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1. Saturday, September, 27th, 2014

Presale Market Analysis & Forecast
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
David Takahashi
Expert Real Estate Lawyer
Les & David answer your questions about how to protect yourself when buying presales

2. Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Immigration Lawyer Seminar

3. Tuesday, September 23th, 2014

Les Twarog
How to become a successful REALTOR © with online tools
Our Real Estate School
Presentation by School Management

4. Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Les Twarog
The Effect of Immigration on Vancouver Real Estate Market & Forecast for 2015
Henley & Partners
Immigration Professionals
Professional Development & Networking Event

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1. Tuesday, October 16th, 2014

Real Estate Secrets
How do I sell my home over the market price?
Les Twarog
Award Winning REALTOR©
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# Article Publish Date Source
1 If someone dies at a property #LesTwarog 2018/05/24 BCREA
2 Developers are finding it harder to sell newly-built homes in the Greater Toro 2018/05/24 Mortgage Broker News
3 Canada's big banks are locked in a competitive pricing war #LesTwarog 2018/05/24 Vancouver Courier
4 Responsibility for common property repairs #LesTwarog 2018/05/24 The Province
5 Crest showcases a look that's both classic and contemporary #LesTwarog 2018/05/24 The Province
6 Investor confidence has boosted office market #Lestwarog 2018/05/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
7 The lawsuit says the speculation tax is in potential violation of the Charter 2018/05/23 other
8 Residents of 1555 West Eighth will be steps from South Granville’s many gall 2018/05/19 The Vancouver Sun
9 With lower rate, British Columbians will contribute a third of the overall tax 2018/05/18 Western Investor
10 Housing affordability has reached a crisis level in our province #LesTwarog 2018/05/18 REP
11 The legal challenge against the BC government’s foreign buyers tax slated fo 2018/05/18 REP
12 Case Study 2: A multi-property investor #LesTwarog 2018/05/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
13 Yet another bank discounts variable mortgage rate #LesTwarog 2018/05/17 REP
14 Canadian city ranked top global luxury market #LesTwarog 2018/05/17 REP
15 B.C. residents who own several homes will be disproportionally hit #LesTwarog 2018/05/17 The Vancouver Sun
16 Interest went to management firm #LesTwarog 2018/05/17 The Province
17 Eclectic inspiration showcased at Berkeley Village #LesTwarog 2018/05/17 The Province
18 Rents have increased 8.2 per cent #LesTwarog 2018/05/16 other
19 Spring housing sales slowed #LesTwarog 2018/05/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
20 Over 50,000 affordable units to be added to Toronto and Vancouver #LesTwarog 2018/05/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
21 New commodity about to cause valuation surge #LesTwarog 2018/05/16 REP
22 Fees pushing up home prices: Report #Lestwarog 2018/05/16 The Province
23 Retirees driving demand for recreational real estate #LesTwarog 2018/05/15 Western Investor
24 Greater Vancouver gap between building cost and market price largest in Canada 2018/05/15 Western Investor
25 Canadian home sales fell to its lowest level in five years #LesTwarog 2018/05/15 REP
26 TD Bank discounting its variable mortgage rate #LesTwarog 2018/05/15 REP
27 RE/MAX survey shows older buyers dominating recreational sales #LesTwarog 2018/05/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
28 Collective housing where several people live together #LesTwarog 2018/05/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
29 BCREA shows a 16.8 per cent decrease from April last year #LesTwarog 2018/05/14 BCREA
30 Eocomists say home resales will be weaker in 2018 #LesTwarog 2018/05/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
31 Two beautifully outfitted display homes showcase the possibilities at Solterra 2018/05/12 The Vancouver Sun
32 Despite recent market softening, prices for condos, townhomes and houses for s 2018/05/11 REM
