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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

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1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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1 Burnaby Metrotown 1.8-acre land assembly sells for $145 million #LesTwarog 2022/12/02 Western Investor
2 RBC to purchase HSBC Bank Canada #LesTwarog 2022/11/29 other
3 North Van 6,907 square feet of retail sells $400K over assessed value #LesTwarog 2022/11/29 Western Investor
4 Canadian Real Estate Prices To Fall 30%, Early Stages of Recession Are Here: O 2022/11/25 other
5 What will the impact of the current interest rate hikes be? #LesTwarog 2022/11/25 other
6 Port Kells 2.29-acre industrial site sells for $15.3 million #LesTwarog 2022/11/25 Western Investor
7 Avison Young highlights GTA commercial market's Q3 performance #LesTwarog 2022/11/25 other
8 2023 Canadian Mortgage Awards – building connections #LesTwarog 2022/11/25 other
9 Rising cap rates linked to strong cash flows, not weak demand #LesTwarog 2022/11/24 Western Investor
10 What's plaguing Canadians? #LesTwarog 2022/11/24 other
11 Kitsilano 74-unit rental building sells for $35.25 million #LesTwarog 2022/11/24 Western Investor
12 How many Canadians are bracing for a recession? #LesTwarog 2022/11/24 other
13 Outlook: multi-family rental buildings will attract big-ticket sales #LesTwarog 2022/11/23 Western Investor
14 Federal foreign buyer ban coming in January 2023 #LesTwarog 2022/11/23 REBGV
15 Tech firms leasing office space in the suburbs #LesTwarog 2022/11/23 Western Investor
16 East Vancouver 5,100-square-foot retail site sells for $3.7 million #LesTwarog 2022/11/23 Western Investor
17 Cloverdale 1,498-square-foot strata office sells for $687 per square foot #LesTwarog 2022/11/23 Western Investor
18 Rental restrictions could increase speculation, create more work for strata co 2022/11/22 other
19 B.C. premier's action on housing applauded by some, called 'modest' by others 2022/11/22 other
20 Three of Canada’s top five ‘greenest’ cities are on the Prairies #LesTwarog 2022/11/22 Western Investor
21 Ontario Cities Ranked: Most and Least Competitive Real Estate Markets in 2022 2022/11/22 other
22 Half of variable-rate mortgages have hit their trigger rate, estimates Bank of 2022/11/22 other
23 Suddenly, B.C. to become tough on crime #LesTwarog 2022/11/22 Western Investor
24 Entire city block in downtown Victoria sells for $10.25 million #LesTwarog 2022/11/22 Western Investor
25 B.C. housing plan will immediately extend speculation taxes #LesTwarog 2022/11/22 Western Investor
26 How much income do buyers need to afford a home in Canada's major cities? #LesTwarog 2022/11/21 other
27 Residential land still seeing eye-popping prices #LesTwarog 2022/11/18 Western Investor
28 Abbotsford 140-acre industrial park given greenlight #LesTwarog 2022/11/18 Western Investor
29 Port Coquitlam industrial strata sells for twice its assessed value #LesTwarog 2022/11/16 Western Investor
30 Canadian housing sales 'popped up' in October: CREA #LesTwarog 2022/11/16 Western Investor
31 Canada home sales rise in October #LesTwarog 2022/11/15 other
32 Cooling trend continues in B.C.'s residential real estate market #LesTwarog 2022/11/15 other
33 Why Canada's inflation rate could go higher, not lower, in tomorrow's data #LesTwarog 2022/11/15 other
34 Victoria 43-unit apartment building sells for $13 million ask #LesTwarog 2022/11/15 Western Investor
35 What does a recession mean for homebuyers? #LesTwarog 2022/11/14 other
36 B.C. real estate: Housing sales slump, but prices not declining in all markets 2022/11/14 The Vancouver Sun
37 Victoria construction boom underlines CRE strength #LesTwarog 2022/11/11 Western Investor
38 Edmonton Condo Prices On the Upswing As Demand Surges for More Affordability # 2022/11/10 other
39 Coquitlam industrial strata project bucks headwinds as buyers line up #LesTwarog 2022/11/10 Western Investor
40 Douglas Todd: Luxury homeowners in Metro Vancouver pay low income taxes, says 2022/11/09 The Vancouver Sun
41 $15m funding announced for more BC housing supply #LesTwarog 2022/11/09 other
42 Cadillac Fairview, Hopewell acquire 146-acre Calgary industrial park #LesTwarog 2022/11/09 Western Investor
43 B.C. home sales to fall a further 11.4 per cent in 2023: BCREA #LesTwarog 2022/11/09 Western Investor
44 B.C. hotel operators hopeful after successful season #LesTwarog 2022/11/09 Western Investor
45 Feds, NB government to fund affordable housing development organization #LesTwarog 2022/11/08 other
46 RBC: Prolonged housing market deceleration in the offing #LesTwarog 2022/11/08 other
47 Kerrisdale 10-unit multi-family rental sells for $4 million #LesTwarog 2022/11/08 Western Investor
48 Affordability challenges show little sign of easing, says banking giant #LesTwarog 2022/11/08 other
49 Only 10% of Vancouver detached homes sold in past week fetched over asking pri 2022/11/07 The Vancouver Sun
50 Burst housing bubble would be 'significantly worse' in Canada than US: economi 2022/11/07 other
51 Metro Vancouver real estate holds its ground despite challenges #LesTwarog 2022/11/04 Western Investor
52 Where are brokers focusing their attention as purchase market cools? #LesTwarog 2022/11/04 other
