The Vancouver Sun
123 B.C. launches new money-laundering review in real estate sector #LesTwarog 2018/09/28 REP
124 Sold prices for Greater Vancouver properties are now available online #LesTwarog 2018/09/28 REP
125 Toronto’s luxury housing market doing well #LesTwarog 2018/09/28 REP
126 Warning signs lead to real estate investigation #LesTwarog 2018/09/28 The Province
127 The Stack is one of the most-forward thinking office projects in Vancouver #LesTwarog 2018/09/27 REP
128 Strata council may encounter problems that will fuel conflicts, face potential 2018/09/27 The Province
129 At Kentwell, the design cues are stylish and comfortable #LesTwarog 2018/09/27 The Province
130 Speculation tax leading to housing market slowdown 2018/09/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
131 A report from realtor Sotheby's International Canada finds that the slowdown i 2018/09/26 The Province
132 Vancouver’s Railtown district to get a new commercial building #LesTwarog 2018/09/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
133 The Canadian Economy performed well in Q2 2018 #LesTwarog 2018/09/24 REP
134 Rental sales and starts remain voracious despite proposed new rules that could 2018/09/24 Western Investor
135 Rent increases being debated #LesTwarog 2018/09/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
136 Cool contemporary design on display at Ledingham McAllister’s Cedar Creek in 2018/09/22 The Vancouver Sun
137 City move to allow duplexes could hike land values 2018/09/22 The Vancouver Sun
138 When renters with good jobs find their income is mostly going to housing, poli 2018/09/22 The Vancouver Sun
139 Vancouver councillors have voted to allow duplexes in most city neighbourhoods 2018/09/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
140 Canada’s seniors happy where they are #LesTwarog 2018/09/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
141 Owners can hold harmonious meetings by following proper bylaws and Strata Prop 2018/09/20 The Province
142 Cressey’s Chelsea will take its place directly opposite Queen Elizabeth Park 2018/09/20 The Province