33 Luxury homes sales down, prices up #LesTwarog 2018/05/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
34 Luxury home prices have dropped #LesTwarog 2018/05/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
35 Subprime borrowers on edge #LesTwarog 2018/05/10 REP
36 BoC five-year fixed mortgage rate increased #LesTwarog 2018/05/10 other
37 Another blow for borrowers #LesTwarog 2018/05/10 REP
38 Another blow for borrowers #LesTwarog 2018/05/10 REP
39 Confirm installation cost before you proceed 2018/05/10 The Province
40 Fort Langley homes feature country look with contemporary touches #LesTwarog 2018/05/10 The Province
41 ‘Perception and fear trump fundamentals’ in pre-sale condo market #LesTwarog 2018/05/09 Western Investor
42 Millennials are the driving force of the real estate market #LesTwarog 2018/05/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
43 Housing starts buckle #LesTwarog 2018/05/08 Mortgage Broker News
44 Scotiabank hikes interest rate #LesTwarog 2018/05/08 REP
45 Digital platforms touted for accurate valuations #Lestwarog 2018/05/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
46 April sales in the Fraser Valley were down compared to a year ago #LesTwarog 2018/05/07 REP
47 Homeownership initiative launched in Vancouver #LesTwarog 2018/05/06 Mortgage Broker News
48 Adera’s Crest takes a convenient location in North Vancouver’s Central Lon 2018/05/05 The Vancouver Sun
49 Presale condo confusion spurs push for clarity #LesTwarog 2018/05/05 The Vancouver Sun
50 CMHC saw strong growth 2017 #LesTwarog 2018/05/04 REP
51 April sales down 32 per cent #LesTwarog 2018/05/03 Mortgage Broker News
52 Zoning land for rental housing one way to regulate prices #LesTwarog 2018/05/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
53 Buyers are not put off by rising interest rates, most are not taking recent mo 2018/05/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
54 Home sales lowest since recession #LesTwarog 2018/05/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
55 Bad ventilation causes bigger problems than odours #LesTwarog 2018/05/03 The Province
56 Form and function showcase The Residence on Marine in West Van #LesTwarog 2018/05/03 The Province
57 James Palanio Leads Provincial Real Estate Organization #LesTwarog 2018/05/02 BCREA
58 Investigation finds REALTORS buying presale condos to flip #LesTwarog 2018/05/02 Mortgage Broker News
59 Canadians remain afloat, for now #LesTwarog 2018/05/02 Mortgage Broker News
60 Here are 11 facts that illustrate the market’s slowdown #LesTwarog 2018/05/02 other
61 Rezoning for higher-density could mean windfall for 1,700 detached house owner 2018/05/02 Western Investor
62 Numbers now negligible after blip in February real estate sales to foreign buy 2018/05/02 other
63 Regulatory success #LesTwarog 2018/05/01 REP
64 The country’s biggest banks raising key borrowing rates #LesTwarog 2018/05/01 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
65 Statistics Canada said Tuesday real gross domestic product grew 0.4 per cent i 2018/05/01 REP
66 Jet setters drive price escalation #LesTwarog 2018/05/01 Mortgage Broker News
67 CIBC increases five-year fixed-rate mortgage rate #LesTwarog 2018/05/01 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
68 Old post office to become tech centre #LesTwarog 2018/04/30 Western Investor
69 Businesses in Whistler are buying million-dollar properties to house employees 2018/04/30 REP
70 Buying a house on leased land is a viable alternative #LesTwarog 2018/04/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
71 First-time home buyers aged 25 – 31 fall short of home purchases #LesTwarog 2018/04/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
72 TD and RBC increase mortgage rates #LesTwrog 2018/04/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
73 CMHC says housing sector facing a high degree of vulnerability #LesTwarog 2018/04/27 REP
74 CMHC report housing market remains at risk #LesTwarog 2018/04/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