53 Douglas Todd: Canada among most at risk in global housing crunch #LesTwarog 2022/11/03 The Vancouver Sun
54 Opinion: Vancouver’s low office vacancy rate disguises empty offices #LesTwarog 2022/11/03 Western Investor
55 Parksville 24,209-sq.-ft medical centre sells for $4.5 million #LesTwarog 2022/11/03 Western Investor
56 Inflation, interest rates create caution in Metro Vancouver’s housing market 2022/11/02 REBGV
57 Metro home sales, prices in a six-month downward spiral #LesTwarog 2022/11/02 Western Investor
58 Kelowna 12,052-sq.ft.of commercial-industrial sells for $2.6 million #LesTwarog 2022/10/31 Western Investor
59 Mission, B.C., 0.23-acre industrial site sells for $1 million #LesTwarog 2022/10/27 Western Investor
60 High-end Okanagan shrugs off the real estate blues #LesTwarog 2022/10/27 Western Investor
61 Investors find commercial condos tough to cash flow #LesTwarog 2022/10/27 Western Investor
62 Bank of Canada rate jumps 50 basis points to 3.75 per cent #LesTwarog 2022/10/26 Western Investor
63 Bank of Canada makes another big rate hike #LesTwarog 2022/10/26 other
64 B.C. construction contractors being squeezed by success #LesTwarog 2022/10/25 Western Investor
65 Could rising interest rates crash Canada's housing market? #LesTwarog 2022/10/25 other
66 More Vancouver residents spending less income on housing: census #LesTwarog 2022/10/22 Western Investor
67 Blueberry River FN launches new resource business in B.C's north #LesTwarog 2022/10/21 Western Investor
68 Despite Rate Hikes, 60% of Potential Buyers Are Still Planning to Buy: Survey 2022/10/21 other
69 White Rock, B.C., 31-unit multi-family rental trades at $8.5 million #LesTwarog 2022/10/21 Western Investor
70 Rentals dominate Metro Vancouver housing starts #LesTwarog 2022/10/21 Western Investor
71 Sicamous, B.C., 41-pad manufactured home park sells for $3.3 million #LesTwarog 2022/10/20 Western Investor
72 North Vancouver four-unit multi-family sells for $2.5 million #LesTwarog 2022/10/20 Western Investor
73 Vancouver’s luxury real estate market returns to balanced conditions #LesTwarog 2022/10/20 Western Investor
74 Canada's inflation rate falls again #LesTwarog 2022/10/19 other
75 Scotiabank: Canada to see "technical recession" in 2023 #LesTwarog 2022/10/19 other
76 Broad-based activity spurs Calgary investment sales higher in Q2 #LesTwarog 2022/10/19 Western Investor
77 Pace of housing starts surges 11% amid concerns of supply shortage #LesTwarog 2022/10/19 The Vancouver Sun
78 Home building slumps as construction costs soar up to 30%, says CMHC #LesTwarog 2022/10/19 The Vancouver Sun
79 Edmonton investment sales rebound in first half of 2022 #LesTwarog 2022/10/18 Western Investor
80 Is there a shortage of homes in Canada? #LesTwarog 2022/10/17 other
81 Sim elected new mayor of Vancouver in a landslide vote #LesTwarog 2022/10/15 Western Investor
82 Less than acre of Surrey multi-family land sells for $6.5 million #LesTwarog 2022/10/15 Western Investor
83 Rezoning application prepped for key Broadway site #LesTwarog 2022/10/14 Western Investor
84 Surrey 1.76-acre site on Highway 10 fetches $4.4 million #LesTwarog 2022/10/14 Western Investor
85 Saskatchewan 673 acres sells for $1.91 million #LesTwarog 2022/10/14 Western Investor
86 B.C.’s once-mighty pulp and paper industry faces ruin #LesTwarog 2022/10/14 Western Investor
87 CMHC makes huge house price drop prediction #LesTwarog 2022/10/14 other
88 Canada home prices fall again #LesTwarog 2022/10/14 other
89 Vancouver unleashes plan to tame runaway house prices #LesTwarog 2022/10/13 other
90 Home prices to turn negative for 2022: Royal LePage #LesTwarog 2022/10/13 other
91 Home prices to turn negative for 2022: Royal LePage #LesTwarog 2022/10/13 other
92 This Canadian market is the world's biggest housing bubble… #LesTwarog 2022/10/13 other
93 How can Canada solve its housing supply problem? #LesTwarog 2022/10/13 other
94 Vancouver fends off ‘zombie’ towers spooking U.S. cities #LesTwarog 2022/10/12 Western Investor
95 Canada Recession Will Come Early in 2023, RBC Forecasts #LesTwarog 2022/10/12 other
96 Edmonton Condo Values Holding Strong Despite Sales Trending Down #LesTwarog 2022/10/11 other
97 Five things to watch for in Canadian business in the coming week #LesTwarog 2022/10/09 The Vancouver Sun
98 Opinion: Government linked to every rental market downturn #LesTwarog 2022/10/07 Western Investor
99 How can Toronto's housing supply crisis be solved? #LesTwarog 2022/10/07 other
100 Housing market correcting, not crashing: RBC economist #LesTwarog 2022/10/07 other
101 East Vancouver 1.23-acre Trout Lake assembly sells for $23.8 million #LesTwarog 2022/10/06 Western Investor
102 Langley 1.05-acre infill site sells for $2.9 million #LesTwarog 2022/10/06 Western Investor
103 Surrey one-acre industrial with business sells for $10.35 million #LesTwarog 2022/10/06 Western Investor
104 Metro Vancouver homes sales slide but prices stick #LesTwarog 2022/10/05 Western Investor
105 Toronto home sales plunge further in September #LesTwarog 2022/10/05 other
106 Home Prices to Decease (Test) 2022/10/05 The Vancouver Sun
107 Vancouver home sales down 46% from last Sept., 10% from August: board #LesTwarog 2022/10/04 The Vancouver Sun