75 Rooftop patios add to Berkeley Village’s appeal #LesTwarog 2018/04/27 The Vancouver Sun
76 Vancouver lawyer Michael Stephens is working on cryptocurrency regulation #LesTwarog 2018/04/27 The Vancouver Sun
77 Making a case for energy upgrades #LesTwarog 2018/04/26 The Province
78 Artistic vision and style inspire townhome community at Edgemont Walk in North 2018/04/26 The Province
79 Proposed legislation would require developers to report information on contrac 2018/04/26 The Province
80 Noah Holdings NYSE partners with Juwai #LesTwarog 2018/04/25 other
81 New home sales slump 67% amid buyer caution, low supply #LesTwarog 2018/04/25 REP
82 Government promises crackdown #LesTwarog 2018/04/25 REP
83 Where to buy real estate in Greater Vancouver 2018 #LesTwarog 2018/04/24 other
84 Empty home tax to bring $30m in first year 2018/04/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
85 Cities to the east of the Lower Mainland are easing the growing pressure for c 2018/04/24 Western Investor
86 BoC is forecasting growth of 2% for 2018 #LesTwarog 2018/04/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
87 Condo pre-sale buyers fight for their units #LesTwarog 2018/04/24 The Province
88 Developers cancel pre-sale agreements #LesTwarog 2018/04/23 Mortgage Broker News
89 Despite a ballooning vacancy rate, Calgary's office market is showing positive 2018/04/23 Western Investor
90 High-end West Van realtor worries family lifestyle is now unsustainable, judgm 2018/04/23 other
91 Credit unions picking up the bank rejects #LesTwarog 2018/04/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
92 Boutique build adds modern touch at Fort Langley’s Lily Terrace #LesTwarog 2018/04/21 The Vancouver Sun
93 gift ideas - Realtors offer creative gifts to retain clients' loyalty #LesTwarog 2018/04/20 REP
94 Escalating costs imperil development #LesTwarog 2018/04/19 REP
95 A question of when, not if #LesTwarog 2018/04/19 REP
96 Council can’t change policy #LesTwarog 2018/04/19 The Province
97 A Fraser Commons Interior designer plays all the traditional shapes and angles 2018/04/19 The Province
98 Plan is to add a million square feet of office and commercial space downtown, 2018/04/18 The Province
99 Real Estate Council of BC examined #LesTwarog 2018/04/18 other
100 Bank of Canada Interest Rate Announcement #LesTwarog 2018/04/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
101 Market sustains upward trend in prices #LesTwarog 2018/04/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
102 Acquisition of 12.5 acre site formerly owned by Walmart represents, in square 2018/04/17 Western Investor
103 Government leaves mark on Vancouver housing market #LesTwarog 2018/04/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
104 The Residences on Marine offers prime location, single-family luxury #LesTwarog 2018/04/14 The Vancouver Sun
105 B.C. government, United Church partner in new affordable housing developments 2018/04/14 The Vancouver Sun
106 B20 has tightened demand but done little for supply in BC #LesTwarog 2018/04/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
107 Prices immutable, reports BCREA #Lestwarog 2018/04/13 REP
108 CREA releases national stats for March #LesTwarog 2018/04/13 REP
109 One project calls for 100 new homes built at Lakeview United Church on Semlin 2018/04/13 Vancouver Courier
110 Policy Induced Demand Slide Does Little to Impact Supply #LesTwarog 2018/04/12 BCREA
111 Homebuyers pressured by stress test but spring still looks good #LesTwarog 2018/04/12 REP
112 Nearly half of mortgages face renewal in 2018: CIBC report #LesTwarog 2018/04/12 The Vancouver Sun
113 Condo Smarts: Closely examine terms of pre-sale agreement #LesTwarog 2018/04/12 The Province
114 The Links showcases impressive design, upstairs and down #LesTwarog 2018/04/12 The Province
115 Security and fairness for landlords and renters will be focus of three-person 2018/04/11 Western Investor
116 Housing starts in the first quarter of 2018 have more than doubled year-over-y 2018/04/11 Western Investor
117 As Fair Housing Act Turns 50, Landmark Law Faces Uncertain Future 2018/04/11 Asian Pacific Post
118 Canadian banks troubled by housing market slowdown #LesTwarog 2018/04/11 REP
119 New regulations to be enacted to free up rental housing #LesTwarog 2018/04/11 REP
120 Almost half of Canadian mortgages up for renewal #lesTwarog 2018/04/11 REP
121 Man who inherited East Van home feels forced by $14,139 tax bill to rent ‘no 2018/04/10 Western Investor
122 The real estate sector is highly vulnerable to money laundering and terrorist 2018/04/09 REM
123 New Taxes From BC Budget 2018 ? Updated April 2, 2018 #LesTwarog 2018/04/09 other
124 Empty Homes Tax FAQ #LesTwarog 2018/04/09 other
125 Vancouver home sales slow down, but prices remain inflamed #LesTwarog 2018/04/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
126 New property taxes dragging down sales #LesTwarog 2018/04/08 other
127 The Greater Vancouver apartment market continued its trend #LesTwarog 2018/04/07 other
128 The look is warm and inviting at North Vancouver’s Edgemont Walk #LesTwarog 2018/04/07 The Vancouver Sun
129 Housing affordability improves for first time in 2 years #LesTwarog 2018/04/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
130 New housing construction to contract this year – report 2018/04/06 Mortgage Broker News
131 Albertans carry the heaviest debt loads #Lestwarog 2018/04/06 Mortgage Broker News
132 Cryptocurrency touted as gateway to deeper buyer pool #Lestwarog 2018/04/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
133 MarketScore uses property values #LesTwarog 2018/04/06 REP
134 Numbers for Toronto’s luxury market released 2018/04/05 REP
135 March home sales slide in Toronto, Vancouver #LesTwarog 2018/04/05 The Vancouver Sun
136 Lower Mainland condo prices may soon hit a peak 2018/04/05 The Vancouver Sun
137 Act applies to stratas throughout B.C. #LesTwarog 2018/04/05 The Province
138 Landmark on Robson towers designed with natural settings in mind #LesTwarog 2018/04/05 The Province
139 Negative aspects of new housing policies in BC #LesTwarog 2018/04/04 other
140 Consumers reveal feelings about economy 2018/04/04 REP
141 Metro Vancouver’s most expensive detached housing markets on the down turn # 2018/04/04 Western Investor
142 Tallest residential tower set to change skyline #LesTwarog 2018/04/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
143 International online retailer selling Canadian houses like shoes #LesTwarog 2018/04/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
144 Detached home buyers need 53% down payment #LesTwarog 2018/04/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
145 Government may inadvertently damage B.C.'s housing sector #LesTwarog 2018/04/02 REP
146 Brokers expect major tax impact for BC housing market #LesTwarog 2018/04/02 REP
147 The Links Residences are a short drive, chip and putt away from Surrey’s Gui 2018/03/31 The Vancouver Sun
148 Speculation Tax not workable #LesTwarog 2018/03/29 Mortgage Broker News
149 Don’t delay on maintenance 2018/03/29 The Province
150 Canopy designed to appeal to different demographics #LesTwarog 2018/03/29 The Province
151 Unclear how many hit by overlap between city’s empty homes levy and B.C.’s 2018/03/29 The Province
152 BCREA calls for more clarity on speculation tax #LesTwarog 2018/03/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
153 B.C. clarifies speculation tax provisions #LesTwarog 2018/03/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
154 Rents fall in Canada’s priciest cities – including Vancouver, Burnaby #LesTwarog 2018/03/27 Western Investor
155 B.C. government folds under pressure #LesTwarog 2018/03/27 REP
156 Government says less than 1% will face speculation tax #LesTwarog 2018/03/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
157 More clarity needed about the Speculation Tax 2018/03/27 BCREA
158 Supreme Court approves permits on massive Gibsons development #LesTwarog 2018/03/26 Western Investor
159 Homeowner cancels purchase over undisclosed murder #LesTwarog 2018/03/25 REP
160 At Fraser Commons, Serracan brings it all close to home #LesTwarog 2018/03/24 The Vancouver Sun
161 Cooling market could sink recent buyers #LesTwarog 2018/03/24 The Vancouver Sun